Children's Christmas story Santas Magical Sunglasses by Rajeev Bhargava

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  Santas Magical Sunglasses
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This Christmas, while Santa takes off with Rudolph and the other reindeer, leaving his helpers, the elves, to tidy up the toys in his hoarded grotto, he visits a heartbroken girl who is clinging on to an old pair of glasses, and crying under her Christmas tree.
While he is comforting and consoling her, Jessi-Bell, the Christmas Fairy, has followed him and with a plan of her own. And with a cameo from Mrs Clause, this Christmas promises to be a one off special.
One that will be remembered forever.

It was already approaching Christmas Time once again, but this time, Santa Clause found himself in a dilemma.
As he sat slumped across his work-desk, gazing around his grotto, it soon became evident what exactly the problem was; it was simply crammed full of un-wanted toys. So much so, that there was hardly any place to move.
He pondered at the prospect of delivering them all, but where to begin?
They had mounted up and were being saved for later.
But in this instance, 'later' meant all future Christmas Times, even his elves, despite their tiny size, realised that their boss's home-place was now officially hoarded.
The area where once they could pace up and down to get new thoughts and ideas was now out of sight.
'You know,' he said to himself, 'I should really consider relocating to a bigger grotto, perhaps even a snow cave of some kind.'
Santa finally stood up, nodding his head, and decided to go for a stroll.
In his absence, Twinkly, the most senior elf ushered his team to a private meeting.
Children's Story: by
"Uhm Uhm. May I have your attention please; I regret to have to inform you all that our workplace has now reached the 'status' of being hoarded."
He looked around, expecting a reaction, but everyone stood quietly with blank concerned faces.
After this, he decided to lighten their mood with a joke.
"In fact, the situation had reached such a crisis point that even poor Rudolph and the other reindeer's have shifted outside. Why, you can even hear them snoring away in their stable from here!" He chuckled.
"Then what do you propose, Twinkly?" called out Flooty, another elf.
Twinkly scratched his chin thoughtfully.
"I think we owe our beloved Santa a lot more. After all, he works all through the year, organising his trips across the North Pole, with loads of gifts."
"I think it's time we gave him something as a token of our love and gratitude too. And, I don't know if any of you noticed that when Santa left moments ago, there was a tear drop under his left eye.
So, I would like to propose that we tidy up later and try to focus all our energy in making Santa happy again and see that beautiful smile on his face once again."
"But how?" All the elves called out, simultaneously.
"Again, Twinkly scratched his chin, until, a glow formed on his face and his eyes lit up.
"Let's do something that's never been done before. Let's give Santa a Christmas gift!"
"Oh, that's a brilliant idea!" they all called out again.
"But what can we possibly give him?" asked Flooty.
"Well, like all of us, Santa Clause is growing older. His vision is not as it used to be; how about a pair of glasses? Better still, Magical Sunglasses!"
"That's a brilliant idea!" called out the elves. They all applauded and whistled triumphantly.
"But Flooty, where exactly do you propose to get these glasses from?"
"Oh, well, I haven't thought about that yet."
"Perhaps I can help?" called out a soft voice. It was Jessi-Bell, the Christmas Fairy.
Just then, the Grotto door creaked open and they all froze as Santa walked in. He gazed at them and raised his eyebrows; they all turned to each other, as if they had been caught.
"What's going on behind my back? Shouldn't you all be helping preparing for Christmas?"
"Yes Santa." They all replied at once.
"That's the spirit. Now, as for me," he said, straightening the large gift sack on his back, "I'm going to load up my sleigh and deliver all these presents to the boys and girls."
No sooner had he completed his sentence when there were some low grunting sounds coming from outside.
"Oh, I meant to say, Rudolph and the other reindeer, Ho, ho,ho, and seeing it's just turned midnight, it's officially Christmas Eve."
Santa then turned to Flooty.
"Flooty, could you please help me load up as many toys as you can on the sleigh?"
"Yes Santa, right away."
"Thank you."
