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Check-made For One Another
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Children's Story: by
Two friends, Roy King and Susan Queen, had met as children in the school chess club and become good friends during their early school years.
But circumstances inevitably changed and they soon drifted apart with their families.
Roy moved to England to complete his schooling and college while Susan remained in Scotland.
Roy had broken down as he waved Susan goodbye.
Children's Story: by
Then one day, twenty five years later, there was a change in events as Susan's phone rang.
"Hello." said Susan, standing in the hallway of her parent's home.
"Hi Susan, do you recognise my voice?"
Susan flinched and was lost for words.
"Er...I'm sorry, but do I know you?"
There was a moment's silence.
"Well, it's hardly fair of me to ask you this as it's been a very long time since we last spoke. But you know something, I still recognize your voice, it hasn't changed a bit."
Susan strained her mind and thought very hard; the voice was hoarse and she was positive she had not heard it before.
"I'm sorry, but I think you may have dialed the wrong number and are mistaking me for someone else."
"Okay," replied the voice "does Bishop takes Queen and Check Mate ring any bells??"
Suddenly Susan jumped high up in the air.
Children's Story: by
"Yipee! Roy King, I should have known! How are you, or rather, where are you hiding these days?"
"Oh, I've moved on since those days at the chess club and am now running my own chess company. I'm on holliday for a fortnight so I decided to visit Scotland and see if my dear friend, Ms. Queen is still living at her same crib."
Susan smiled, "I sure am; hey, Mum and Dad will be thrilled to meet you. So are you coming over?"
"Try and stop me. By the way, just to confirm, are you still at Bishop Grove?"
"Yes I am, and you're still based in Knights Woods?"
"No, not any more Susan, I'm now in Pawn Lane. Anyway, I'll come over first thing tomorrow morning, as I'm driving myself and it's over 400 miles to your place."
"Well, have a safe trip and see you in the morning!
Susan replaced the receiver and skipped all the way to the kitchen where her mum was making pancakes.
"You look very happy today Susan, what is it?"
Susan was so happy that she was getting out of breath.
"Oh Mum, you're not going to believe who that was on the phone, it was Roy King, and he's coming to visit us tomorrow!"
Children's Story: by
"Did I hear you say Roy King, Susan?" said her father entering the kitchen.
He made a dash for a pancake and his wife slapped his hands.
"Don't! Sit down at the table and wait; did you wash your hands?"
"Sorry dear," he got up, washed his hands and returned to the table.
Susan sat beside him, giggling.
Her mum was curious.
"Are you sure he's just a friend and nothing more?"
Susan's face turned red and she ran upstairs to her bedroom.
She lay on her bed and as her mind drifted she fell asleep.
She began to dream of a large chess board, where Roy stood beside her, dressed as a real white king and Susan as a white queen.
Both held hands and were surrounded by chess pieces.
It was only natural for this was the starting point of their relationship; at a chess club.
In the dream, a white bishop stood before them.
"Susan Queen, do you take Roy King to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
She gazed at Roy and blushed; "I do."
The white bishop then turned to Roy.
"Roy King, do you take Susan Queen to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
He stared back into Susan's eyes and replied, "I do."
The white bishop made a sign with his fingers at them and said.
"Then I pronounce you husband and wife."
The bishop sprinkled some sacred water over them.
"You may kiss the bride Mr. King."
So the two of them kissed.
"Oh Roy, I could never have imagined that we would be married on a real life-sized chess board.
Roy smiled.
Suddenly there was the sound of marching footsteps.
Roy grabbed Susan and made a run on the board as black pawns and black knights came running towards them.
Susan screamed and awoke, sweating.
Her parents entered her room and her mother said, "Susan, are you alright?" Susan was sweating all over, "I..I'm fine Mother, I was just dreaming and it turned into a nightmare."
Her mother stroked Susan's hair.
"No more cheese for you before bedtime, young lady."
Children's Story: by
The next morning, Susan awoke to the sound of bandsmen playing "Heroes" by David Bowie outside her house.
She ran downstairs and opened the door to see a procession heading towards her house.
Even the bands men were dressed as black and white chess pieces.
Then, to her surprise, she noticed Roy, now a handsome young man smiling, dressed as a white king; just as she had dreamt and waving to her, singing.
"I can be king; and you can be my queen."
And with those opening lines, the band abruptly stopped playing and Roy made his way up to his beloved Susan.
"Susan, I'm sure you weren't expecting this to happen in reality, but let's face it; this is something we both dreamt about since childhood. I won't beat about the bush; I'll say it straight; let's get married!"
And behind Susan, her parents appeared and began clapping.
"Hurray!" they both called out and began dancing with joy.
Susan's eyes filled with joy, she could not believe what was happening.
Just behind were Roy's parents and Susan's Mum called out.
"Come on in, Mr. and Mrs. King; the pancakes are on me!"
Children's Story: by
The following year, Susan and Roy had twin girls who they named Jenny and Phyllis King.
A childhood friendship that had formed in the school chess club had materialized into a marriage of love.
Indeed, one could say they were Check-Made For One Another.
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