Children's Christmas story Rudolphs Teddy Bear by Joanne Hayle

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  Rudolphs Teddy Bear
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Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, Santa and friends return home after delivering Christmas presents to discover that Rudolph has forgotten someone; Rudolph's teddy bear!
How will they find him?
Children's Story: by
"Santa" Rudolph trotted towards him, the bell around his neck jingled as he moved.
Santa was letting the other reindeers off the harness after their busy night delivering presents.
"Yes Rudy?"
"Do you remember what I did last year on Christmas Eve, except for delivering presents I mean?"
"Oh yes Rudy, and the year before that."
Rudolph nodded, a sorry looking expression on his face.
"And the one before that."
His bright red nose had dulled a little; that showed Santa that he was worried.
Prancer, Dancer and Blitzen stretched dozily while Comet, Cupid and Dasher had a long drink each.
They had flown millions of miles around the world in one night, or was it squillions?
It felt like squillions.
Children's Story: by
"Rudy my little friend, how do you manage to leave your teddy bear behind each year when we go out in the sleigh?"
Santa petted his neck.
"Wasn't he in your backpack, snug and safe? That's what we said he would do."
"I know, I know, but I opened the backpack because I was full after eating so many carrots and I thought that I could put some in my backpack for a nibble later but..."
"Didn't Teddy hold the carrots for you?"
"He jumped out of the backpack to help me and I put the carrots in; I was so very excited. Teddy was saying "ooooh" and "ahhhh" about the Christmas tree lights in the nice people's garden.
I forgot to check if Teddy had jumped back in."
"So he may still be at the Christmas tree, I see."
Rudolph cast his eyes down.
"Don't look so sad Rudy, Santa has a plan."
Santa sighed and stroked his candyfloss beard, "I always have a plan."
Donner yawned and lay down on the snow; it was refreshing.
"Why does Teddy come with us every year? Couldn't he stay here with our teddies and Mrs. Santa?"
"Teddy likes to see all the twinkly lights, snowmen and Christmas trees, it makes him feel soft and squidgy inside.
My backpack has got a perfect little window in it for him."
Rudy showed Donner and Cupid the window by swinging the backpack round with his teeth.
Santa smiled. "Teddy does love Christmas and travelling in the sleigh."
"Hmm; I'm pooped. We're getting back into the harness to fly around and search for Rudolph's teddy bear though, am I right?"
"Clever Donner." Cupid giggled.
Santa threw the harness across the team; they wriggled in without any grumbling.
Rudolph and his best friends were ready to fly again.
Santa climbed back onto his sleigh.
"Where did you last see Teddy?"
Rudolph twitched his bobbly nose and though hard, so hard that he went cross eyed for a moment.
"Well Santa, he was with me in Japan and China, South Africa, Sweden and Scotland.
I know that because I ate all my carrots in those places."
"So, you didn't open the back pack. That leaves the USA, Canada and South America."
Blitzen said, "Was there snow everywhere?"
"Mexico?" Dasher said, and then added "Panama? Was there a canal?"
"Hollywood?" That was from a yawning Comet who loved old Hollywood Christmas movies.
"Pardon me, I'm sleepy."
"No, no, no and lots more no's. He must be Greenland, closer to home.
Hopefully Teddy is having a nice adventure; thank you everyone for helping to find him."
"You're welcome, you special red nosed reindeer!" They sang back at him.
"Almost every home had carrots and mince pies for us. I got this big round belly from eating thousands of mince pies on Christmas nights."
Santa patted his tummy and leaned back in his seat; he was glad that people left him such tasty treats.
Rudolph nodded, "It could take a while to find Teddy, shouldn't we take off at once?"
"We'll wait for a few more minutes Rudy, patience."
"Patience, is that a new reindeer?" Comet asked and looked around, "A new friend?"
"No, it's a virtue," Donner said wisely, "that's what Mrs. Santa tells me when I try to snaffle food before it's ready for me."
"Oh, OK, so why are we waiting, Santa?"
"We know what Rudy is like when he gets excited about carrots and how Teddy seems to get left behind each year, so I gave Teddy a phone in a little backpack of his own, just in case.
I told him to call me on my phone and then we'd return to wherever he is."
"Good old Santa, you take care of everyone and everything!"
Comet and Vixen high fived their front hooves.
Just then Santa's phone rang.
Santa answered with a jolly "Ho Ho Ho!" What else would he say?
"Hello Teddy, where are you? You've had fun climbing up Mr and Mrs Jones' Christmas tree? You've met their hairy black and white dog Snowball, Good, good...Snowball gave you a piggyback and showed you her new toy? Well isn't that wonderful? ...You're in her doggy bed, snug and happy...marvellous.
What is the address?
Got it. You'll see the sleigh in a blink or two of your teddy eyes. Cheerio."
Children's Story: by
Rudolph jumped up and down, pulling the others with him. "Hooray! He's having fun."
His nose turned brilliant bright red, it glowed with glee.
"I can't wait for Teddy to tell us about his Christmassy adventure."
The sleigh landed.
Teddy leapt off Snowball's back. "I'll e-mail you when I'm home."
Teddy and Snowball hugged goodbye.
"Yes please. Oh Santa, thank you for my present. I've tried to be a good this year, I haven't chewed any slippers, honest."
"You're good, Snowball. You'll find a new present under your tree, that's for looking after Teddy so well."
"Aww, thank you."
Snowball wagged her tail merrily; Christmas was even more special this year.
Teddy waved, clambered onto the sleigh next to Santa and Rudolph nuzzled Teddy with his nose. "Hey, that tickles!"
"I'm so pleased to see you little fella."
Children's Story: by
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