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Children's Authors
This section provides a short Children's Author biography, we expect this section to fill up over the next couple of months. Entry is free to all our contributing Authors.
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Alister Thorpe - Children's Author Alister Thorpe is an Australian who has lived the last 8 years in South East Asia teaching spoken English to secondary school students.
Alister, originally from Adelaide worked for many years as a Registered Nurse in ICU. He started writing in 2013 after a friend persuaded him to start a blog 'Spinayarn' on social observations and short stories.
So far Leela's Story is his only foray into writing for children, but with some subtle pressure from his grandchildren Leela and Jack, he intends to write more. The author is keen to receive feedback from readers.
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Dennyk - Children's Author Dennyk is married with two children and four grandchildren who live in Europe. His wife runs an animal sanctuary called 'Lillies of the Field', some of the animals feature in his stories.
Dennyk grew up in North Dakota, gaining a BSME from the State University, moving to Ohio in 1955, France in 1964, England in 1978, Canada in 1984 and returning to Ohio in 1990.
Retiring in 2000, Dennyk rekindled his childhood interest in children's stories first triggered by his father's funny stories, by completing a children's writing course.
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Elissa Peterson - Children's Author Elissa Peterson was a finalist in Westbow Press’s New Look Writing Contest (2015). She was a winner in Brock Eastman’s Saga Writing Contest (2014) and is currently partnering with a team of writers to produce a series titled "Netherwind Coming".
Elissa has one short story published on Knowonder’s online Story-A-Day Database. She also participates in a handful of writing / blogging groups on Facebook, and is a veteran blogger (

Elizabeth Solomon - Children's Author Elizabeth Solomon is a lecturer at a university in South Africa and a grandmother with 4 grandsons. The family all live on a smallholding where there are a lot of animals for the children to enjoy.
Elizabeth loves children and creating fairytales for them. She hopes to retire soon and spend more time writing fairy tales.
Elizabeth welcomes contact from her readers.
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Glenn Hampson - Children's Author Glenn Hampson is a primary school teacher in Somerset, UK. He studied music at Southampton Solent University before attending Exeter University for his PGCE with a music specialism but has always had a love for writing.
The beginning of his career saw a shift in audience as Glenn wrote his first children's story 'Moonbird' which he contributed to this website.
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H W Shelton - Children's Author H W Shelton lives in the USA, and for most of his life has written music. He has always wanted to write short stories and now has the time to do just that, as he says: 'stories are all around us', we only need to write them down so everyone can enjoy them.
Writing Children's stories comes naturally to him, in addition to his story collection on Children's Stories Net, he has created a new series called 'Ted and Josh'. These are stories about two boys who find themselves in some funny situations and how they turn them around, you can soon read the first instalment here.
Feedback from readers is most welcome.
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Heidi Jacobsen - Children's Author Heidi Jacobsen was born in Toronto, Canada and graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York (BFA in Environmental Design), she lives with her filmmaker husband Cliff Guest and Patty the Black Cat in Delray Beach, Florida.
Heidi enjoys the creative process, her ebooks are published on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Heidi's women's novels include: Sunburnt, Turquoise, High, Meshugana, Golf Widow and childrens' fiction includes the series Patty The Black Cat and The Catman.
Heidi is also a designer and blues singer, she has appeared in three international blues festivals with her band Heidi and The El Cats.

Jane Williams - Children's Author Jane Williams is best known for her poetry for adults but writing for children is also a lifelong passion. She has an MA in creative writing from the university of Canberra and is working on a collection of poems for children and several picture books.
The eldest of six, Jane has been around children all her life in one way or another, she has two daughters of her own and lots of nieces and nephews. Years working with pre-school children in education settings rekindled her love of children’s picture books and poems and a desire to write and share them. When she’s not travelling with her partner, home is Tasmania. Jane welcomes contact from her readers. Samples of her writing for children and contact details can be found (

