Children's Christmas story Santas Bad Luck Years by Dennyk

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  Santas Bad Luck Years
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This is a children's story about Santa's amazing success record of delivering toys to all of the good children on Christmas Eve for the past 80 years.

For the past 80 years Santa Claus has been delivering toys to good children all over the World.
Only on five occasions has Santa had bad luck years.
This is a very good record when you consider his busy schedule and activities over the last 80 years.
Not once in all of those years did he ever miss reading letters from millions of children.
He only missed the delivery of the toys for Christmas twice.
On one of the occasions, he had his wife and the elves do it for him; on the other, the elves did it alone.
He was injured one year while delivering the gifts, so the elves took over and delivered the gifts to all the good children of the World.
Children's Story: by
Santa Claus' first case of bad luck was in 1937.
While he was watching his wife, Mrs. Claus, do the laundry his beard got caught in the wringer rollers on the top of her new washing machine.
His wife called for the elves' barber to cut him free, but he lost most of his beard in the process.
Children's Story: by
He was scheduled the week before Christmas to appear in Chicago at the finest department store, Marshall Field's.
Santa's helper elves made him a false beard out of cotton and glued it to his chin so he could appear at the store looking more like himself.
Children's Story: by
A naughty girl pulled at his beard while she was sitting on Santa's lap telling him what she wanted for Christmas.
A piece of the cotton came loose in her hand!
The girl jumped off his lap and said, "You are not the real Santa, are you?"
It was the most embarrassing moment Santa had ever experienced, till that point.
After that he never came close to his wife's washing machine again; and he never forgot the experience of losing his beard just before Christmas Eve.
That did not stop Santa from delivering all the toys to the good children of the World.
At night, no one would notice his very short beard.
The children's pets, dogs and cats, left downstairs to watch the Christmas tree had been taught not to touch the visitor's snack.
Children's Story: by
Ten years later, in 1947, Santa had another case of bad luck.
That summer he caught pneumonia at home in the North Pole.
Before they could get the vaccine to cure him, he had already lost a lot of weight and his fat belly was gone.
He decided it was best if he did not go around the World looking skinny.
He needed to look like his old self, so he padded his stomach with a large cotton pillow under his pants.
Alas, on the night of Christmas Eve, it rained heavily and soaked Santa from head to toe.
That did not deter him; he took out the pillow and finished delivering the rest of the toys as a thin Santa.
It worked well for the houses that had chimneys, as he could slide down them easily without getting stuck.
Children's Story: by
20 years later, in 1967, the worst thing happened to Santa on Christmas Eve while he was delivering the toys on his sleigh with his famous lead reindeer, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.
Rudolph was in front guiding the sleigh high over the rooftops when, all of a sudden, he saw a large flock of Canadian geese in front of him.
He turned to avoid hitting them but the sleigh flipped over and Santa fell out of it.
One of the good fairies, who always followed Santa's sleigh whenever he was delivering the toys, caught him and gently carried him to the ground.
However, Santa had wrenched his ankle when his boot got caught on one of the leather reins as he was falling out of the sleigh.
The elves took over and they delivered the rest of the toys for Santa.
The good fairies made a stretcher and took him back home to the North Pole.
He recovered at home in the North Pole by resting his ankle.
He was his busy old self again in a couple of weeks.
Children's Story: by
23 years later, in 1990, Santa had another incident when he was invited to appear in the movie "Home Alone" with the boy Kevin.
There was a scene, shot at night, where Kevin was speaking to Santa.
He instinctively bent forward so he could hear the small child clearly.
Just as Santa bent forward his back locked up, and he was unable to straighten it.
The director noticed and immediately yelled out "cut" and called the crew's doctor.
The doctor worked on his back and told him to go home and rest, immediately after the movie, for the rest of the month of December.
Santa did as he was told.
That year, the good children of the World were not disappointed as Santa's elves happily took over and delivered all the toys.
Children's Story: by
On Christmas Eve of 2016, Santa's cat Sophie, had a litter of kittens, so he wanted to stay home and watch over them while Mrs. Claus and the elves delivered the toys.
She did a remarkable job and she really enjoyed doing it.
This was not really a bad luck Christmas year for Santa, but it did keep him from delivering the presents to all the good children of the World.
Children's Story: by
For December this year, Santa will be in excellent health.
He is currently busy with his elves making toys for all the good children of the World.
He expects to be at your home on Christmas Eve to deliver the presents you asked for in your letters.
This is an example of a letter from one of the good children:

Dear Santa Claus,
I have been very good this year.
Attached is a long list of toys and I would like you to pick out 2 from the list for me as surprise presents.
Thank you in advance.
With love,

P.S. Do not forget to leave a glass of warm milk and some cookies near your Christmas tree for Santa Claus.
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