Children's Christmas story David And Monicas Bumper Charitable Childrens Christmas Celebration by Rajeev Bhargava

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  David And Monicas Bumper Charitable Childrens Christmas Celebration
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David and Monica make preparations for the festive season.
When David mentions that it's all about making children happy, Monica gets emotional and it isn't long before the couple's planning takes a turn for the better.
They decide that as from this Christmas onwards they are going to annually celebrate by helping all the homeless Children on the streets.
That same day, as Monica ventures out to do her early Christmas shopping, she sees a small girl on the footpath, shielding her face. Who is she?
Children's Story: by
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" sang David, then inhaled a deep breath and blew another puff into an inflatable Bambi.
"Toys in every store" continued Monica, emerging into the hallway through the storeroom, holding a box of Christmas tinsel and lights.
"But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be"
"On your own front door." sang David, completing the verse then catching his breath, to which Monica burst into a fit of giggles.
"What's so funny?" asked David, getting ready to take another deep puff.
"Monica, I do hope you realise that it's not easy filling these toys with so many breaths of air."
He cast his eyes momentarily around the hallway at the ones he had done, his cheeks were now plum-red and his throat was sore.
"Oh, I completely agree David" replied Monica, folding her arms and lowering her head, trying to contain her chuckling.
"Especially when it's ever so much easier using the Balloon Pump lying on the floor beside your feet!"
David gazed down, with a surprised look, and held his head.
"Oh! That's where it was!"
Monica smiled and continued un-tangling the Christmas tree lights then proceeded to display them delicately around the tree.
"You know Monica; I genuinely praise your planning skills. I mean to say, there are still a few weeks to go before Christmas and, well, here we are preparing for it well in advance."
"Thank you David, but you may be surprised to know that a lot of people are already out doing their shopping as we speak!"
"Yes, and Santa's probably loading up his sleigh with plenty of toys to carry down the chimney for all the good children."
Children's Story: by
Monica then grew quiet and her eyes filled with tears.
Before she could wipe them away David turned away from the now filled Bambi, placed it standing on the floor, then approached Monica and placed his hands softly around her.
"Hey; that's not like you my dear girl; I hope I didn't say anything to..."
"Oh no dear, it's just that..."
"What is it Monica? Please don't contain your feelings, or else I'll start getting sentimental and begin to get emotional too. Here, take this."
He handed her a handkerchief from his left-side pocket and she dabbed her eyes then handed it back, after which she gave him a warm hug.
"Oh David, I'm sorry; it's just that when you mentioned children, I suddenly felt a sensation that here we are sitting in our home, and quite an expensive one at that I may add, with a warm log fire and brightly lit and decorated Christmas tree, after which I'm preparing to go shopping and call family and close friends for dinner, while there are so many homeless and hungry children out there on the streets, who won't be celebrating; just like the little matchstick girl."
David's face grew still momentarily, in deep thought.
He paced up and down the hall, restlessly, like a philosopher, then suddenly snapped his fingers and said with an enlightened look on his face.
"I've got it! You're absolutely right, Monica. But this Christmas is going to be different for us; unlike any previous ones. I just need your support. Will you help me?"
"But I don't even know your plan yet, David."
"Okay, as from this year onwards, we're going to dedicate EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS in helping the poor and needy Children!"
"Oh, that's simply wonderful, I love you, David! You have my full support and I'm with you all the way." She gave him a very tight hug.
"Now it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Monica."
"Definitely, so where do we begin, David?"
"Good question."
David excused himself and went to the magazines rack which rested on the living room floor beside his armchair.
He began to flick through them until he came across a fairly recent magazine containing an article entitled 'Give a Christmas Gift of Adopting a Homeless Child this Christmas.'
He smiled and rushed out into the hallway to find Monica on a chair suspending a bunch of balloons on one corner of the ceiling with some sellotape.
"Look at this article Monica, isn't it strange.
I was only reading this the other day. It must be a premonition, and a good one at that." "Well, what do you think?"
"Oh, that's a wonderful thought, David. We don't have children of our own but if we decide to adopt one, or maybe more, then we can fulfil our dream."
"No longer a dream, Monica; this is going to become a reality."
David reached for the phone and dialled the contact number provided under the advertisement.
