Children's Christmas story Elliots Amazing Adventures No 60 - The Runaway Toy by Linda Farrelly

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  Elliots Amazing Adventures No 60 - The Runaway Toy
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Children's Story: by

"Can you please phone Santa Claus?" said Elliot with a grin,
"You can use your special hot line just to check that he is in,
I know he's very busy, but he will have time for you,
He might need our help again this year, and have a job for us to do."
Basil glared, "Christmas is a hectic time, you will get in Santa's way,
NO! I will not ring him; I'm staying in bed today."
"Oh please" Elliot pleaded "he makes Christmas so much fun,
He will have made his toys by now and the wrapping will be done."
"Just write your Christmas list" said Basil "and don't say another word,
If Santa needed us this year I'm sure we would have heard."
Elliot pulled a face, then groaned and sat down on his bed.
He was about to write his list when Basils lights glowed red.
Children's Story: by
"What's happening? What's happening?" said Elliot full of glee,
"Is that Santa's special hot line? I told you he'd want me."
"Go and find your shrinking powder" said Basil with a sigh,
"Someone is in trouble we need to fly and find out why."
The sky above was icy cold, Christmas lights shone all around,
The Christmas trees were twinkling high above the ground.
They seemed to fly for miles, and the north wind began to blow,
"LOOK" shouted Elliot, "Santa's house is down below!"
Children's Story: by
"It's very strange" said Basil "there isn't anyone around."
They were both confused as they landed on the ground.
"There's no reindeer" Basil gasped, "and I can't see Santa's sleigh.
Something's very wrong" he frowned, "It looks like they've gone away."
"I'm pleased you're here." a voice said, and a red nose came into view.
It was Rudolf hiding in the corner, "I'm so glad to see you two,
It was me! I called the wizard, Santa's in a dreadful state,
Some of the toys have not been made yet, Christmas is running late.
Children's Story: by
Let me explain" said Rudolf, "so that you can understand,
Santa's been working on a new toy, and it's really very grand,
Santa has worked, and worked for hours on this complicated toy,
There wasn't anything it couldn't do, no child could ask for more.
Santa called the toy Micki, it could sing and dance and play,
It has a special button and can repeat what you say,
Santa created a microchip so that it could answer questions too,
You could ask him anything and he would answer you.
When the children's lists came in Micki was toy number one,
Santa was so excited until he discovered it had gone,
Santa's memory is poor now," said Rudolf with a frown,
"He's forgotten how he made him, and he didn't write it down."
"What do you mean GONE?" said Elliot in dismay,
"He's disappeared" Rudolf sighed, "Someone has taken him away.
Santa's in a dreadful state with no idea what to do,
I couldn't think of how to help him, and then I thought of you."
Come with me and talk to Santa, he's really feeling very grim,
He'll explain it properly when you sit down and talk to him."
Rudolph led them into Santa's workroom, all the shelves were bare,
There were no toys at all, just the elves all sitting there.
Children's Story: by
A tear came into Santa's eye as he looked up in dread,
"This time you can't help me, just fly back home" he said,
"This year I'm feeling very old, and I've let all the children down,
My memory is getting awful." said Santa with a frown.
"I've made lots of Micki toys but they aren't any good,
They need their special microchip, without it they're just wood,
Micki was my best creation, he could sing and run and play,
I put him on the floor to dance, and he just ran away."
Elliot stared down at the Micki toys all lined up in a row,
"This is awful" Elliot frowned "did anybody see him go?"
"He darted past me" one elf said, "I watched him run outside."
"He ran into the snow" another said, "perhaps to find somewhere to hide."
"How will we find him" Elliot gasped "In all the snow out there?
He could be deep inside the forest hiding anywhere."
Elliot stared out of the window, "Now which way would he go?
Look Basil there are foot prints embedded in the snow!
Let's follow them," said Elliot, "and then we can track him down."
"They're heading right into the forest" said Basil with a frown,
"There could be scary animals in there hiding out of sight."
"There are Arctic foxes" Rudolph gulped, "but they just come out at night."
"No they don't" an elf said, "I saw one in the forest yesterday,
I don't think it saw me though, I was scared and ran away."
Santa gave a heartfelt sigh and said, "I think you'd better leave,
It's far too late to help us now, tomorrows Christmas Eve."
"We won't be defeated, we'll save Christmas," Elliot said,
"We will find your Micki toy." and Santa shook his head.
"Please be careful" Santa pleaded, "It's very dangerous out there,
Keep your eyes peeled all the time, things are lurking everywhere."
They set off through the deep cold snow, eyes staring at the ground,
Following Micki's footsteps and neither made a sound.
The north wind began to blow as the forest loomed ahead.
"Stay close to me Basil, I'm frightened." Elliot said.
Howling loomed around the trees, and Basil shook with fear,
"Is that the wind?" Basil stuttered, "or a fox that I can hear?"
Deep into the forest trekked the intrepid two,
Basil noticed something on the ground but a snow drift blocked his view.
Basil shone his headlights and there lying in the freezing cold,
Lay a terrified young fox cub, maybe just a few months old,
Basil hovered over him, "He's bleeding," Basil said,
"Get the blanket from my back seat and put in underneath his head."
"He's hurt his foot" said Basil, "there's a pine needle embedded in there,
Pull it out" said Basil, "but you must take the great care."
Foxes circled around the brave pair and Elliot gently prised it out,
"I've got it, I've got it." said Elliot with a shout.
"How brave." a gentle voice said, and when they both turned around,
a skulk of foxes had surrounded them, covering the ground.
"Who are you?" said the vixen, "visitors here are very few,
You have saved my baby cub; tell us how we can help you."
Children's Story: by
"Are you lost?" one fox asked, "We can help you find your way."
"We are searching for a lost toy" Elliot said, "have you seen one today?"
The big fox frowned, "Is it a little boy toy that can run and jump?" he said,
"If he is your friend then.... I'm afraid that he is dead.
The fox cubs were playing with him until he fell over with a bump,
I gently picked him up and sat him on an old tree stump,
Come with us, I'll show you but he is as cold as snow."
"I know what's wrong," Basil smiled "his batteries have run low."
Children's Story: by
The foxes led them into the forest and there, sitting near the ground,
Was Micki the toy doll who couldn't make a sound.
"Just grab him Elliot" Basil said "we really have to leave,
It will be getting dark soon, and tomorrows Christmas Eve."
Children's Story: by
Soon Santa's cottage was in sight, and they both rushed in,
The elves and the reindeer were making quite a din.
"You've found him, you've found him, I can't believe it" Santa said,
"Take out his special microchip" said Basil "so that it can be read."
Children's Story: by
Basil studied the microchip for ages and then gave out a gasp,
"I think I've got it" Basil cried "I know how it works at last."
Santa, Basil and the elves worked all through the night,
And by the dawn on Christmas Eve all the toys were working right.
"Now to fit the batteries." said Elliot with a grin,
And with the Micki's all switched on Basil, couldn't bear the din,
Santa smiled, "I still have lots of present to wrap before I load my sleigh,
I'm afraid that you won't get your lift this year, you must get on your way.
"Take this Elliot" Santa said, "A little gift from me."
"Oh no" moaned Basil "I think I know what that might be."
They flew into the arctic sky and soon home was in view,
As they landed in the bedroom Elliot knew what he must do.
He placed his present from Santa underneath his Christmas tree,
He had one for Basil too, but he didn't let him see,
As Basil climbed into his drawer he smiled and gave a grin,
The batteries for the Micki toy were in the drawer with him.
Children's Story: by
Merry Christmas everybody

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