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Babys First Cake
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Children's Story: by

Perina Thompson sat, tensely poised, in the Living Room, on the edge of her chair.
"Well; any ideas?" asked Jonathan, anticipating a quick reply.
There was none.
"Sorry Jonathan, but I just can't seem to think of anything at the moment."
"Then let me know when you do, and remember, it takes at least a week to order the cake and today's the 22nd, only nine days to go!"
Perina sighed, sinking back into her chair.
She loved her nephew dearly and felt she was letting him down.
Jonathan rose to his feet and put his jacket on, "I'd better get going, it's already past 7 p.m. and Jenny will be worrying."
Perina followed her brother to the door to see him off.
The car, a silver 340-GL Volvo, was parked in the driveway.
It had only recently been serviced and the new exhaust could clearly be seen.
As the car reversed back onto the street, the horn honked out aloud as he drove off home.
She waved and shouted, "I'll ring you!"
Children's Story: by
Returning indoors, Perina ran upstairs to her room and sat her bed.
A magazine lay there on 'Cake Decorating.'
She flicked through its glossy pages, eyeing all the pictures.
She stopped at page 16, 'Lemon cream cake with lashings of Walnut chips.'
Yummy, too fattening for my liking, though I bet the baby will love it.
She circled it with her red pen, several times.
At least THAT was decided.
The only remaining problem was a model of some kind, to place on top of it.
Downstairs, in the conservatory, her five puppies lay basking in the afternoon sun.
They would remain there until Perini's parents arrived from their mid-afternoon shopping session.
Only two at a time would then be allowed in the car, for their regular evening drive, which normally lasted 40 minutes.
Just then the bell rang and they all started barking.
Perina ran down, barefoot, almost tripping down the stairs, and opened the front door.
"Hello, Mummy. About the cake..."
"Hold this dear, will you?" said her father from behind.
It was a plastic bag containing frozen food.
"Put that in the freezer please."
"Yes Daddy."
Her Mother followed her into the Dining Room.
"You were saying, Perina?"
"Yes Mummy, I've found the perfect cake to order; it's the Lemon and Cream with Walnuts."
"Hmm, I know the one, but it's very pricey, and your Father..."
"Please Mummy; I'm not a child anymore. It's Baby's FIRST Birthday and history will never repeat itself!"
"Alright, you win, but what about the model that goes on top?"
Perina's mind was on the right wavelength.
She paused, and then said, "What's his birth sign?"
"He's a Leo, why? Oh, I get it, Leo the Lion, you want the model to be a lion, right?"
"Right Mummy, but let's not mention it to Jonathan. Let's just pretend we haven't decided yet, deal?"
Now, your father and I had better take TWO of these angels for a drive." she said.
And with these words, they left.
Children's Story: by
The day finally arrived and the cake was delivered just in time.
"It's beautiful, Mummy."
"Come on, dear!" called her father who was seated in the car.
"The engine's getting warm and we don't want to arrive there late, do we?"
"Coming!" they both shouted simultaneously, then laughed.
The blue Volvo 240-GL, pulled off gently, it was on a 15 minute drive.
It was a bright and warm Saturday afternoon, the roads were clear, barely any traffic.
Perina felt it was one of those lucky days when everything turns out just right.
"I hope there aren't any uninvited guests, Mummy."
"Well, if there are, so what, he's OUR baby, right!?"
When they arrived Perina was first to reach Jonathan's door.
She rang the bell in her usual three-signal tone, stepped back and waited.
Her Father followed with the birthday cake, it was wrapped up neatly in a white parcel.
Jenny opened the door, slowly.
"Oh, what a pleasant surprise, please come in. Jonathan's in the shower, he won't be long."
As they entered, Perina looked at the ceilings and furniture, all of which were beautifully decorated.
"It must have taken you ages!"
"Not really Perina, Jonathan and I have been planning this for the past few days, the actual decorating only took under an hour, would you believe!?"
"Well, it was all worth it, that's for sure!" retorted her father-in-Law.
"Where's the baby?" asked Perina, innocently.
Children's Story: by
"With me." said Jonathan, entering the room.
"Happy Birthday, Angel!" cried Perina, followed by her parents.
"What's in the parcel, as if I didn't know?" asked Jonathan.
"It's a..." Perina was interrupted by him.
"No, don't tell me yet, first let me show you something that will surprise you. Follow me to the Kitchen please."
They all followed.
"Da daaaa!!" he said waving one arm in the air.
Perina's mouth gaped at the sight before her, she could hardly speak.
Her parents kept quiet.
"Now, show me what's in the parcel; come on!"
He was too excited and took the bag, placing it on the table, he opened it very carefully.
Children's Story: by
"Well, fancy that! A Lemon Cream Cake, just like ours; and with a lion on it!"
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