Children's Christmas story How I Saved Christmas by Stacie Eirich

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  How I Saved Christmas
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On Christmas Eve, 11-year-old Emily and her family gather at her Grandma and Grandpa's house to celebrate the holidays. After dinner, Emily and her cousins anxiously await Santa's arrival. But Emily discovers that Santa is stuck in Grandma and Grandpa's chimney! Will Emily be able to help Santa and save Christmas?
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It was Christmas Eve, and my family and I were eating Christmas dinner.
Every year my Mom & Dad and I, my Aunts and Uncles, and all my cousins go to my Grandma and Grandpa's house to celebrate Christmas.
After everyone finished eating, the children hide in my Grandma's bathroom while the grown-ups clean up the kitchen.
Then, after we hear Santa ring the Christmas bells, we all run to see the gifts Santa has left under the tree.
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After dinner, my cousins and I crowded into Grandma and Grandpa's bathroom and anxiously awaited the Christmas bells' ring. We waited, and waited, and waited. Chloe, the youngest, started crying.
"What if Santa doesn't come this year?" she wailed.
Sophia, the next youngest, joined in. I stuck my fingers in my ears to avoid the noise.
Then I looked out of the tiny bathroom window at the snow falling outside and saw a fat figure on top of Grandma's chimney. He seemed to be stuck. I moved closer to the window to get a better look.
Children's Story: by
It was Santa Claus!
I knew I'd better not tell Sophia or Chloe that Santa Claus was stuck in Grandma and Grandpa's chimney, or they would want to go outside, and it was too dark and cold.
I also couldn't tell my cousins Mason or Oliver because they're older and don't believe in Santa anyway.
So I decided to tell Addison, who's 10, almost the same age as I am. I knew she would help.
I took my fingers out of my ears and looked around.
Oliver and Mason had their hands full trying to get Sophia and Chloe to stop bawling their heads off.
"Addison, come here." I said. I pointed out the window at Grandma and Grandpa's chimney.
"That's Santa!" Addison said loudly.
"Be quiet!" I warned. "Don't let the others know."
Then we huddled together, and I told her my plan of how to save Santa.
When I had explained what Addison's part of the plan was, we wished each other luck and she proceeded to do Step One. She calmly walked over to Sophia and Chloe, who had quieted down.
Mason and Oliver, frustrated and tired of hanging out with littler kids, had gone to be with the grown-ups.
"Chloe, Sophia - listen!" Addison spoke to them in a soft, excited voice. "Once upon a time..." Addison began telling their favourite fairy-tale while I climbed out the window.
When I was outside, I walked across the snowy grass and picked up Grandpa's old ladder.
I carefully placed the ladder against the house and pushed it over towards the chimney.
Now came the hard part. Climbing it!
I nervously mounted the rungs, reminding myself not to look down. When I got to the top, I carefully stepped off the ladder onto the roof.
"Santa, I've come to help!" I cried.
"Yes, I see," said Santa. "I seem to be stuck."
"Don't worry, Santa," I said.
I pulled and pulled, and pulled. Finally, Santa popped out of the chimney!
"Come on, I'll give you a ride back." he said.
We hopped in his sleigh and flew down to the snowy lawn.
"Thank you, Emily. You've saved Christmas!" Santa said. Then with a "Ho, ho, ho!" he was gone.
I slipped back through the bathroom window just as Addison finished telling Chloe and Sophia the fairy-tale.
I smiled and gave her a thumbs up sign.
Then, we heard the Christmas bells ring and went running out to the family room to open presents.
Christmas at last!
Children's Story: by
The End

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