While he was doing so, Monica glanced at the clock and whispered,
"I need to pop out for a short while David, I won't be long, tell me about it when I get back."
She kissed him on the right cheek and left.
Children's Story: by
Outside, as Monica made her way to the market to do her Christmas shopping, she spotted a frail little girl seated on the footpath, shivering, with a lost and sad expression.
Her face was covered with dirt and she was barefoot. Her clothes were also in tatters. Concerned, she approached her and knelt down, then whispered softly.
"Hello little Angel, what happened to you? Why are you sitting alone? Where are your parents?
"I don't talk to strangers, leave me alone." She folded her arms tightly.
"Your parents taught you the right thing to do, I applaud them.
But I'm just concerned about your welfare. Surely you're not going to spend the day out here in the cold, alone and vulnerable. Are you lost? I can help you find your Mummy and Daddy."
The girl momentarily looked across at a window in a house a few yards ahead, frowning. Monica followed her eyes.
"I think I understand."
She took off her overcoat and placed it gently around the little girl's shoulders.
"There, that will keep you warm, now, please don't go anywhere; I'll be right back."
Monica arrived at the house and rang the doorbell.
After a while, a housemaid opened the door and eyed her up and down with a stern look.
"Who are you? What do you want?" She asked in a commanding voice.
"Good evening." said Monica, softly. "My name is Monica Cinders and I'm interested to speak to the house-owner please."
"Do you have an appointment? What's it regarding?"
"Listen, there's a little girl out there, alone and helpless. Most importantly she's homeless.
When she looked across at your window, I figured she might live here and run away for some reason. I just wanted to bring it to your attention and make you aware, in-case you're all concerned about her whereabouts.
Well, now I've found her. It's on a personal level, so I don't think I need an appointment. Now if you would be so kind as to summon your boss." Monica said , becoming a bit annoyed.
"Well, seeing you're so adamant, I can confirm that Mr and Mrs Crenner are on vacation and will be back in two day's time."
"What about the little girl? I don't even know her name."
The housemaid peered across at the little girl and raised her eyebrows sarcastically.
"Hmm, well, I can confirm to you that her name is Angela and yes, she does live here, but in the absence of her parents, she does have a tendency to wander off at her own accord. I was under the impression she was in her room.
"That's terrible! You should have at least take the responsibility to look after and care for her until their return. And how do you explain her tattered clothes? It's now quite apparent that she has been neglected. Poor little soul. Well, if you have no objection, I'm taking charge as of now because I don't think quite frankly that she's happy with you. I live just across in the house opposite your street. I'm more than happy to take the child into my care and return her once her parents come back from their holiday."
Monica opened her handbag, took out her purse and pulled out a card with her full name and house address then handed it to the housemaid.
"Do you have any objections or reservations?"
"Oh, do what you want to. It's not my headache."
"Thank you. Oh, and when Angela's parents return, I shall have a word with them about your conduct and attitude, Ms?
"Mrs Ruders."
"What an appropriate name for you!" said Monica, then left infuriated.
Mrs Ruders slammed the door behind her.
Monica's heart was still beating fast. She could not believe that anyone could treat a child in such a way, especially in this day and age.
But, to her astonishment, when she returned to the spot where Angela had sat, she was not there.
'Oh no! Where could she have gone to?'
Monica's eyes searched around, but in vain. She even called out to her, but she was nowhere to be seen.
She then made a decision to involve David, as this was a domestic matter and thankfully she knew where Angela lived.
Once back home, she explained everything to David.
"Calm down, Monica. I completely understand how distressed you must be feeling, but you must realise that this is what our noble cause is all about.
We're actually on a mission and volunteered, at our own accord, to help out, not just Angela, but all the homeless children on the streets.
He put on his overcoat and headed to the main door.
"Now I'm going out to search and find Angela, so I might be some time."
"Alright David please find her quickly as it's very cold out there."
By nightfall, the doorbell rang.
Monica rushed to the door. David stood there holding several bags of Christmas gifts.
"Here are some things to place under the tree, Monica."
Monica's excitement turned to anger.
"David, you mean all this time, you were out doing the Christmas shopping! What about poor Angela? Why didn't you at least ring me?"
"Don't be angry, Monica. You're not going to believe it, until you see it with your own eyes. Come with me."
"At this time of night? It's 9.30 P M."
