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This is my offical Joanne Hayle website. Whether you love stories for children or grown ups (who can also be big kids) or historical royal biographies I really hope that something that I've written enthusiastically tempts you to read it.
I grew up in the south of England and started writing early, winning a poetry competition age 10 which was the best day of my life to that moment.
With determination I left full time employment to fulfil my dream of writing and publishing poetry and fiction for adults and children. I've already written several books for Amazon's Kindle and print books.
I am an active supporter and contributor to
Helping children with positive enjoyable reading experiences is one of my first motivations as you will find in the children's book descriptions below.
Reading is a lifelong habit. I couldn't imagine life without it. Let's start early!
I'd love you to enjoy my work.
BTW: Your Privacy Protected - this website does not use cookies and does not enable any form of tracking, the Facebook and Twitter buttons only enable you to share the page address.

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Here's my latest
Happy hello's everyone!
28th March 2017 - My new history blog (You'll find it on Amazon too.) is going live on 1st April 2017. Fun history, educational, informative and captivating...take a peek, I'd love to have you learn about history with me!
11th January 2017 - Yay! My latest story is on Children's Stories Net...please click the button above or use http: featured-childrens-story featured-childrens-story.htm Hope you like it!

****Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for all your support, what magic will 2017 bring?****

New blog post: https: 2016 09 12 review-reviews
COMING SOON: Out in paperback and Amazon Kindle in early February 2016. Royal Father Son Rifts: George I, George II and Prince Frederick of Wales.
These George's really knew how to hate their own sons and fathers. Royal rage, rifts, recriminations, banishments, possible is a bio that reads like fiction...but it's true.
20th December 2015: Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year. Thank you for all your support, it means a lot. :-)X
7th December 2015: Not only is Will the Snowman live on (link above) but my new book about the Crown Jewels was published today...don't miss out, have a read! Merry three-ish weeks to ChristmasX
26th November 2015: My new book Everything You Need To Know About The Crown Jewels will be released on 7th December 2015 in paperback and as an e-book on Amazon. The e-book can be pre-ordered. Yay!
21st July 2015: Pirate Redhanky Meets A Shark is available to buy and borrow on Amazon Kindle. Happy Summer Everyone!
29th March 2015: Happy Easter Bunny And Chick is available on Amazon Kindle from today.
99p $1.49. (Please check Amazon for Euro prices.)
25 Feb 2015: My new book Deserts For Kids is available on Kindle from today.
16 Feb 2015: My website goes live
11 Jan 2015: Childrens-Stories.Net publish my latest free story...

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Children's Books and Stories
  Pirate Redhanky Meets A Shark is a fun kids story about what happens to a naughty pirate when he meets a scary shark after stealing some treasure.
ASIN: B0125P8YGY (Amazon Kindle)
Price: 99p / $1.54
Age Group: 3 - 9
By the end of this childrens book Pirate Redhanky
will have been taught a lesson by the shark but will
he change his ways and be a better person?
Enjoy your adventure!

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  You Can Do It! is a positive tale of encouragement and achievement.
ASIN: B00KB3SGHU (Amazon Kindle)
Price: 99p
Age Group: 4+
Poppy has to learn how to spell some new words.
One of them is a bit tricky and she wants to give up and stop trying.
Her daddy tells her "you can do it!"
Is he right? Can she? Can you spell the tricky word too? 
The book has simple illustrations (drawn by Poppy!) 

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Joanne Hayle - Brainy The Pink Brain Cell   Brainy The Pink Brain Cell Rhyming Story Collection
ASIN: B00JPFQ71C (Amazon Kindle)
Price: 1.99p
Age Group: 3+
Ideal to be read aloud as bedtime stories, these rhymes show Brainy suggesting to Harry and via him other children, the best ways to behave, to try new things, to persevere and how to have fun whatever the weather.
All of the stories are positive and entertaining, sure to leave a smile not a frown.
Rhymes in the collection: Little Green Trees, Buttons Are A Big Pain!, The Rainy Day, The Cross Thought, What a Mess!, Cheesy Feet!, Bedtime For Us, Harry, Please Go To Sleep.

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Joanne Hayle - Splodge   Splodge! is an illustrated rhyming story for children
ASIN: B00JTYYW02 (Amazon Kindle)
Price: 0.99p
Age Group: 3+
This sweet story shows how children should be kind rather than mean when someone else can do something well.
Mark and Sophie are asked to paint pictures for their Mummy. 
Mark learns how to make smiles and not tears when he feels jealous. 

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Joanne Hayle - Planets For Kids   Planets For Kids - a Rhyming Story that helps Kids to learn
ASIN: B00OZXFJ2C (Amazon Kindle)
Price: 1.15p
Age Group: 3+
Planets For Kids helps kids to learn the names and the order of the planets in our Solar System. This fun book includes pictures of the planets Neptune, Uranus, Earth, Saturn and Venus. As you read the rhyming story your imagination will soar as you explore and that's a fun way to learn about space, an excerpt follows:
Uranus, a gassy giant, is next in line to see
Winds blow up to 250 metres per second. Goodness me!
Space-people don’t stop for picnics on Uranus
They might get blown away and that would cause such a fuss!
Take off from Earth whenever you're ready and have fun!

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Joanne Hayle - Children's Story Collection - Brainy, Splodge! and You Can Do It! (rhyming stories)   PRINTED BOOK
Children's Story Collection - Brainy, Splodge! and You Can Do It! (rhyming stories)
ISBN: 978-1502820693 (ISBN 10: 1502820692)
Size: 34 pages, 17.8cm x 25.4cm, paperback
Price: 4.35p
Age Group: 3+
Brainy: This rhyme shows Brainy suggesting via Harry the best ways to behave, try new things and have fun.
Splodge!: Shows children should be kind rather than mean when someone else can do something well.
You Can Do It!: Poppy has to spell new words, she wants to give up and stop trying, daddy tells her You Can Do It!
See the Kindle version of each story above for more detail.

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