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Partners In Rhyme Contest
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Children's Story: by
Edward Custer had painstakingly located an old school mate, Mike Bing, on the internet and after a string of emails in which they caught up with the times, it was finally decided that they should meet up in a re-union of old friends.
Mike was still living in Scotland and Edward was in England.
Children's Story: by
One Saturday morning, the doorbell rang.
Edward dragged himself out of bed; he could barely open his eyes but managed to plod down the stairs and opened the door yawning.
"Still not fully awake, oh and where's my cake?"
It was Mike Bing and he had come one day early.
"Mike, is that you?" asked Edward rubbing his eyes.
"Surprise! I expect you now realise I'm still very wise."
"I see you still haven't lost your gifted knack of speaking in rhymes."
"Well, we've been friends since we were knee-high, oh by the way, why are you appearing so shy?"
Edward closed the door and Mike followed him into the kitchen.
"Mike, no disrespect, but it's 5.30 in the morning; why don't you make yourself comfortable while I catch forty winks?"
"Why, can't you sleep? Hey, have you tried counting sheep?"
Edward was starting to feel annoyed by Mike's continuous rhyming.
He put the TV on at a low volume and ushered Mike to a comfy chair.
"Please, just sit down and watch the TV for a couple of hours. I promise you by then I will be fresh and awake; can you do me this small favour?"
"Oh, very well, just go back to bed or else I'll cast a spell."
Edward yawned and retired to his bedroom.
Due to the earlier disturbance, he had overslept and was not up till 11.30.
As he got out of bed, he remembered that he had left Mike alone downstairs.
"Hey Mike; are you alright down there?"
"Oh don't worry about me; I'm still by the TV, massaging my right knee."
Children's Story: by
After Edward washed and dressed he made a decision to challenge his best friend to a competition which he aptly named, 'Partners in Rhyme Contest'.
"Mike. I think you're indirectly challenging me with your rhyming way with words, so I've decided to hold a contest.
I challenge you that I can beat you by out-rhyming you.
If you win, you can continue the way you are, but if you lose, then you will never ever talk to me in rhyme again. Is that a deal?"
Mike smiled and reached out and shook Edward's hand.
"So when do we start, do hurry up or I'll lose heart?"
Children's Story: by
"How about right now?" answered Edward, rolling up his sleeves.
"One two three, go!" and just let it flow" said Edward, with a flying start.
"Flow it will, until you lose and fall down like Jack, way down that hill."
"Hill or no hill, I think it's time for you to go back home and chill."
"Chill is my middle name, there's no doubt that's where I get my fame."
"Fame or no fame Mike, you've just lost the game."
Edward burst out laughing and said, "I won! I beat you."
"No, you tricked me."
"Well, it serves you right, and now you must promise never to talk in rhyme again; EVER!!"
Mike was quiet for a moment and then burst out laughing.
Edward grew nervous and asked, "Why are you laughing?"
"I'm laughing because the rules of the game we played, 'Partners in Rhyme', say that whoever wins is declared the new Rhyming king or queen, until the next contest!"
"Oh! No. that means that now I have to keep talking in rhyme, until you hold the next contest."
"Correct my dear friend, and your term begins...right now!"
"Oh just let me be, I've only just won, oh can't you see."
Children's Story: by
And so the tables had turned and Mike was enjoying every moment of the situation.
After all, that was the main reason he had come all the way down to see Edward; to be released of the title and pass it back to him, one way or another.
That's why he lost on purpose and declared that Edward had won the
'Partners in Rhyme Contest'.
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