Children's Christmas story Sammy And Susan by David Garland

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  Sammy And Susan
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Sammy Brown and his twin sister Susan woke up early as bright rays of light from the rising sun entered their bedroom through the net curtains attached to the two windows.
Today was Christmas Day, and it was also their seventh birthday.
They were looking forward to opening their presents and blowing out the candles on the lovely birthday cake their mother had made for them yesterday.
Susan yawned as she stepped out of her bed.
She reached for her slippers, put them on, and then turned to face her brother who was still asleep in the bed next to hers.
"Come on lazy bones," she said, prodding him with the tip of a finger.
"Get out of bed or we'll be late for breakfast.
If I wasn't here to wake you up, you'd sleep until the cows come home."
Sammy yawned and then looked at his sister.
"What cows?" he asked, "Where will Mum and Dad put them? We don't live on a farm!"
Susan laughed. "I was joking you idiot. Look, forget about the cows and get dressed. Let's go and see our Christmas and birthday presents, they are on the dining room table downstairs."
Sammy stood up and looked at his sister.
"Who told you about our presents? Why do you know everything, when all I get is a soppy kiss from Mum and a slap on my back from Dad?"
"It's because you are so busy reading your silly children's books." answered Susan. "You always forget the things that really matter."
"Things that really matter? What kind of things are you talking about?" asked Sammy.
Susan shook her head. "You're not daft so why do you keep asking such silly questions?"
"I don't ask silly questions." replied Sammy. "Okay, I agree, I like children's books but so do you, and there's something else, you always put them on the top of the bookshelf where you know I can't find them!"
"That's not true," gasped Susan. "I never hide anything unless there's a good reason.
Oh, come on Sammy, let's change our clothes, stop arguing and go downstairs for breakfast? I'm looking forward to eating Mum's porridge and some of the lovely fresh fruit that she heaps in a bowl; if you are really good I'll ask her to let you have some!"
Sammy was not amused. "I'll help myself if you don't mind, I'm not afraid to serve myself!"
The twins hurried down the stairs and entered the dining room.
Mum and Dad were standing by the table; they smiled when Susan and Sammy entered the room.
"Good morning," said Mum "A Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday to you both; I trust you slept well?"
"Wasn't too good." answered Susan. "Sammy wouldn't stop talking; he kept me awake with silly bedtime stories."
"You asked me to tell them!" replied Sammy grumpily.
"That's enough you two," Mum said. "Let's hold hands and sing a Christmas Carol before we have breakfast."

The End
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