Children's Christmas story Christmas For Barry And The Three Pats by Martin Gleeson

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  Christmas For Barry And The Three Pats
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Children's Story: by
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1. Many years ago, the little boy Barry lived with his three friends, the Three Pats, in a big house.
Pat the Arms had great big arms and could lift very heavy things with ease.
Pat the Wind had great big cheeks and he could blow very hard.
Pat the Eyes had two big eyes, and he could see things many miles away.
2. It was two days before Christmas and Pat the Eyes had been out walking over the hills. He suddenly ran back home to Barry, Pat the Arms and Pat the Wind.
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Pat the Eyes told them:
"Three miles away there is a little village that was badly hit last week by a storm. The only bridge to the village was swept away and the people there are completely cut off from the countryside. They will not be able to buy food for Christmas from the farmers who live nearby!
Also the village is covered in leaves and everyone looks miserable!"
3. "We must help them", said Barry and he got a bag of coins from his bedroom.
The four of them then left their house and set off on the road.
Pat the Eyes led them towards the village that was cut off.
4. Soon they reached the part of the river where the bridge had been swept away.
Pat the Arms went to a wood nearby and pulled up a big tree by the roots with his hands. He broke off the branches and laid the tree trunk down over the river. Then Barry and his three friends walked on the tree trunk and reached the village.
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5. The villagers were surprised to see Barry and his three friends.
Barry told them how they had crossed the river but that a proper bridge was needed.
A little girl called Chloe looked very worried.
"What is the matter?" asked Barry.
"Santa and his reindeers will not be able to come to us on Christmas Eve night" she said.
Children's Story: by
"Don't worry little girl" said Barry, and he sent Pat the Arms to the wood again to pull up more trees and to remove the branches.
Children's Story: by
Pat the Arms then carried the tree trunks to the side of the river. The three Pats worked hard all day building a new bridge.
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6. The villagers were delighted.
"Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the farmers can come here and sell us the food we need.
We will now sweep up all the leaves from the streets", they said.
"There's no need to do that." said Barry.
Then Pat the Wind took in a big breath of air and blew out, scattering the leaves in all directions, so that the streets were clean.
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7. Chloe then told Barry that he and his three friends could spend the night in her house.
There was a spare bed for Barry and the three Pats slept on the sitting room floor.
8. The next morning the farmers arrived in the village bringing vegetables, meat, chickens, ducks and turkeys.
Barry gave the bag of coins to Chloe and told her to go to every house in the village and give three coins to every villager so that they could buy extra things for Christmas.
Children's Story: by
9. At the end of the day the villagers had bought plenty of food from the farmers. They then led Barry and his three friends to the village hall where they had cooked a a big dinner for them.
Each of the three Pats ate as much as ten men!
10. Pat the Arms went to the wood and pulled up a lovely fir tree tree and set this up in the street. The village people decorated it and put a star on the top.
The whole village had a lovely Christmas look to it.
Children's Story: by
11. Barry and the three Pats then said goodbye to all the people.
Barry told Chloe that he hoped Santa would bring her something special for Christmas.
12. Saying 'Happy Christmes' to everyone,
Barry and the three Pats set off on their journey home.
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