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Include Your Children's Author Biography
Entry is free to all our contributing Authors, others may include their biography by supporting us with a small contribution, please contact us for details.
You will find further author promotional help further down this page.
Author Biography Entry
Author Biographies are limited to 650 characters (about 100 words including the author name)
A graphic or photo image may be included, such as a book cover, story illustration or author photo.
If you welcome email contact from readers you can also provide an email address for a Contact Me button, your email address is not disclosed to the reader, our system sends any messages keeping your email confidential, it's up to the Author to reply directly to the reader or not.
Just email the above information to us with AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY in the subject line, we will do the rest (see Contact Us button above for email address). We may edit your entry as neccessary, the completed entry would look something like this:
Linda Farrelly started creating the Elliot stories for her children over 30 years ago, her Amazing Adventures series is a collection of those stories in rhyme.
Linda has instinctive graphics ability which produces hand drawn and coloured illustrations that children quickly identify with drawing them into the adventures and the desire to read. Linda's 5 grandchildren wait in eager anticipation for what Elliot will get up to next, thus keeping Linda's prolific talent on the boil.
Her skills led her to writing for local schools and drama groups, her productions proving to be extremely popular and raising large sums of money for charities.
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Author's Promotional Page
The Author's Promotional Page is a dedicated Author's page within Children's Stories Net which provides in depth information about an Author and the Author's Stories and Books. Social media share page buttons are included, see the following examples:
Click here to view Linda Farrelly's promotional page:  
  Author Linda Farrelly  
Click here to view Sheila Helliwell's promotional page:  
  Author Sheila Helliwell  
There is no set format except we place an Author Button (like those above) on almost every one of our Children's Stories pages on the left hand side.
Each Author page is uniquely created for each individual Author using our wealth of in house expertise built up over 25 years. You may have noticed we are well positioned in search engines (eg: Google) and have many 10,000's of readers worldwide, thus we are well placed to promote Authors.
Please contact us for further information.
Author's Websites
Author's websites are entirely dedicated to promoting the Author and their work.
There are no limits on design or content except they must be suitable for all and protect readers and especially children from tracking and other security issues. We normally link an Author's Biography to their website with a 'Website' button, for child protection reasons we don't normally link to websites outside of our control.
It's important to provide a 'squeaky clean' environment safe for all especially children of any age. Our special coding ensures FaceBook and Twitter buttons only enable sharing of the link and prevent the usual tracking. Thus schools and parents can trust our content and anything we link to.
Our proprietary techniques enable websites that automatically size content to suit the screen they are viewed on from small mobile phones to Smart HDTV screens, thus making browsing easy on just about any device.
We can produce high quality websites to suit most tastes and budgets, essentialy there is an initial creatation cost and then an annual or monthly small amount to cover ongoing costs.
We will happily give free no obligation advice to Authors, please click the contact us button above.
The following are Author website examples, some are single pages, others are more complex, click any of the screen images to visit the website shown:
Lucy Sitzu's True Adventure Stories for Children
The Murphy Adventure Stories for Children
Elliot's Amazing Adventures - Children's Rhyming Stories



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