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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 48 - The Goonch
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 48 - The Goonch by Linda Farrelly

"We're out today" said Grandad, "I'm teaching you something new."
"How exciting!" exclaimed Elliot, "What are we going to do?"
"Wait until we're there" smiled Grandad "it's a short way in the car."
"Can I come too?" asked Basil, "If it isn't very far.
I really hate to travel; the car makes me feel sick,
I don't mind coming with you if we can get there quick."
"Basil you're amazing" Elliot said, "you always cause a fuss,
How can you hate travelling? Basil YOU'RE A BUS!"
Basil frowned, "It's the bumping up and down, I've said so before,
It's not my fault." he muttered and he flew into his drawer,
"You can go out and enjoy yourselves, don't bother about me,
Don't worry that I'm all alone and have no company."
Grandad grinned, "Would you like a cushion so that you can see?
You can sit on the front seat; you'll be safe next to me,
Elliot and the tackle will be alright sitting in the back,
Or if you want to feel like you are flying you can sit on the roof rack!"
"Very funny!" Basil groaned, "What does TACKLE mean?
It's a very funny word" he said, "and one I haven't seen."
"Is it a clue?" asked Elliot, "about what we are going to do."
Grandad smiled, "I'm taking you both FISHING, a new hobby for you."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 48 - The Goonch by Linda Farrelly
"FISHING!" Basil exclaimed, "It's a boring way to pass the time,
Sitting on a river bank dangling maggots on a line,
Sometimes you can sit for hours; I think I'd rather stay in bed."
Basil's bell began to ring, and then started glowing red.
"It's a new adventure" Basil smiled, and his bell began to sway.
"This is urgent!" Basil grinned; "we'll go out another day."
Elliot took the shrinking powder and he began to shrink,
"Take this fishing rod with you." said Grandad with a wink.
They seemed to fly for miles, and Basil's engine began to blow,
"I think we're here" moaned Basil "but there's water down below.
OH NO!" shouted Basil "there's a great big fishing net.
My brakes seem to be sticking, we are going to get WET!"
Basil skimmed across the water and landed on the river's edge.
"We're all tangled up, I can't move, WE'RE DROWNING!" Basil said,
"Just hold still" a kind voice said, "and I will get you out.
Stop panicking" the voice said "and stop moving about!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 48 - The Goonch by Linda Farrelly
"I'M FREE, I'M FREE!" yelled Basil, "how can I thank you?"
"I'm Josh" said the friendly voice, "and you have a lot to do!
You're here to catch a monster living on the river bed."
"OH NOT ANOTHER MONSTER! I'm fed up." Basil said.
"The enormous Goonch" Josh explained, "is a monster catfish,
I've heard about the wizard, and so I made a wish.
I asked for someone fearless to catch it in the net,
Our bravest men have tried but have not succeeded yet.
It has the most enormous teeth, and they are razor sharp,
I see your friend has a fishing rod, are you ready to start?
Kai and Joe are ready with the net, scan the river for a bubble,
Our hero Troy is standing by in case there's any trouble."
"HANG ON A MINUTE!" Basil yelled, "We don't know how to FISH!
We can't do everything you know, just because you made a wish,
How big is this thing anyway? Do you have a massive hook?"
"IT'S SURFACING!" yelled Josh, "Can you see it Basil, LOOK!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 48 - The Goonch by Linda Farrelly
The colour drained from Elliot's face; he could not believe his eyes,
The monsters head lifted from the water, Basil was mesmerised,
"I can't catch that!" Basil stuttered, "It must weigh 400 pounds,
I'm a bus, I'm not a tractor! I can't pull that thing to the ground!
Look at its TEETH!" squirmed Basil "they will chew through the net."
"That's the problem" Josh said, "and why we haven't caught it yet,
We need you to cast a spell and bring it into land,
You don't seem that brave though, I don't understand."
Basil's face went very red, Elliot whispered "Basil TRY,
Can't you fly above it and attack it from the sky?"
