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The Chain Of Nature
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Children's Story: by
The sun blazed down as a young traveller journeyed through a forest; he was on his way to attend a job interview.
It was not really as absurd as it sounded, he was a nature lover and his doctor had advised him to get plenty of fresh air; it was an opportunity for an opportunist.
This young traveller was dressed in dark tattered trousers, a matching blue shirt and black overcoat; his boots were polished and red.
Indeed, nobody could have guessed he was on his way to find work!
Children's Story: by
As he walked he stared around at the tall trees.
It was autumn so there were bare branches twisted and elongated, as if they were out to grab anybody passing through.
He wondered whether this was beauty or perhaps ugliness; somehow it did not matter, he was enjoying it all.
Dead leaves did not appear dead at all; they crunched under his boots like crispy cracker biscuits.
As he trudged on he felt the urge to start humming a tune.
It was a pleasant tune, later it formed into a song; a lullaby.
Children's Story: by
He smiled as his eyes caught sight of a grey squirrel watching and listening very carefully.
"Sir, this is the song of my love for you and nature!"
The traveller was lost in a dream of love.
One could say he was part of nature, just like the trees; not out to change anything, just to respect it.
Children's Story: by
Just then it dawned on him that he might be taking things too lightly.
His eyes lit up as he realised that in just half an hour he had to be there for his job interview.
He quickened his pace and he almost tripped over in the process.

(Is it finished??)

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