Children's Christmas story A Christmas Present by Harshita Das

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  A Christmas Present
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Sylvie thought her day couldn't get any better, until she saw her Christmas Present
Children's Story: by
She woke up in the morning, vaguely remembering the huge Christmas tree she had bought the day before.
From the window she saw a velvet coat of snow that rested on the streets.
The trees, roads and cities were all covered in a white layer of icing.
She got out of her bed; she could feel her fingers trembling with excitement, it was finally Christmas!
Sylvie loved Christmas.
She waited all year, to cherish the beautiful carols and the joy of sharing presents again!
Unlike other winter days, when she would groan and sit up on the bed, wishing to snuggle down in her warm blankets again, she woke early, grinning like crazy.
Her younger brother Ivan was an early riser. He opened the door and peeked into the room.
"Well, aren't you up early today." he said.
"It's Christmas" Sylvie said with enthusiasm "We need to go and shop. We bought a tree yesterday, but no decorations, no ribbons, lights or even. . ."
Ivan sighed "Girls and shopping, why am I not surprised Sylvie? we did tons of shopping yesterday, we bought huge stockings. . ."
"But it isn't enough" Sylvie said stubbornly "We need more, more lights. Hmm, I don't think that big Silver Star is big enough. And candy canes!" she looked horrified "We forgot candy canes!"
Sylvie walked out of the room, muttering to herself. Ivan laughed and followed her.
They went to the dining room, and sat down.
The fragrance of bacon and eggs made their mouth water.
"But what about the turkey?" Sylvie complained as their mother brought their breakfast.
"Last night," said Julie, who was their mother, "we bought an extra-large one."
Sylvie looked at her food greedily, then gobbled it down, leaving nothing except crumbs.
Ivan ate more politely and slowly, much to the impatience of Sylvie.
After they had finished breakfast, they were excused from the table and went out to the shops.
The snow reached up to their ankles and they joked and played.
Trudging along to the shops, and then in them, Sylvie had the time of her life, not really buying anything but just strolling along.
Ivan wandered through the shops by himself, and then saw something that caught his attention.
He smiled secretly to himself and bought the 'Thing', gift wrapped and everything.
He also bought a set of silverware for his mother.
Sylvie came back to him. She held only one package. Ivan eyed that package.
"This is your present" she said grinning "You're going to love it."
Ivan smiled "What I bought for you will the best present you will have. "
Sylvie raised an eyebrow, smiled. "Let's go home."
It turned out that Sylvie was wrong about the decorations, there were tons!
They spent the entire evening decorating their Christmas tree.
At night it looked beautiful, each light hanging from the tree glowing brightly.
Small souvenirs, like canes and a miniature doll of Santa Claus, hung from each corner.
But by far the most beautiful thing was the big star gleaming on top, shining with pride.
Ivan looked at the tree; Sylvie looked away from her tablet and glanced at it.
"Yeah, it's great." she said absent mindedly and went back to playing Subway Surfers on her tablet.
Ivan had done most of the work.
At night the family started opening their gifts.
Julie, their mother, was pleased with the silverware.
Their father had given them each a big box of chocolates.
Their mother joked that they already too many presents, but then showed a new set of blankets for each them.
Ivan had a new box of Lego, from his Uncle. Sylvie got a pink frock.
Finally the brother and sister locked eyes.
"This had better be good." Ivan said and then unwrapped his package.
When he saw what was there his expression was priceless, for there lay a shiny new bat and ball.
Then his expression changed to his usual grin. "You didn't disappoint. Now it's your turn."
"Right" Sylvie tore open her package.
Ring shaped, almond coloured bracelets lay before her.
Sylvie looked at Ivan and then said.
"The best presents ever, Merry Christmas everyone."
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