"WITH WHAT!" shouted Basil "those teeth are sharp, my tyres will burst,
I have an awful feeling" Basil cried, "that it will get me first!"
Elliot took out his fishing rod and said "I'm going to have a try."
"I'll attach this special hook" Josh said "cast up towards the sky."
Elliot pulled back the rod and threw with all his might.
"YOU'VE HOOKED MY BUMPER!" Basil yelled, and the little bus took flight.
Basil sailed through the air; Elliot's face turned to a frown,
"STOP! STOP!" shouted Basil "I'm flying upside down!
The blood is rushing to my head, I'm blinded, I can't see,
That monster's teeth are gnashing, and they're gnashing straight at me!
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 48 - The Goonch by Linda Farrelly
I'm doomed" cried Basil "a fishes supper is my fate,
My adventuring is over; I've ended up as fishing bait."
"Don't panic" shouted Elliot "fish can't bite through tin!"
"I don't think he's educated" Basil yelled, "someone should tell him."
"DO SOMETHING!" shouted Elliot, "can't someone cut the line?
Basil's heading for the fish's mouth, we haven't got much time."
Basil was swaying to and fro across his catfish eyes,
"The fish is in a trance," said Elliot "it's completely mesmerised."
The fish sank into the water, and disappeared out of sight.
Troy grabbed Elliot's fishing rod and reeled Basil in with all his might.
Basil rolled onto the river's edge; he looked dazed and gave a sigh.
"YOU ALMOST GOT HIM!" Josh called out "let's have another try."
"WHAT!" yelled Basil, "is he mad, why couldn't he see?
That Goonchy monster thing almost had me for its tea.
I'm not doing that again" he said, "someone take off this hook!"
"The Goonch is back again" said Elliot "he's come for another look."
This time the Goonch looked really cross and he blinked his evil eye.
"I think you're forgetting," Elliot said, "BASIL YOU CAN FLY!
Circle just above his head and if he makes a splash,
See if you can mesmerise him before you start to crash."
"CRASH!" exclaimed Basil, "why should I do this on my own.
IF I CRASH," he yelled out, "HOW WILL YOU GET HOME?"
Elliot gulped, "Mesmerise him like before and when his eyes go dim,
Put your magic headlights on and point them straight at him."
Basil gave a sigh and his little engine began to purr.
"I'm revved up" Basil called out, "what do I do when I get there?"
"Sway from side to side" Josh shouted, "until you're in his gaze."
"Just keep on swaying" Elliot said "until his eyes begin to glaze.
Then shoot him with your headlights, he'll be too dazed to see."
"AND IF IT DOESN'T WORK," yelled Basil, "I'll end up the fishes TEA!"
Basil circled in the air; watched closely by the fish,
Who rose above the water, and gave his tail a swish.
The splashing went into Basil's eyes, and for a while he couldn't see.
"THIS FISH IS CLEVER," Basil yelled, "but not as bright as ME!"
Basil circled in once more, this time he was quite cross,
"How dare he wet me" Basil said, "I'll show him who's the boss!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 48 - The Goonch by Linda Farrelly
Just as before the fish was still, and its eyes grew dim,
"NOW IT'S MY TURN!" Basil yelled, and he turned his lights on him,
The fish gave out a mighty scream; Basil yelled "I'll get you yet."
The Goonch gave out one final scream and landed in the net.
People came from everywhere, and they all gave a cheer.
"How brave you are" they all gushed, "thank you for coming here.
How can we repay you, you're a hero." they all said.
Basil groaned, "I'm wet and I am tired, and I need to be in bed."
Basil flew into the bright blue sky, and Elliot gave a grin,
"You're a champion" Elliot said "I knew that you would win."
"What's that fishy smell?" said Basil "I hope it isn't me!"
"They gave us a present" Elliot said, "some nice fresh fish for tea."
"Well get rid of it" groaned Basil "I can't bear the smell.
Don't tell Grandad I got all hooked up, promise you won't tell,
I think I'll pass on the fishing trip, I've seen enough fish for today,
When we get back I'll tell Grandad about the one that got away."

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