Children's Christmas story Christmas Adventures Of Straw Bag by Bill Johnson

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  Christmas Adventures Of Straw Bag
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Children's Story: by
There was something quite unusual within the Wilson household, Straw Bag could not be sure what it was but something was different.
The human grown-ups were bustling about, the mother was in the kitchen where it was very hot and steamy and the father was in and out of the house fetching parcels and taking things out.
The three human children were in a very excitable state running in and out of the kitchen, up and down the stairs and chattering incessantly.
It was, as Straw Bag found out later, the day before Christmas.
Children's Story: by
Straw Bag was, as we know, a bright colourful bag made of straw and lived in the big house with the Wilson family, she generally went everywhere with them carrying parcels and packets and papers for them.
Straw Bag had other bag friends in the house, if you remember there was hand bag, shopping bag, carrier bag and other bags around the house.
Straw Bag could not remember the children being as excited as this even when they went on holiday on the big ship.
Children's Story: by
It was getting into the afternoon of the day, when all of the humans got dressed in very warm clothing, the mother human held Straw Bag and put extra gloves and hats into her.
Children's Story: by
Then all of them, including Straw Bag, left the house and started walking across the field to the woods.
It was very cold outside, as soon as Straw Bag left the lovely warm kitchen she felt cold. The sky was heavy with grey clouds and the grass was frosty and crunchy as the human feet walked on it.
Children's Story: by
As they got to the woods the children started to run around trees which were called Christmas trees, they ran around lots of different ones shouting "this one", "no this one". They eventually chose a beautiful tree that had lots of branches and was tall but not too tall. It was a deep green colour and smelled of pine.
The father human had a big shovel with him and started to dig around the base of the tree. This was very hard work and it took a while before they managed to dig the tree from the ground.
The father human then lifted the tree over his shoulders and they all started to walk back to the house.
It was starting to get dark and Straw Bag could see white flakes falling from the sky, they seemed to be like cotton falling, soft and gentle when they touched.
Children's Story: by
The children were again very excited and started to gather the white flakes into balls which they threw at each other.
One of them fell into Straw Bag and started to melt making straw bag feel wet and very uncomfortable.
Children's Story: by
They all got back to the house where the tree was put into a big wooden container with soil and then everyone started to put shiny and sparkly balls onto it.
It was soon covered with the shiny balls and lots of tinsel and a golden star was placed onto the top.
Then, last of all, a set of electric candle lights were placed onto the tree so they went round and around.
Everyone went quiet as the father human went to switch the lights on, the tree lit up and it was beautiful.
This had been a very long day for everyone, including Straw Bag, so she was really pleased when she saw the children going to bed.
She also saw the human grown-ups going to bed but not before she saw them put a sweet mince pie (which the mother had made earlier) and a glass of milk onto the kitchen table, she also put a big carrot next to them.
Straw Bag thought 'that's strange' but she always had difficulty trying to understand things that humans did anyway.
Children's Story: by
All was quiet in the kitchen as all of the bags talked of the day's events and wondered what tomorrow would bring. They were all very sleepy too and soon dozed off to sleep.
Suddenly Straw Bag was awake, she had heard a noise, it seemed to be coming from the chimney, it was a shuffling noise, as if something was stuck in there.
Children's Story: by
Straw bag thought, 'if something is stuck in there I'm pleased the fire has gone out.'
Children's Story: by
Suddenly, appearing in front of the fire place, was a big roly poly man in a red suit with a big black belt and silver buckle.
He wore black boots with white fur around the cuffs and ankles.
He had a red hat on his head which also had fur around its rim.
Over his shoulder he had a big red sack which was full of parcels.
Straw Bag wondered how that person and the sack could possibly have come down the chimney.
Children's Story: by
The man then started to take presents out of the sack and place them under the Christmas tree, there seemed to be a lot of presents.
The man in the red suit then went to the kitchen table and ate the mince pie and drank the milk, he went "ho ho ho, this will do nicely for Rudolph" as he picked up the carrot.
As he did this, straw bag moved a bit closer to the fire place as she was still wondering how the man had come down the chimney and why he was leaving all of these presents.
Suddenly the man moved back towards the chimney and his foot accidentally caught on the handle of Straw Bag!
Children's Story: by
Straw Bag felt herself being lifted and moving through the air, there was twinkling stars around, like magic dust flowing through the air and straw bag found she sitting on the back seat of a big sleigh.
The man with the red suit was sitting in the front shouting "let's go" at reindeers who were harnessed to the sleigh.
The sleigh started to move forward as the reindeer pulled it.
Straw Bag thought 'How can this be, we are in the sky, how can we be flying through the sky?'
Children's Story: by
She was starting to panic when a voice next to her said, "Be calm, don't worry."
Straw bag looked and saw a small person who was neither a grown up or a child.
She said "Who are you?"
The person replied, "I'm Santa's little helper, I am the chief elf, I always go out with Santa at Christmas to deliver presents."
Bag said, "Who is Santa?" and the elf pointed at the man in the red suit.
The elf then explained to straw bag all about Santa going out on Christmas Eve and delivering presents all over the world to all of the boys and girls.
Bag thought 'How exciting' but then said, "What's going to happen to me, I will never get back in time and the family will wonder where I am."
The elf just said, "Leave that to us and don't worry"
Then bag went on a trip that she would never forget, she flew through the night sky with Santa and saw all kinds of things that she had only ever heard the humans talking about.
She saw the Statue of Liberty,
Children's Story: by
Victoria Falls in Zambia.
Children's Story: by
Sydney harbour bridge in Australia.
Children's Story: by
She went to Hong Kong and she saw the Inca Temples in Peru.
Children's Story: by
All of the grand buildings in Moscow.
Children's Story: by
She saw the Eifel tower.
Children's Story: by
She even went to Hawaii where she had been found by children on a previous adventure.
She saw Santa going into the houses made of straw and leaving presents for the children.
Children's Story: by
Although straw bag went to all of these places it seemed to take no time at all to get to each place.
She thought 'No wonder Santa drinks milk and eats pies, and feeds the reindeer carrots, it's a lot of hard work for everyone.'
Suddenly Santa turned and spoke to Straw Bag.
"Well young bag" he said "it's time we got you home."
Children's Story: by
Before Straw Bag could even think of a reply she found herself in the kitchen of the big house.
She thought to herself, 'how can this be, surely I have been missed?'
But all of the other bags were sleeping and the house was quiet. Bag looked at the clock and could not believe that the time on the clock was exactly the same as when she had woken up.
Was that a dream, did I imagine all of that, did I really see Santa?
She looked at the tree and saw all of the presents under the tree, well that bit was true.
Bag felt something inside her and felt around and found a wrapped present, she opened it and found a small straw purse.
Children's Story: by
The purse was pink and stripey and she knew that she had, in fact, been on an adventure with Santa Clause that no other human or bag had ever done before.
Straw Bag was so happy she fell asleep and dreamed of all the places she visited.
The End
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