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  Christmas On The Farm
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How the farm animals celebrated Christmas (With apologies to Clement C. Moore)
Children's Story: by
Twas the night before Christmas and throughout the farm,
the denizens were tucked in, with all creature charm.
The farmer was nestled along with his clan,
dreaming of sugar plums and tomorrow's big plan.
The hens and the rooster, asleep in their coop,
were glad it was Christmas and they'd not be soup.
The horses were dreaming of big bales of hay
and that maybe tomorrow, they'd have a play day.
The mice in the pantry were awaiting the crumbs
and all of the goodies that with Christmas comes.
The pigs and their piglets reclined in their flop,
as they dreamed of the feed trough and imagined their slop.
The owls in the barn nestled high in the beams,
as they took the night off from their hunting schemes.
Even the geese and the ducks were taking their rest;
with dinner decided, they were no longer stressed.
The blue jays and cardinals, heads tucked under wings
Were dreaming of bird seed and all tasty things.
The puppies and kittens, curled up the straw,
were wishing for cat toys and bones they could gnaw.
The sheep in the fold were all woolly and white
and waiting for Santa, on that happy night.
The cows at their stanchions were chewing their cud;
were glad it was winter and there was no mud.
In the midst of night, the whole farm was aroused;
each one sprang from his sleep, where they were all housed.
Such a strange site appeared, out in the barnyard.
The white pristine snow had just then been marred.
Hoof prints and sleigh tracks were all over the place;
a magic bright light illuminated the space.
Then Santa called out with a loud booming voice,
"I've brought lots of presents; now, come make your choice!"
The animals crept out, each one from his rest,
and walked up to Santa for the gift-giving fest.
The pigs wanted scraps, some of the horses chose oats
and there was a tin can for each of the goats.
The mice got some cheese and the mules wanted grain;
other horses chose ribbons to tie in their mane.
The cows wanted bales of timothy hay;
all of the hens wanted new places to lay.
The farmer and family got their stockings filled
with so many great gifts, that over they spilled.
All over the farm, no single creature was missed.
Each got heart's desire from his Christmas list.
When each had received the most wonderful thing,
Santa left in his sleigh with more gifts to bring,
but they heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"
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