Children's Christmas story Kookaburra Kittys Special Christmas Treat by Rajeev Bhargava

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Kookaburra Kittys Special Christmas Treat
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This Christmas Kookaburra Kitty has a special treat in the form of mince pies; her own home recipe.
While her animal friends are sitting by the chimney and busy preparing the tree, she is busy in the kitchen, baking away.
In the meantime her best friend, Felicity, has a surprise of her own for everyone.

Children's Story: by
It was nearing Christmas, and inside the household of Kookaburra Kitty all her animal friends were in the spirit of the festive season and gathered around the most important place; the chimney!
"So when is Santa Claus coming?" asked Simone the squirrel, who was the youngest among them.
The others turned to one another but no one knew the answer, as it was Santa's own secret time.
When he was absolutely sure that every single good child was tucked up in bed and fast asleep.
Only then would he climb down the chimney and tip-toe inside, leaving his gifts in one corner.
Meanwhile Joey the marmoset, being the eldest and most responsible, was engaged in decorating the Christmas tree, which was displayed attractively in the hallway, overlooking the courtyard.
Time-to-time, he glimpsed across from the toy stool where he stood hanging up decorations, at the falling snow.
He had managed to fill the tree with a good selection of decorations, but the most important, namely the fairy, was missing.
"Oh dear." quipped Joey, looking into his Christmas bag of decorations.
All that remained now were a few glittery snowballs and some plastic reindeers with Santa on a sleigh.
"Now what am I going to do?"
Once again he gazed momentarily across the courtyard at the falling snow.
Then, very carefully, he got off his toy stool and headed towards the kitchen where Kookaburra Kitty was engaged in baking some home-made mince pies.
Children's Story: by
"Hello Joey, finished decorating the tree already? That was quick!"
"Would you like to taste one of my mince pies?"
Before Joey could reply, Kookaburra Kitty popped one straight into his mouth.
As Joey chomped it down his face lit up, it was so delicious that he completely forgot what he had come in to say.
Kitty wiped her hands and turned to him.
"Alright Joey, I'm all ears, now what is it you wanted to say to me?"
"Oh, I err...forgot."
"Never mind Joey, I'm sure it will all come back to you; it's a testimony of how much you enjoy my cooking."
"That's very true Kitty" he replied, helping himself to another mince pie.
Kitty smirked and ushered him out of the kitchen and back to the Christmas tree.
She then went through her Christmas Guest List, just to ensure no guest had been left out and all the cards had been sent off.
"Now, let me see, Marzipan Mary, Buttercup Berti and her twin girls, Floella and Marabell', Chrysanthemum Chrissie, Hector Horlicks, and last but not least, the Snowball family, Andrea, Adrian, Annabelle' and Annette."
She smiled and pondered momentarily.
"How lovely it would be if we had Father Christmas popping in to hand out presents to the children, they'd love that. Oh well."
Kitty made her way out of the kitchen and into the living room, where the children were all huddled together around the chimney.
Some were yawning.
She gave them a quick lecture on the meaning of Christmas and explained that it was all about family, relations, friends and togetherness.
She then gazed at the clock, it was nearing 8.50 P.M.
"Children, as it's Christmas Eve I allowed you to stay up a little later than usual, but now I think you should think about going to bed."
"Oh, but Kitty, it's still early and Santa hasn't arrived." protested Simone'.
She giggled.
"And do you really suppose he's going to come in front of you? He only comes during the late night when all good children are fast asleep.
So to give him that opportunity we all have to go to sleep."
"Oh, alright." replied Simone' and they all retired to their rooms.
Later that night everyone was sound asleep; everyone that is, except Kookaburra Kitty.
In fact she had been trying to sleep, but was distracted by a blinding light downstairs in the hallway corridor.
"Now who could it be at this late hour?"
She got up from her bed and tip-toed downstairs whispering, "Santa Claus; is that you?"
Upon reaching the end of the stairway she noticed that the Christmas tree wasn't there. Where could it have gone?
Maybe Joey had shifted it, but how? It was far too large and heavy.
Just then she heard a familiar chomping noise and it was coming from behind the kitchen door, which was tightly shut.
'That's odd,' she thought, 'I'm sure I left it slightly open before going up.'
Just then it dawned on her, who it must be.
"Ahem! I'm guessing someone's been eating my mince pies again; someone whose name begins with the letter J, as in Joey!"
She suddenly flung open the door, calling out aloud. "Joey, couldn't you wait!?"
But her jaw dropped in surprise at the sight before her.
It was a beautiful fairy, dressed in a velvet costume with pink wings and in her right hand she held a magical wand.
"Merry Christmas Kookaburra Kitty, allow me to introduce myself, I am the Christmas Fairy." She took a bow.
"Merry Christmas to you too, but how do you know my name?"
A moment's silence followed and then the fairy burst into a fit of laughter.
"Well, you obviously haven't recognised me, perhaps this will help."
She waved her wand at the kitchen surface and a large bowl of fruits magically appeared.
"I should have guessed; Felicity Fruity!"
"Well, this is a pleasant surprise, but where did you learn to do such a trick?"
"That's the magic of Christmas!" replied Felicity with a smile.
"And in case you're wondering about the Christmas tree, well, it's been moved to a more suitable place, with the help from a very special visitor. Follow me."
Kookaburra Kitty followed Felicity Fruity into the courtyard where it was snowing very heavily - and then, the sight before her made Kitty jump in ecstasy and joy.
There, just yards in front of her, beside the Christmas tree, was parked a large red and white sleigh with six beautiful and majestic reindeers.
Then, a very familiar voice boomed out from behind her.
"Hoh hoh hoh!"
Children's Story: by
She spun around to see a jovial and happy figure, with a white beard and dressed in a red costume, wearing white gloves and holding a large sack over his back; none other than -
"Santa Claus!"
Alerted by the familiar jovial laughter of Santa, it wasn't long before all the children came running downstairs and froze in excitement at the sight of him.
"Wow!!" exclaimed, Simone' "Are you real?"
She skipped up to Santa and reached out.
Santa smiled, knelt down, lifted her in his arms and patted her head with his white gloved hands.
Children's Story: by
He then sat down and handed out gifts to each and every one of them, including Kookaburra Kitty and Felicity Fruity, who danced in joy, like a fairy waving her magic wand around.
Golden glitter fell from her wand, creating the most beautiful and memorable Christmas.
One they would treasure forever.
That evening the guests arrived, just in time for Christmas Dinner.
But what they relished more than anything else were Kookaburra Kitty's Christmas Mince Pies, which had dominated the day.
Children's Story: by
Even Santa had popped one in his mouth, before heading up in the skies on his sleigh and reindeers.
"Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!"

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