Children's Christmas story Prunella And Why Christmas Was Late by Ana Zambrano

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  Prunella And Why Christmas Was Late
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Children's Story: by
"Christmas is coming," sang Prunella with glee,
"There will be presents and puddings and toys all for me."
"I want a computer, a doll who can talk,
I want a bicycle and a robot that walks."
"Christmas is always the best time of year.
I'll have what I want and I'll have it right here."
Children's Story: by
Prunella the Elephant was big, strong and gray,
She was sure she would get her wish Christmas Day.
As Christmas approached she thought to herself,
I know how to get more toys for myself!
Children's Story: by
She waited till midnight when Santa's sleigh came,
She watched as he left her toys and a game.
As Santa went on to another friend's house,
Prunella followed, quick as a mouse.
Children's Story: by
Santa put down a present; she snatched it up fast,
Careful that Santa did not see her at last.
She followed Santa from one house to the next,
Picking up presents and taking the best.
Children's Story: by
Santa climbed in his sleigh and flew off unaware,
While Prunella went home with the toys she had snared.
At home she ripped open presents and all,
She gobbled a pudding and played with a ball.
Children's Story: by
Soon toys were broken; the house was a mess,
While outside her friends cried that Christmas was missed.
Children's Story: by
"Santa didn't leave a present," the little bird cried,
"I didn't get my bike or my music," she sighed.
Children's Story: by
The giraffe missed her puzzle, the lion his ball,
The frog wanted pudding. Who had eaten it all?
Children's Story: by
Prunella felt bad, but what could she do?
The presents were gone and the pudding was too.
"I hope you feel sorry," said a voice in the house.
Prunella looked down and saw a small mouse.
Children's Story: by
"Who are you," said Prunella, "and why are you here?"
"I am Albert the Mouse, and I live quite near."
Children's Story: by
"I saw you with Santa, tiptoeing around,
Taking presents from all, without even a sound."
"There are no toys to play with, you have broken them all.
Your friends are unhappy and you made them bawl."
Children's Story: by
He was right; the toys had been fun for a while,
But it was the friends that she played with who brought her a smile.
What if I never have a friendship again?
What if they hate me and never give in?
Children's Story: by
"It is all my fault," Prunella did say.
"If only I had not followed Santa that day."
Quick as a flash she knew what to do.
She picked up small Albert and hurried him too.
Children's Story: by
Over jungle and meadow together they flew,
Fast as magic and lightning and wishing could do.
They passed a big mountain, a lake, and reindeer,
Till they were up in the Arctic, "I think we are here."
Children's Story: by
This is the North Pole where Santa must live.
"I will tell what I did, and I will see what to give."
It was a big booming voice that came from the air,
And suddenly Santa appeared, with snowy white hair.
Children's Story: by
Santa looked at Prunella and gave a great frown,
"You were bad, Prunella, you let your friends down."
"Christmas means more than a gift," said the jolly big elf,
"It is about friendship and faith in more than one's self."
Children's Story: by
"I know and I'm sorry, truly I am.
Friends means more than any toy can."
Children's Story: by
"Please help us," cried Albert, "our friends are so sad."
"Very well," said Santa, "but you must never be bad."
With a nudge and a smile Santa gave a great wink
And Prunella and Albert were gone in a blink.
Children's Story: by
They flew through the air in Santa's great sleigh,
Helping him gather new toys for this day.
They flew to the jungle while all were abed,
Laying down presents and toys near friends' heads.
Children's Story: by
Soon they were finished, tired and cheered,
That Christmas would finally come right this fine year.
Children's Story: by
The morning sun rose with sounds of delight
As all through the jungle, Christmas was right.
"I got my music," said the small little bird.
"And I got my ball," the great lion was heard.
Children's Story: by
The frog had his pudding, the monkeys did play,
One had a skateboard, another a sleigh.
Prunella was happy, she was no longer sad.
Her friends had their presents and Prunella was glad.
Children's Story: by
She played with her friends and laughed loud with joy,
Jumping and playing and sharing each toy.
From far away she hear Santa call,
"Friendships and friends are the best gift of all,"
Children's Story: by
She watched Santa zoom off to the sky in his sleigh,
Wishing all a "Goodbye" and "Good Christmas Day!"
"I wonder," said the lion, "Did anyone hear?
What was it that made Christmas come late this year?"
They did not ask Prunella and she did not volunteer
That she was the reason Christmas was late this year.
Children's Story: by
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