As they departed from his grotto, Santa stopped at the door and looked around again, at the flood of toys, and opened his mouth, as if to instruct, but then waived it off, and disappeared.
"You don't suppose he could have heard us, do you?" gulped Twinkly.
"No, of course not." replied Jessi-Bell, at the distant sound of Santa's voice as he took off.
"Giddy-Up, Rudolph. Ho,ho,ho!"
"There, now, we can all talk more openly." she said, smiling at the elves.
Children's Story: by
The Christmas Fairy possessed special vision.
With a wave of her magic wand she had the ability to see all the good children through a magic pink cloud.
Priority was given to those children who were good and who really loved and believed in Father Christmas.
So, before the elves, she waved it and looked deep inside, where she could see children from every corner of the world.
As she gazed, she saw one little girl who was weeping by her Christmas tree.
Her heart was broken.
Jessi-Bell's eyes filled with tears and she looked to the elves.
"Change of plan everyone. A gift of love for our dear beloved Santa will surely be delivered; but not from us, but from that little child."
"But what about us Jessi-Bell? We want to give Santa something too this Christmas."
She smiled at their innocence.
"Here's your gift to Santa." once again she waved her wand. In a jiffy, the room was empty and all the toys had been magically shrunk and shelved in the wardrobes."
The elves all smiled and applauded, calling out simultaneously,"Bravo!" and clapped their hands.
She smiled again."Now, as for me, with one wave of my magical wand, I'm going to whisk myself to that poor little girl's home and find out why she's broken-hearted. I only hope I can reach her before Santa does, because he too can see all the helpless and needy children.
See you soon, bye." And with a wave of her wand, she disappeared.
It had just turned midnight on the eve of Christmas Eve when Jessi-Bell magically appeared on the little girl's Christmas tree, gazing down at her; she noticed Santa crouched beside the girl.
Due to his large size he was not sitting too comfortably, but managed to gently lift her with his white gloved hands and tip-toed softly towards a stool by the chimney and sat down with her.
He looked around and could hear her parents loud snoring from across the hall way from their bedroom.
There was also a little baby in a cot which was placed next to their bed.
He turned back to the girl, placed her softly on his lap with his white gloved hands, then whispered softly,
"Hello, my dear, what's your name?"
"Jemima." She replied in a feeble voice.
"And you must have guessed who I am."
She nodded. Santa noticed that her eyes were red and filled with tears.
"Christmas Time is nearly upon us and I want to ensure all the children are happy.
I saw you in my minds-eye and had to find out. There should be no tears in the festive season, my dear.
Would you like to share your pain with Father Christmas? Well, actually, I'm more of a Grandfather to you." he said, trying to cheer her up, "Ho, ho,ho!"
She burst out crying and jumped off his lap.
Upon doing so, a broken pair of glasses fell out her hand and fell under the Christmas tree, where she was curled up beside a small black and white photograph of a kind elderly lady, displayed on the tree, and she was wearing the same glasses.
"Your Grandmother? Why she bears a striking resemblance to Mrs Clause."
Jemima looked at the photograph and began to sob.
"I...I miss her so much. It's going to be really lonely this Christmas without her."
Up on the Christmas tree, Jessi-Bell also felt a tear-drops trickle down her eyes.
Then her face enlightened with an idea. Ideally what she needed was to divert Santa's attention and so, she waved her magic wand and Santa's nose turned red.
"Achoo!" and then again, even louder, "Achoo!"
The girl suddenly rose up and instinctively hugged him.
"Please, don't leave me, Santa."
In the distance her parents stirred.
From above the Christmas tree, Jessi-Bell, waved her wand and placed them in a beautiful deep sleep as she did not want them to notice they were here.
"I think I've caught a cold. Now then, close your eyes and make a wish, so I can...I can...ACHOO!"
Father Christmas stood up and gazed at his reflection in a mirror perched on the mantle above the chimney.
His nose looked like a big red plum!
He sniffed and coughed.
Jemima held his right hand and took him to the corner of the room where a rocking chair lay.
She was so concerned about Santa; she momentarily forgot her own pain.
