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Olivia And The Interplanetary Occupants
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Children's Story: by
Olivia had just turned twelve and her parents had presented her with the one gift she had always wished for; a proper telescope with its own tripod stand.
It was set up in the attic, in front of a bright clear window.
"Wow, this is incredible!" she said, gazing through the eye piece at the night sky.
"I feel as if I'm out there, amidst all those stars and planets."
'I can't prove it,' she said to herself, 'but I wholly believe that there definitely is life out there.'
Children's Story: by
An hour went by quickly as Olivia continued to star-gaze, until a voice called out from below.
"Olivia, are you still awake dear? It's past midnight and you really should go to bed now."
"Alright Mummy, I'm on my way down to my room."
She climbed down the ladder carefully and then retired to her bedroom.
But as she lay in bed and closed her eyes, drifting into sleep, she thought she heard a very high pitched sound.
Children's Story: by
As Olivia sank into a deep sleep, she found herself in a wide open landscape in broad daylight.
Just a few yards ahead of her was a very large tracking device, a blue radar dish which moved to and fro.
Curious, she moved closer towards it and was dwarfed by its immense size.
Bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep!!
'Wow!' she thought, 'it seems to have picked up some kind of signal from up there.'
Just then the bleeps stopped abruptly, followed by some crackling sounds and distant voices.
"Planet Earth, we would like to make contact with you. Planet Earth, can you hear us?"
The voices faded and then the bleeps started again.
Olivia jumped in excitement.
'So I was right all along, now I know for certain that there is life out there in space.'
As she looked upwards, she was astounded to see a very distant blue revolving object.
"Could it be?" she said, almost choking on her own words.
The object was heading in her direction at such a fast speed that flames were emerging from underneath it.
Olivia dared not blink; she did not want to miss this once in a lifetime event.
Within moments, it had reached the earth's atmosphere and began to slow down.
Children's Story: by
By now it was so close that Olivia could clearly see the driver of the space craft.
It was a green alien, and it was smiling back at her.
Within moments it landed very smoothly and the doors slid open.
Olivia's heart beat faster and faster, she was so excited and nervous that she couldn't move her feet at all.
Children's Story: by
Within seconds, not one, but three robed figures appeared, two of which had green skin and one with orange skin, who looked at her and glided forwards, smiling.
"Greetings Olivia. We are your friends and we would like to make contact with you."
"I would like that very much, b...but why me?"
Their voices, synchronized, replied simultaneously.
"We know all about you. We have the technology to look into your future and can foresee that you will grow up to be a very famous scientist one day.
More importantly, you have a heart of gold and love everything around you, and that is why we travelled many light years at warp speed, just to thank you for being who you are."
Olivia was tongue-tied and lost for words; she could never have imagined this.
A moment passed, that seemed to last for eternity, after which she asked in a soft voice, "What are your names?"
"I am Warla, and these are my sisters, Zemma and Garnax.
We are the occupants of an interplanetary spacecraft, seeking out great souls such as yourself and making contact with them to spread the message of peace, love and friendship.
Now we must leave you. Goodbye Olivia; and thank you."
"For what?" asked Olivia, quizzically.
"Just for being who you are. You have the potential to change the destiny of MANKIND into a much lovelier place for all future generations; and you will."
Then the three aliens glided back into their spacecraft after which a blinding flash followed.
Just then, distant voices filled the air and grew louder.
"Wake up Olivia, your breakfast is ready. Hurry up dear, or else you'll be late for school."
Olivia's eyes burst open and she saw her Mum standing at the door.
She smiled and replied,
"Oh Mummy, I just had the most wonderful dream; or was it, hmm, I wonder?"
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