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Monty The Loveable Monster
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Children's Story: Monty The Loveable Monster by Sheila Helliwell

Monty the Monster had been de-monsterised for refusing to scare children in their dreams.
He only had one friend, a little girl named Jenny.
Whenever Jenny was having a nice dream she would let Monty join her and they embarked on many wonderful adventures together.
The problem was that as Jenny grew older her dreams were turning to more boring things like clothes and boyfriends.
On these occasions Monty didn't join her. He realised that he would have to find a new young friend but whenever he saw a child asleep with a smile on their face and tried to join them, he scared them so much that their dreams turned into nightmares!
Monty explained his dilemma to Jenny who said she would give the problem some thought.
Children's Story: Monty The Loveable Monster by Sheila Helliwell
One of Jenny's favourite books when she had been younger had been 'The Murphy Stories'. She and Monty had joined Murphy, Susan, Steven and little Mark, the three young children on their adventures several times.
Murphy was a Leprechaun who lived in a big oak tree at the bottom of the children's garden. He was only nine inches tall but whenever there was a full moon, Murphy, and all the other Leprechauns, were granted three wishes.
He would shrink the children down to his size with one of his magical powders, using green to shrink them and blue to enlarge them again.
During one adventure, Jenny and Monty had been lucky enough to meet Murphy's very good friend Moragan the Witch. *
She lived in a cave made out of sea shells, in a magical place called 'Rakidom'.
At first, Jenny had been afraid of Moragan as she was the ugliest person she had ever seen. Murphy explained that it was probably because her hair was a different colour every time he saw her and she always had some live creatures hanging from her ears like earrings. She also had odd coloured eyes and only two teeth - one silver and one gold.
It hadn't taken Jenny or Monty long though to realise that she was a nice witch.
Jenny suggested to Monty that maybe Murphy could ask Moragan if she could help make Monty less scary.
Jenny had to read her Murphy books for several nights before she dreamt about him, but eventually Jenny and Monty found themselves in the children's garden and there was Murphy standing on a toadstool, hands on hips with his right eyebrow raised in his usual arrogant fashion.
When Jenny explained Monty's problem to Murphy he said he would see what he could do.
Murphy wasn't too happy about asking Moragan for another favour, but he realised that when Jenny stopped having childish dreams altogether. Monty would be left all alone.
When Murphy explained what he wanted to Moragan, she looked at him, shaking her head in disbelief.
"Oh Murphy," she sighed. "Why do you keep on mixing with these mortal children? You always end up in trouble when you do."
Moragan knew she would end up helping Murphy yet again, but that didn't mean she had to be very happy about it.
Children's Story: Monty The Loveable Monster by Sheila Helliwell
She lit a fire under her cauldron and started brewing.
The longer it brewed the more awful the smell became. When she was satisfied, she poured a cupful into a bottle and handed it to Murphy. "If this doesn't work my friend, don't bother coming back. That is the last favour I will do for a Monster."
Murphy had to wait for quite a long time before Jenny and Monty returned and he could see that Monty was looking very sad. He didn't get to go on many adventures now that Jenny was growing into a young woman.
Murphy told Monty to drink the liquid at the next full moon.
Jenny and Monty left, thanking Murphy for his help.
On the first night of the full moon Monty drank the awful smelling mixture. At first nothing happened, but then he felt his tummy starting to gurgle.
His head started to hurt and his eyes felt as though they were on fire.
Monty fell to the ground moaning and holding his tummy. "Oh, my goodness, " he groaned. "What have I done?"
Children's Story: Monty The Loveable Monster by Sheila Helliwell
Monty finally fell asleep on the ground and when he awoke the next morning he had a raging thirst. Making his way to a nearby stream he had just bent down to drink when he caught sight of himself in the water.
He startled himself so much he fell backwards and landed on a soft cushion.
It didn't take Monty long to realise that it wasn't a cushion he had landed on, but his own 'BIG SOFT BOTTOM!'
He held out his arms and looked at the strange pale green fur. Gone were his claws and in their place he saw that he had hands, which were also covered in the green fur.
Monty wanted to find a mirror so he could look at himself properly but he was scared in case he looked even more frightening than before.
Eventually Monty stood in front of a full length mirror, blinking because he couldn't believe what Moragan's potion had turned him into.
There staring back at him was a big fat, furry creature with soft floppy ears and the cutest face he had ever seen.
"Could this really be me?" he asked himself.
He tried smiling and his chubby cheeks turned a delicate shade of purple while his eyes twinkled.
He felt happy just looking at himself. "Would I have this effect on children?" he wondered.
There was only one way he could find out.
He waited until Jenny had a smile on her face while she was sleeping and jumped into her dream.
Jenny couldn't believe her eyes. She found herself smiling without really understanding why.
"Oh, Monty," she giggled. "You look so cute and cuddly."
Monty's cheeks turned purple with pride.
"I would always have happy dreams if you were in them," said Jenny with tears in her eyes.
Monty went on to have many wonderful adventures with lots of other children because they were no longer scared of him.
He had become 'MONTY the LOVEABLE MONSTER.'
To find out more about Murphy and Moragan the Witch, read 'The Murphy Stories' book one - 'Hoonraki Moon'
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