Children's Christmas story Tommy Mouse Meets Santa Claus by H W Shelton

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Tommy Mouse Meets Santa Claus
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Children's Story: by
It isn't easy being a mouse.
It makes no difference which family you belong to or who your friends are, a mouse just has a rough time of it.
If you figure in the close calls with the old barnyard cat and that silly beagle dog that thinks you're worth nothing but a good chase.
Not to mention every time you stick your little head out of the weeds near your home, here comes that screeching hawk and you either have to run for your life or just dive back down into the hole and forget eating for a while.
Like I said, it just isn't easy being a mouse.
Christmas is supposed to be a happy time of year.
The forest animals start acting a little funny, putting up small trees and making them shine with little lights and pretty stuff.
Tommy Mouse couldn't seem to grasp what all the fuss was about.
This young mouse doesn't believe in anything but cold hard facts and this business of Santa Claus isn't on his list, the less he hears about this Christmas thing the better he likes it.
It was a cold December night.
The snow had fallen all day long and the world had been transformed into a winter wonderland.
The creek was frozen and not a lot of forest folks were out and about on that 24th of December.
Yes, it was Christmas Eve.
Most of the small community had gone to bed a little early this cold winters night and were snuggled deep in their beds waiting for Santa Claus to pay them a visit.
Tommy Mouse wasn't having any part of this foolishness.
Yes, his parents and his little Sister had done their part with a tree and all the trimmings, but when they went to bed Tommy Mouse made his way outside.
His plan was to wait for that old fat man who rides that sleigh and take a picture of him and show all the kids. Tommy Mouse just knew that the man who came around every year was old man Hicks from down in the swamp area.
There is no Santa Claus!
What's that noise?
Tommy Mouse's little ears perked up as he hid in the corner of the yard, sounds kind of like bells ringing and jingling.
Is that something flying overhead?
It can't be!
Reindeer can't really fly!
That doesn't fit into his facts.
That man has a red suit on, a white beard and carrying a black bag over his shoulder and he's coming this way!
Tommy Mouse tried to make himself smaller, but there was no way he could escape the eyes of the man who was kneeling down and holding his hand out for Tommy mouse to climb aboard.
What else was he to do?
Tommy Mouse shut his eyes and stepped into the palm of the man's hand.
"Don't be scared Tommy Mouse, the man said with a big grin on his face, I won't hurt you."
Tommy Mouse opened his eyes a little and the man was smiling at him, he also noticed a twinkle in his eye that seemed to take away all his fear.
"Are you....Santa Claus?" Tommy Mouse stammered.
"Yes I am." came the reply.
"The REAL Santa Claus?" Tommy Mouse asked.
"The only one, my boy." Santa answered.
"I never believed in you!" Tommy said with his eyes wide open now.
"I know Tommy" Santa said. "I've known for some time that you didn't believe in me and it made me sad."
"I do believe now!" Tommy exclaimed, "I really do believe in you Santa!"
"I'm very glad Tommy. Now I must get to the job at hand and you need to get back inside and warm up some, my little friend" Santa said as he lowered his hand in front of Tommy Mouse's door.
As Tommy Mouse jumped out of his hand and started in the door, he turned and gave Santa a big smile and with his fact-filled voice said, "Thank you Santa for who you are and thanks for all your kindness to all the creatures of the world. I will always believe in you."
"Merry Christmas Tommy Mouse" Santa called as he boarded his sleigh and giving a nod to his 8 reindeer the sleigh jumped into the air.
As he circled around he shouted, "Merry Christmas to everyone everywhere"
Children's Story: by
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