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Digilitis Sapien - Chapter One
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This is the story of a peace-loving, solitary, extra-terrestrial being named Digilitis Sapien, with the ability to change his form, but only when in danger.
He arrived on Earth in the form of an ape-man, at a time when dinosaurs lived.
His aim was to spread love and happiness and despite the perils, he somehow always manages to be one step ahead of his fellow-beings with a simple message, just to be good to everyone and to live and let live.

Children's Story: by
A long time ago, when there was prehistoric life on our planet Earth, a caveman existed.
But there was much more to him than met the eye.
As he sat, crouched, in the cold hours of the night, poking a large twig into a crackling fire which he had successfully started only moments ago, he seemed to defy all logic.
For instance, in this primitive body of his, how had he learnt this skill of making fire? Which, as recorded in our history books, was mastered a lot later by Homo Erectus, 600,000 years later?
Could it be that he was some kind of advanced alien being? And if so, for what purpose had he decided to come down on Earth in the form of a primitive ape-man?
As the fire ignited and rose even higher, he gave a triumphant grunt "Ugh. Ugh!!" then beat his chest.
Children's Story: by
Before long he felt drowsy and decided to go back to the comfort and safety of his cave.
He stretched his arms over his head and yawned, then lay down against the comfort of the rocks.
In just a few seconds he felt his eyelids grow heavy and then softly close.
It had been another long and tiring day, searching for food and drink.
Tonight he would dream once again of finding a companion, surely he was not going to remain alone for all his life.
The following day, after a sound sleep, he awoke early and felt his stomach rumble.
It was time for breakfast.
Fortunately for him there was a large fruit tree and a river close-by.
This is one of the reasons he had decided to settle in this particular cave.
Children's Story: by
He made his way to the tree, then crouched down in a comfortable position and bit into a juicy red berry, one of several which had naturally fallen from the tree.
It was just as well, for the tree was much too tall and jagged for him to climb.
He absolutely relished the fruit, it was so sweet and delicious, he could not resist reaching out for more and so he ended up having a substantial amount, until his stomach was full.
He had even lost all track of time as well.
Children's Story: by
After his fruity feast he stood up and headed straight to the river for his morning swim. Another skill he had somehow required.
Although the water was freezing cold he enjoyed it immensely and spent a good portion of the day morning in the water and even managed to dive underwater.
Children's Story: by
He grew tired of this, stepped out of the water and went for his morning walk.
As he walked around even the blades of grass felt cold under his feet, but this did not deter him and he decided that today he would explore further...
Children's Story: by
Suddenly he heard a very loud noise, like the flapping of very large wings.
It was coming from high above him.
He looked upwards at the clear blue sky and saw a stupendously large yellow bird with a red head and a blue beak.
It was more reptilian and did not look very friendly.
To add to the tension it had spotted him too.
Was it going to hunt him? He was afraid it might even carry him off to its nest.
He panicked and in desperation thought hard what he should do.
There was very little time to think and he knew he could never out-run it.
Children's Story: by
Then, as the giant reptilian bird swooped down towards him, flapping its mighty thunderous wings, he instantly crouched to the ground, reached out his arms and joined his hands in a praying posture.
"Ugh! Ughh!!!
What will happen next dear readers?
Find out next time, in Chapter Two of Digilitis Sapien.
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