Joanne Hayle - Children's Author Joanne Hayle born in 1978, grew up in the south of England, she started writing early, winning a poetry competition age 10 which 'was the best day of her life to that moment'
Now in her thirties, Joanne has left full time employment to fulfil her dream of writing and publishing poetry and fiction for adults and children. She already has four titles on Amazon's Kindle
Joanne runs her own blog which gives an insight in to her writing life and the effect that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and anxiety have on the way that she works. She would love you to read and enjoy her work
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Juliet Wilson - Children's Author Juliet Wilson writes for all ages and is an adult education tutor, teaching creative writing and nature studies.
Juliet taught in a secondary school in Malawi for two years and has done voluntary work with children of all ages.
She also writes her own blog 'CraftyGreenPoet' which can be found through Google

Lilla Nicholas-Holt - Children's Author Lilla Nicholas-Holt at a young age began writing limericks in birthday cards for family and friends.
After three children she wrote two novels: *The Jovian Legacy* then *In Between the After*. Looking for a change, she thought she'd try her hand at writing a children's book, and created Riwi the Kiwi.
After recent treatment for breast cancer she now considers herself a cancer survivor and looks forward to an exciting 2016. Her creative juices have started to flow and is currently writing her second children’s book, a funny story about a family of rats. She lives in the Far North of New Zealand.
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Linda Farrelly - Children's Author Linda Farrelly started creating the Elliot stories for her children over 30 years ago, her Amazing Adventures series is a collection of those stories in rhyme.
Linda has instinctive graphics ability which produces hand drawn and coloured illustrations that children quickly identify with drawing them into the adventures and the desire to read. Linda's 5 grandchildren wait in eager anticipation for what Elliot will get up to next, thus keeping Linda's prolific talent on the boil.
Her skills led her to writing for local schools and drama groups, her productions proving to be extremely popular and raising large sums of money for charities.
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Maihri Patrick - Children's Author Maihri Patrick was born in the Midlands (UK) and raised by her Irish grandfather in a small village surrounded by acres of rolling countryside.
As a child, Maihri's Grandfather kept her entertained with the most magical, vibrant and colourful tales full of delightful characters. It was through the years with her Grandfather that Maihri developed a love of books and became inspired to become a creative writer.
Maihri has written a number of short stories for children and has had some success in the publication of her work which includes articles of historical interest and poetry. Her latest works will soon be available on Amazon.

Nirupama Harikumar - Children's Author Nirupama Harikumar is a student from India who has a passion for writing and photography.
She dreams of long vacations and is always on the lookout for new story ideas.
Nirupama is currently pursuing her degree in Media, Literature and Psychology.
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Paul Ray - Children's Author Paul Ray has been writing poetry since childhood and has published several books of poetry ( Two new children poetry books 'Boogers Are Brain Food' and 'Pink Is A Superpower' available worldwide 3 Aug 2016 (Tate Publishing).
Surprisingly he works in real estate, has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from North Carolina State University and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.
He has been married to the same "lovely angel" for over thirty-two years with whom he has two terrific young adult kids.
Many of his poems were inspired by his immediate family.
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Pop Johnson - Children's Author Pop Johnson is J Kyle Johnson, Kylie Anne's grandfather, 'Pop’ for short. Some of his stories are fictionalised real events from Pop and his wife's early years in East Tennessee (USA), where they still live
Most of the tales originated as bedtime stories for Kylie Anne, expanded and told to her many times over the past few years. Now, Kylie and her grandmother 'Dee Dee' have given 'Pop' permission to share the stories with other grandparents and their grandchildren
Pop welcomes contact from readers.
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Rachel Elazar - Children's Author Rachel Elazar Rachel Elazar lives in Maryland, USA with her husband and two daughters and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance from the University of Maryland.
She works with preschool children, volunteers in her local library, and enjoys performing folk dance.
Rachel's passion for reading and love of the library inspired her to write her first children's story, Lucy's Library Adventure.
She hopes to inspire children to discover how magical reading can be when experiencing the exciting adventures in books!
Rachel welcomes contact from readers.
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Rajeev Bhargava - Children's Author Rajeev Bhargava is resident in Greater London and a Freelance Writer, he attained his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Literature in 2014.
His favourite pastime is writing stories on various themes including science fiction, dark and light fantasy, mythology, adventure and especially for children. He also enjoys writing poetry and creating illustrations, comic strips and cartoons.
Rajeev's professional writing career took off in 1991, and to-date, his works have been appearing continuosly on-line, small press and main stream publications.
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Robert Parfett - Children's Author Robert Parfett is originally from England, but has spent the last 15 years living and working in Spain teaching English to primary children at various international schools.
He writes in rhyme which stimulates children's sense of humour and fun, making learning more enjoyable.
Robert has contributed to for the last few years and has published his first picture book called The Not So Wise Owl. Available in most bookshops worldwide and online.
  Contact Me  

