Children's Christmas story Grandpa And The Magical Christmas Tree by Desire Phoenix

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  Grandpa And The Magical Christmas Tree
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Children's Story: by

Julie and James were upset that their Grandfather wasn't well and all they wanted was for him to be out of hospital and home for Christmas.
They didn't know what to do and felt very sad.
Their friends Taylor and Jessica wanted to help, so they decided to come up with a plan to cheer them up.
Christmas is a time for family being together isn't it?
Presents are not the most important thing - Grandpa being home was more important than all the toys in the world.
Children's Story: by
The four friends met in the forest, at their favourite Pine tree, a huge tree that would be the most beautiful Christmas tree if it was decorated.
They all gathered round and looked at their favourite tree and visualised it with lights and decorations.
Children's Story: by
Jessica and Taylor had made up a song, they all held hands and sang and danced around the tree.
Children's Story: by
"Please special tree bring Grandpa home for Christmas, please make him well and let him be with us."
They sang this repeatedly until they were out of breath and fell on the ground laughing.
Julie and James felt so much better and had more hope that maybe their favourite tree would grant them their wish.
What they did not know was that the tree was very special indeed.
Days went by and they were looking forward to the holidays but Julie and James were upset that Grandpa was still in hospital.
The grown-ups whispered a lot and the children had no idea what was going on.
All they could do was trust that their wish would come true.
On the day that the school closed for the holidays the children decided to go and visit their special tree.
Children's Story: by
Children's Story: by
When they arrived they were surprised, because the tree had been decorated.
Who could possibly have done this?
Hanging from each branch were candy canes and sweets, and beautiful angel decorations all over, and one branch with a note hanging from it that said
"Your Grandpa will be home for Christmas."
The four children thought they were dreaming.
They left the forest feeling happy and set off home.
Julie and James arrived home to find the entire family gathered round, Jessica and Taylor followed them.
Children's Story: by
Their faces exploded into the biggest smiles when they saw him, sitting in his favourite chair at the fire was Grandpa.
Julie and James ran to him and hugged him.
He laughed and said, "I dreamt about a tree last night, a very special tree and you two and Jessica and Taylor were there. It was a strange but special dream."
Children's Story: by
The four friends looked at each other in amazement and whispered, "thank you tree, thank you for making our wish come true."
Children's Story: by
Boys and girls, it's important to remain positive about things when life becomes difficult, never give up and remember that all the toys and material things in the world can never make up for family being together - that is what is important and special.
Children's Story: by
The End
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