Children's Christmas story Christmas Spirit by Harshita Das

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  Christmas Spirit
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Children's Story: by
Ave looked at the cold streets and shivered, she glanced at her little brother.
Ethan didn't look any better, his face had his merry smile but Ave knew better.
Her brother was frozen, from the cold wind. He only had some old cloth to wear.
The sight of the city would have been beautiful, on Christmas Eve, if not for the bitter wind and cold breezes.
There was a Christmas tree in every house, all lit up with beautiful presents.
The thought of presents made Ave sad.
She put her hands inside the pocket of her rather clean looking frock.
A rich girl had given it to her, much to her delight.
Her fingers closed around something round, something hard.
With trembling fingers she looked at the amount of money she had.
Two shillings, 3 pence; Ave's heart sank, that wasn't enough.
"Ethan" she said sternly "I'm going to the city to buy something.
You stay in the train station," she paused "I'm pretty sure they don't kick children out. I'll meet you there."
Ethan nodded 'Is that where we're sleeping today?' he asked.
"Yes" was all Ave said and marched off.
Past the streets there was a market place. Everything was sold there. Vendors shouted at the top of their voices. Ave went past them.
She stopped at a shop with a glass window.
Her gaze shifted and she saw a beautiful snow globe. It was rotating, with snowflakes.
She had never checked the price of her deeply desired snow globe.
Trembling, Ave entered the shop.
"Two shillings for the snow globe." said the shopkeeper, when she asked the price.
Ave's heart sank once more, no way would she be able to buy the snow globe, and the present for her brother.
She shook her head and ran out of the shop, before her temptation could get the better of her.
She ran till she reached a watch shop, the sweat made her feel warm in the cold winter night.
Ave pushed through the crowd of people, and didn't stop until she reached the watch shop.
A wide range of watches were kept before her.
Ethan had always wanted a watch, but she couldn't afford any of these.
"Where is your cheapest watch?" she asked. The man huffed and put a scornful face.
He began rummaging through the bag.
Finally he pulled out a dirty looking watch. Its tick had been broken, however it still worked. 'Three shillings for this' he said in an annoyed tone.
Ave didn't give up 'Please' she said 'It's Christmas; can I please have it for two shillings?
I mean, look how dirty it is."
After lots of bargaining the man finally said "Here, fine. Take it, I don't care, I'm never going to sell this one again. For two shillings I'm making this good for you young lady. You'd better be thankful"
Ave took out her two shillings, without hesitating she gave it to the man.
The man looked at it greedily.
She took the watch and went home, walking very slowly, not wishing to see the snow globe shop again.
She stopped by it and looked for the globe, it had gone!
Great she thought bitterly, 'Now I'm never going to see that pretty little snow globe again.'
She walked all the way to the train station, sad that she'd never see her precious snow globe again, but with a warm feeling in her heart. She clutched the watch tightly.
Ave found Ethan sleeping on the cold hard floors of the train.
He had laid out Ave's bed, which was nothing more than a pillow as well.
She quietly tucked the watch under his pillow.
Then, when she went to her own, it had a suspiciously huge bulge in it, strange!
The children didn't have cotton stuffed inside the pillows the carried.
She picked it up, expecting to find a lost shoe.
What she got instead was a beautiful glass ball, swirling.
It was the snow globe!! Ave's heart leaped with delight.
Then, in tiny inscriptions, she noticed two words, "From Ethan".
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