"Please sit down and rest a while Father Christmas. I know you're very busy, but if you stay with me for some time, then you'll feel a lot better and stronger then able to deliver the rest of your Christmas presents.
"Bless you dear Jemima. How kind of you; I think I'll do just that. I'm sure a few moments won't make any difference. Achoo!"
Before long, when Santa Clause was in deep sleep, Jessi-Bell flew down from the Christmas tree and appeared before Jemima.
"Oh wow! The Christmas Fairy!"
"Hello, Jemima; I know all about you, it was I who put everyone to sleep.
But my magic spell won't last very long, so now close your eyes and concentrate on the one thing you wish for, more than anything else, and open them only when I say."
Jemima nodded then closed her eyes. In a few seconds, she heard a familiar voice.
"Open your eyes, Jemima dear."
Jemima's eyes opened slowly to a bright pink light that filled the room. Inside the light, she could see a figure.
A familiar figure, then it stepped out and faced her.
"Grandmother, is that really you?"
"Yes, my dear."
Jemima reached out to her, but her hands passed through her.
"No my dear, I am on another plain, but still around you. Thanks to Jesse-Bell, the Christmas Fairy, she has granted you a special temporary vision, to see me."
"But why can't I touch you, grandmother?"
"Jemima, you're only a child. You'll understand when you grow up. All you need to know is that I'm never going to leave you, first I was physically present, but now, I'm spiritually omnipresent. You're going to grow up to be a very kind and loving soul, and embrace all of humanity, all plants and animals."
She then cast her eyes on her glasses that were sticking out Santa's pocket and focused all her energy into them, then faded away, smiling and waving.
"Grandmother!" called out Jemima.
"Where did you go?" she called out desperately. Just then, Jesse-Bell appeared and smiled.
"She hasn't gone anywhere, Jemima. She's with you mentally, spiritually and even physically."
She pointed to a pink feather on the spot where her Grandmother had just appeared.
"Now, I need to go, but before I do, I want you to promise me, when I waken Santa and your parents, after I leave, that you won't mention about me; I came here because I love you."
"I promise." she said, smiling.
She wanted to hug Jessi-Bell, but she was extremely small.
Jessi-Bell flew beside her ear and whispered a few words, smiled then vanished.
In a few moments Santa woke up and rubbed his eyes. He inhaled deeply and smiled.
"Oh dear, I must have fallen into a deep sleep. How long was I asleep for Jemima?"
"Oh, just a short while, Father Christmas."
"And what's that in your hand, my dear?"
Jemima handed him a beautifully wrapped packet.
"Happy Christmas, dear Santa." And she gave him a tight hug.
"Oh." His eyes filled with tears.
"Why are you crying Santa?"
"Because whenever Christmas comes, everyone expects gifts from me. But you have broken all tradition by giving me a gift! Ho, ho,ho!"
He then proceeded to open it, and what do you suppose was inside?
"Oh my!" Inside the packet was a beautiful multi-coloured pair of glasses with a special magic lenses.
When he put them on, not only could he see clearly, he could see every single good child in every corner of the World.
He gave her a tight hug and thanked her.
"And now, before I head off back."
Children's Story: by
He clapped his hands and suddenly Mrs Clause appeared, bearing a striking resemblance to Jemima's grandparents. Mrs Clause held two puppies, one silvery-cream and the other a golden-sable in her hands, a boy and a girl; she placed them on the carpet.
"Pleased to meet you, Mrs Clause. Thank you for the beautiful gifts."
"Not just gifts. These are your special guardian angels and best companions for your entire life, so you will need to look after them, all the time, and they will love you back.
Now you will all live together as one big happy family in one big happy home. Ho,ho,ho!" She called out triumphantly, imitating her husband.
"Merry Christmas, everyone!"
In a puff, they vanished.
At that same moment, Jemima's parents, Jilly and Tom, with her little brother, Oliver woke up.
Her Mum called out,"Jemima, go back to bed or you'll miss Santa,it's still the middle of the night."
"Coming, Mother." she said, winking and skipped back to bed with a contented smile.

The End

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