S M Kozubek - Children's Author S M Kozubekis an author, teacher and retired attorney who served as a guardian ad litem in child protection and delinquency cases in Juvenile Court for many years with children of all ages.
He has had a passion for writing since childhood and is currently writing plays, poetry, short story and memoir. He loves reading the work of many great writers and sharing his own.
His work has appeared in ICON, Journal of Modern Poetry, Frogpond, A Hundred Gourds, bottle rockets, and other publications. He lives in Sarasota, Florida, home of this beautiful banyan tree.

Sharon Krager - Children's Author Sharon Krager lives in Missouri, USA where she has three children and eight grandchildren from whom she gets a lot of inspiration for her stories. Sharon is a new author focusing on children's short stories.
She is also a Substitute Teacher, licensed practical nurse, nursing home administrator and co-owner of the family business with husband Jerry.
Sharon's Franklin The Frog is already available on Barnes and Noble's eBook reader Nook and her first printed book Ethan Scott's Little Red Box is being released in March 2015 (Tate Publishing)
Sharon welcomes contact from readers.
  Contact Me  

Sheila Helliwell - Children's Author Sheila Helliwell started writing when she began creating stories for her children. Sheila realised the story content made a big difference to children's enjoyment and learning, she carefully crafted her stories to help her own children's development.
Sheila's stories are available in print, for example Children's Short Stories (Book 1) and the Murphy Story series for older children (click the More Info button below) which are also on Kindle.
Sheila (shown left with her character Magic Murphy™) is determined to help with children's literacy, she is a key team member and Story Editor at and has contributed many of her successful stories.
  More Info         Website         Contact Me  

Tara Fox Hall - Children's Author Tara Fox Hall In addition to children's stories, Tara's writing credits include: nonfiction, horror, suspense, action-adventure, and contemporary and historical paranormal romance.
Tara is the author of the paranormal fantasy Lash series and the paranormal romantic drama Promise Me series. She divides her free time unequally between writing novels and short stories, chainsawing firewood, caring for stray animals, sewing cat and dog beds for donation to animal shelters, and target practice.
All of her published children's stories to date are free reads on, Tara welcomes contact from readers.
  Contact Me  

Terry Fitterer - Children's Author Terry Fitterer is a long-standing poet and writer from Minnesota, USA. Her work is published in humor columns in newspapers, periodicals, children's magazines and humorous murder poems for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.
Terry has also been a winner of The World Wide Poetry Contest. Poems for children come easy for her as she says "I am still a kid at heart!"
Terry contributes free content to some can be found under Poems and Rhyming Stories. Terry welcomes contact from readers.
  Contact Me  

Tim Collings - Children's Author Tim Collings has always enjoyed writing short stories and sometimes rhymes. Since taking early retirement and moving to France, Tim has had more opportunity to create and write, especially for children.
He finds inspiration and ideas from all walks of life which can be animals, people or actual events. Tim was inspired by the family pet dog 'Mrs Miggins' to write 'Woofin' the Woofer' which is also available in print.
Tim has many other story ideas and will be writing more for all children to enjoy.




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