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About Us
Childrens Story Illustrations Privacy & Protection: We never use Cookies or allow any form of Tracking, it's part of our mission to protect your privacy and provide 'squeaky clean' content safe like on Parenting tips for all especially children of any age. Our FaceBook and Twitter buttons are simple share link buttons that do not enable any form of tracking. Any links we provide to external content are vetted to help ensure Children's Stories Net is a safe browsing experience for children.
We encourage Authors and New Writers including children in schools to take part, anonymity is guaranteed if required through a free choice of Pen Name.
From time to time we publish collections of stories in eBooks for most eReaders including Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, laptops, PC's and in print. Some versions may include narration (audio track). Some may require a small download or print on demand fee through the supplier to cover costs.
Ongoing Upgrade Work
We never stand still, there is always upgrade work going on behind the scenes, you will see numerous changes and improvements from time to time, none should disrupt your ease of use and enjoyment of
Please do send us your feed back, it's good to know how we can best improve.
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