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  Sheila Helliwell's Children's Stories
Sheila Helliwell's Children's Stories
Sheila Helliwell's writing started when she began creating stories for her children, Sheila realised the story content made a big difference to children's enjoyment and learning and carefully wrote her stories to help her own children's development.
Sheila (shown above with her character "Magic Murphy") is determined to help with children's literacy, she is a key team member and Story Editor at and has contributed many of her successful stories.
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Sheila Helliwell's Short Stories include:
Dumas the Spider
Even Clouds Like To Play
Grindle's Cave
I Am a Mouse    
I Am Bored
Izzy the Cat
Jelly Belly's Adventure
Monty the Loveable Monster
Monty the Monster    
(see Children's Short Stories Book 1 below)
Murphy: The Beginning
Pippin the Rust Bucket
Puppy, Puppy    
The Bad Tempered Dragon
The Christmas That Santa Sparkled    
(Christmas story)
The Disappearing Forest
The Forgotten Doll    
(Christmas story)
The Frog Who Couldn't Ribbit
The Glass Snowman    
(see Children's Short Stories Book 1 below)
The Hippo In The Pantry    
(see Children's Short Stories Book 1 below)
The Leafless Fairy    
(see Children's Short Stories Book 1 below)
The Lonely Lighthouse
The Love Pocket
The Magical Bird Bath
The Magical Jelly Beans
The Mermaid Who Couldn't Swim
The Mischievous Imp
The One Wish Box
The Owl That Couldn't Sleep
The Pirate's Den
The Spirit of the Unicorn
The Tree That Cried    
(see Children's Short Stories Book 1 below)
The Wizard that Forgot
There Is A Monster In The Shed Grandad
Twinkle Little Star
Zee-Zee the Bee-Bat

Children's Short Stories (Book 1)
Children's Short Stories (Book 1) by Sheila Helliwell is the highest quality printed hard back book featuring 5 of Sheila most popular stories to date: Hippo in the Pantry, The Tree that Cried, The Leafless Fairy, Monty the Monster and The Glass Snowman.
Specially made for sharing with a young child, this book will open out across two laps, 58cm (23 inches) wide when open, or can easily be held togther when reading, large easy read words ideal for children, see open book and text sample images below.
Every page beautifully illustrated in full colour by Maciej Zajac (the leading children's illustrator). No matter how young you are you'll enjoy this collection of short stories which are loved by both young children and the young at heart.
Enjoy the loveable and enchanting characters that are part of every child's imagination, which many adults have long forgotten. As you read each story, you'll see them come to life through the outstanding illustrations, perfect for helping encourage an early interest in reading.
Childrens Short Stories Book One by Sheila Helliwell
   Book when open 23 inches (58cm) wide x 8.5 inches (22cm) high
The Leafless Fairy Children's Story by Sheila Helliwell Super Quality Illustrations
Large Easy Read Words
Large Easy Read Children's Text
Click below for book preview (PDF document)
    Book Preview    

For more information about Sheila's Magic Muprphy Story Series in print and on Kindle please click the following button:
  The Magic Murphy Story Series   
Thanks for your interest in Sheila's work.


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