David held her arm gently and reassuringly and they left.
Within ten minutes they had reached Angela's home.
He rang the doorbell and Mrs Ruders opened the door.
"Sorry to bother you Mrs Ruders, but Monica was not convinced, so I brought her here. I hope you don't mind."
Monica turned to David, surprised.
"Not convinced of what, David?"
Mrs Ruders moved aside and let them in.
David led Monica up a flight of stairs, then tip-toed to a partially open door and ushered Monica to look inside.
When she did, Monica got the surprise of her life. There on a bed, Angela was curled up in deep sleep in a brand new nightdress.
"Oh! David." Her eyes filled with tears of happiness and she placed her head on his right shoulder.
"I found her at the local grocers, peering at a French loaf and wasted no time.
I told her we were her friends and wanted what was best for her; so I bought her some new clothes and brought her home.
Then Mrs Ruders kindly bathed, changed and fed her, after which, I decided to celebrate my first success in our mission by doing my share of the Christmas shopping.
Monica turned to Mrs Ruders.
"Thank you Mrs Ruders. I'm sorry if you think I over-reacted."
"That's quite alright, Mrs Cinders. In any case, her parents will be here in time for Christmas."
Monica wasted no time and produced an Invitation card and wrote her name for Angela's parents then handed it to her.
"We would like to cordially invite you to attend our Bumper Children's Charitable Christmas Celebration for dinner.
"Now come on Monica," said David. "We've got lots of work to do!!"
They left for home.
Children's Story: by
When Christmas finally arrived, David hired a Santa Outfit and converted his room into a Santa's grotto.
On the front, he placed a platter on which he hand-painted, in large letters, SANTA'S TOYLAND.
With a little help from Monica, with the make-up and costume, he got fully dressed and made a very convincing Santa. He then whispered something in her ear and winked.
"David, aren't you forgetting something very important?"
"What dear?"
"The children!?
David smiled and replied,
"Oh, I forget to tell you about the outcome of that call I made, in response to the advert. I've made us both life-members of their Homeless Children's Charity and, here's the real surprise; Last Sunday, during Church Service, I took the liberty to speak to Father Matthew and invited him and all the local homeless children to our home as well.
So, they should be arriving in less than ten minutes."
Monica's eyes filled with tears of happiness and she hugged him.
"If ever there was a real angel, David, it's you. Albeit without the wings."
"Well, I always prefer to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. Now I need to get ready for the children."
At 2.00 on the dot, the doorbell rang and hoards of children came running in and sat around the tree on the carpeted floor, where all the gifts lay.
At the same time, it began to snow heavily outside.
"Firstly, I want to thank everyone for coming and want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. Now, I do believe a very special visitor is going to be dropping in to hand out some gifts; if we're lucky."
Suddenly there was a thumping noise, then the sound of heavy footsteps, and they came from the door labelled SANTA'S TOYLAND.
The children all began to jump with joy and call out,
"Santa Clause is coming to town!!"
To which she replied,
"And I do believe he may just have arrived! Shall I see if the door is open so we can go in?"
"Yes!" they all called out simultaneously, jumping up and down.
Monica smiled and reached out her right hand to open the door, but before she could, it opened itself and the first visible sight was a white gloved hand belonging to none other than Santa Claus.
"Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas Children.
Now, would you like to step inside my Grotto?"
Monica assisted the children to form a line and each and every child was granted their wish and one by one, given a gift.
After this, everyone gathered round the dinner table, and said their prayers.
Monica dressed up as Mother Mary and David disappeared once again and dressed up as Joseph. He told the story of the first Christmas, around a guarded log-fire, and what it represents, namely the real-life story of the birth of baby Jesus and the three wise men that followed the holy star to present Mary and Joseph with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Even Angela's parents were present and enjoying the festivities.
During Christmas Dinner, Monica turned to David and whispered,
"I can't see Angela anywhere?"
He smiled and called out, "Where's our Christmas Fairy?"
After which Angela appeared in the most beautiful fairy costume.
Like a ballerina, she danced up to the main door, opened it wide and pointed at it, merrily singing,
"But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be on your own front door"
After which she waved her magic wand and said,
"I would like to thank you for everything you are doing for the homeless children and wish everyone A VERY MERRY Bumper Charitable Children's Christmas Celebration!"

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