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Kookaburra Kittys Weight-loss Workout Routine
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After the long cold winter, spring was on its way. Kookaburra Kitty discovers she has gained extra weight and is determined to lose some; so makes a firm decision to begin a weight-loss workout routine. What better way to begin than a jog in the park, with her friends to accompany her.

Children's Story: by
Ever since Christmas Dinner Kookaburra Kitty had piled on a good few pounds, and due to the harsh winter chill she simply couldn't venture out, so she was literally trapped indoors. But now, with the gradual arrival of Spring-time, she could finally make outdoor plans.
That morning, as she plodded around her bedroom, she passed her full-length mirror.
She caught a quick glance at her reflection and was not happy at all.
In-fact, she was exasperated.
It was then that she decided to put her foot down and do something about it.
"That's it, enough is enough. As from this moment, I have made up my mind to start a regular exercise routine; and the best time for it is first thing in the morning."
Children's Story: by
Just then, the phone rang.
"Hello Kitty."
"Oh, hi, Felicity; how are you?"
"Well, to be very honest, not too good."
"Oh! Are you feeling unwell?"
"It's my weight-gain; I suspect it may have been all those scrumptious and simply irresistible sugary mince-pies and pastries we had over Christmas."
"Well, we all ate, drank and made merry, that's for sure. Hee! hee!"
A moment's silence, then -
"Hey! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" quipped Kitty.
"The park, morning jogging?"
"Correct! Like-minds think alike! Now we can both work-out together and enjoy one another's company too!"
"Great, let's make a fresh start in the morning, about 7 am?"
"That will be just perfect; okay Felicity, see you then!"
Kitty put the receiver down and smiled, with a contented look on her face.
She felt relaxed just knowing that Joey, being the eldest and most responsible, was there to look after her animal friends.
Next morning, after a light breakfast, Kitty slipped into her jogging suit and plimsolls and left a short note for Joey, which read, 'Gone out to the park for a jog, will back soon. Look after yourself and the children.'
After which she tip-toed out and headed straight for the park, which coincidentally happened to be just a short distance away; down the left turning of her street, to be precise.
Children's Story: by
Once there she took a deep breath of fresh air.
Suddenly, she heard a distant voice call out to her.
"Cooeey" It sounded familiar.
She spun round and was face-to-face with the familiar friendly figure that stood before her, wearing a beautiful sun-yellow tee-shirt and an olive-green hat, decorated with a range of small yellow buttercup flowers.
"Buttercup Berti! Well, fancy seeing you here, I love your tee-shirt.
Buttercup Berti blushed then pointed to the wordings on it and recited them,
"Hey diddle-e-dee; a fit and healthy life for me."
"I'm guessing you're also out for your morning jog too."
"Hmm, too true. It's all your fault, Kitty. All those scrumptious mince pies and pastries we ate at your Christmas Dinner and get-together party.
She giggled and pinched the flab around the sides of her stomach.
"But look at it this way Buttercup Berti, we wouldn't be here today meeting up for a jog if it wasn't for the party.
Now come on, let's get those leg muscles moving."
She took a deep breath, feeling invigorated, and began to jog and Buttercup Berti joined in, parallel to her.
Children's Story: by
As they jogged Buttercup Berti saw that time-to-time Kitty's eyes appeared to be searching around and she constantly kept turning her head left and then right.
After a while, Buttercup Berti stopped in her tracks and placed her hands to her sides, frowning.
"Why do you keep looking left and right, Kitty? It's most distracting!"
"I'm sorry, Berti, but I'm looking for Felicity, she said she would be here."
"Oh, then maybe I can also do the same, four eyes are better than two."
The park was quite small and once they completed a circuit Buttercup Berti stopped again, but this time, huffing.
"That's enough for today, Kitty."
She crouched down on the ground and massaged her legs with a pained look on her face.
"Oh my feet are tired and aching!"
"One more round." said Kitty, "Come on, lazy bones!"
"Hey! Show some compassion, Kitty, it's only my first day."
"Wow, what a coincidence, mine too!"
Children's Story: by
Just then, Buttercup Berti's eyes caught sight of a shimmering pond and facing towards it was a long wooden park-bench.
Someone was sitting on the edge of it, tossing pieces of white bread to the ducks.
She pointed in that direction and exclaimed excitedly and relieved.
"Hey, look over there Kitty."
There, on the park-bench, sat a familiar figure holding an open loaf of white bread, tossing pieces to the ducks.
"Could it be?" queried Kitty, gazing at the distant figure's whose back was turned to them.
"All I can see vividly is a nice, spacious park-bench, just begging for some occupants." replied Buttercup Berti, prodding Kitty to advance forwards.
"Come on, Berti, let's find out!"
And so, the two friends made their way towards it.
"So that's where you've been hiding!" exclaimed Kitty, with an astonished look on her face.
"Oh, there you are! Hello Kitty and Berti. Apologies, as I was here at 6.30 a.m. I have already completed my work-out for the day. That's three times around the park, without any break, until now. Seeing there was still time, I thought, well why not sit by the pond and feed the cute little ducks."
A moment's silence followed as the three friends gazed with blank faces as if reading one another's thoughts.
"Well," replied Kitty, "Honestly speaking, I couldn't have phrased it better myself!"
"And the next time we decide to meet up for our work-out regimes, according to the weather of course, then what better place to unite than this very park-bench!"
"But what if it rains?" said Buttercup Berti, plucking out a buttercup from her hat and popping it in her mouth, hysterically.
Another moment's silence followed, but this time accompanied by hysterical laughter.
On that happy note, the three friends spent the remaining part of the morning sitting together on the park-bench, chatting as well as feeding the ducks.

The End
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