Children's Christmas story Farmer Tattiebogles Christmas Wreath by Uncle Al

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  Farmer Tattiebogles Christmas Wreath
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Farmer Tattiebogle can't get a Christmas Wreath, but Wee Shuggy comes to the rescue.

Wee Shuggys mum had sent him to Farmer Tattiebogle's farm to fetch some eggs for their tea.
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When he got there he asked for half a dozen eggs.
He was expecting Farmer Tattiebogle to say, 'I haven't got half a dozen - only six.'
Wee Shuggy knew that half a dozen and six were the same number, but Farmer Tattiebogle always like to make a wee joke, but this time he said, "You'll need to wait, Mrs. Tattiebogle's feeding the hens."
Then he hung his head in his arms.
"Is everything alright Farmer Tattiebogle?" asked Wee Shuggy.
"Oh woe is me," said Farmer Tattiebogle, "I went into town to get a nice Christmas wreath for our front door, but the shops have all sold out and they won't be getting any more in until after Christmas.
Mrs. Tattiebogle will be fair disappointed, she really likes having a nice wreath to greet visitors to our farm at Christmas time."
"Well then," said Wee Shuggy, "I'll just go and play in the forest and come back later."
He was really thinking about making a wreath for Farmer Tattiebogle, from twigs in the forest, but wanted it to be a nice surprise.
Now whenever Wee Shuggy went into the forest he was always quiet, so as not to frighten any of the animals that lived there, so they were used to him and knew he meant them no harm.
Children's Story: by
While he was in the forest, lots of wee creatures poked their heads out of bushes and tufts of grass to see what he was doing. When they saw him gathering twigs they all scurried about and fetched him twigs.
In no time at all he had quite a pile of them.
He made a circle of them but whenever he tried to pick them up, they all just fell apart.
He just didn't know what he could do to make a nice Christmas wreath for Farmer Tattiebogle.
Then a robin redbreast came and perched near him and said, "Are you building a nest? It's a bit late in the year for that."
Children's Story: by
"No," said Wee Shuggy, "I'm trying to make a nice Christmas wreath for Farmer Tattiebogle, but I can't get the twigs to stay together, they just keep on falling apart."
"What is a wreath?" asked Robin Redbreast.
"It's kind of like a big nest" said Wee Shuggy, "but without a floor."
"I think I can help," said the robin redbreast.
Then he sang a special song.
As he was singing, lots and lots of wee birdies came and perched all around in the branches of the trees and bushes.
Children's Story: by
Then they came down and started picking and pecking at the twigs and weaving them all together and in no time at all they had made a wreath, decorated with acorns and red berries.
Wee Shuggy picked it up and gave it a shake and laughed with joy when the wreath didn't fall apart.
"Thank you all so much for helping me," he said, "Farmer Tattiebogle will be very happy when I give him this very special Christmas present."
Once he was out of the forest, Wee Shuggy ran to Farmer Tattiebogle's farm.
When he got there he hid the wreath behind his back so as Farmer Tattiebogle couldn't see it.
"I'll away and fetch your eggs." he said, but Wee Shuggy stopped him and pulled the wreath out from behind him and said, "Surprise!"
Children's Story: by
Farmer Tattiebogle's eyes opened wide with delight and he said, "Oh that's just grand, thank you so very much. You've fairly made Mrs. Tattiebogle's Christmas."
Mrs. Tattiebogle tied some Christmassy things on it with ribbons and then brought out her camera so as they could send a picture of the Christmas wreath to their cousins abroad.
Just as she was about to click the camera, the robin redbreast came and perched on the wreath.
"Oh" she said, "what a perfect picture for Christmas."
"You'll be wanting your eggs," said Farmer Tattiebogle then rubbed his chin, "Now I can't remember if it was half a dozen or six that you asked for."
Wee Shuggy laughed and said, "Have a Merry Christmas Farmer Tattiebogle and Mrs. Tattiebogle."
"We certainly will." said Mrs. Tattiebogle, "Thanks to you Wee Shuggy."
And then they both wished him a Merry Christmas as well.
Children's Story: by

The End
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