Children's Christmas story Lolitas Special Day by Ana Georgia Betancourt

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  Lolitas Special Day
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Children's Story: by
There was a great commotion in Heaven because all the angels were picking the future babies to be born and send home to their new parents.
Lolita was one of them, but she wasn't very excited.
She wanted to be born and be with her parents, but she could see that the angels were assigning her to the wrong parents!
She kept quiet most of the time and just kept imagining and thinking of ways to convince the angels to send her to the correct family.
But how is it that Lolita knew about this situation?
Well, she was woken up the night before by an angel messenger from God with an important message.
Children's Story: by
The angel told her, "Lolita; tomorrow you will need to convince the angels that will send you to be born to change you to another family."
Lolita asked the angel, "Why do I need to do that?"
Then the angel said, "Look down to earth now and observe this couple."
The couple seemed nice, but they were sad.
They wanted to have a baby girl, but they were struggling to become parents.
Then she saw something amazing; both of them went down on their knees and starting praying. Lolita heard them say that they were asking God for a miracle and send them a baby girl.
They also mentioned that they will be excellent parents and that they will make their baby girl the happiest baby girl in the world.
After they finished the prayer, the couple hugged each other and went to bed believing that God listened to their prayer, and with faith that their miracle was on its way.
Lolita stood there observing them, amazed at their good intentions, strong faith and desire to become parents.
Then she understood the message brought to her and she nodded to the angel.
"Yes," she said, "I will fight to be part of the family you just showed me."
Children's Story: by
Then the moment of truth arrived.
Lolita was next in line to be born, but she started crying, really loud and almost screaming.
She was very upset and couldn't stop fidgeting.
She was being so loud that the angel in charge of sending the babies to be born noticed her and told the others to stop and asked her what was wrong.
She immediately stood up and said, "Please send me to this family." showing them the message she received the night before.
The angels raised their eyebrows and asked her, "Are you sure you want to be part of that family? We are asking you this because your decision will be to spend the rest of your life with them."
Lolita smiled and said "Yes,"
Also she said, "This couple will teach me all I need to know about 'Today', and I know they will do it with love and care."
Then the angel smiled and said, "Of course Lolita, you still don't know much about 'Today', but we are happy that you will LEARN very soon."
Then Lolita said, "I am ready! Please send me to them."
Next, the angel kissed her and said "Good travels Lolita; you will be a very happy and special baby girl."
"I know," replied Lolita, "I know because Today is Christmas Day!"
Children's Story: by
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