Children's Christmas story Santas Secret by Joanne Hayle

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  Santas Secret
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Lucy was still awake on Christmas Eve night at half past ten.
She knew that she ought to be asleep but she needed to talk to Santa Claus about something that was bothering her.
Santa Claus was a very clever man to deliver so many Christmas presents in one night so she was sure that he would be able to help with her problem.
She had been careful not to let herself fall asleep so that she would know when he came to the house.
Lucy had an excited, nervous fluttery feeling in her tummy and her heart flipped when she saw Santa Claus at the bottom of her bed.
He placed some presents on the floor and he looked pleased with himself.
He tiptoed forwards to her bedside table and picked up the carrots that Lucy had left for Rudolph and the other reindeers.
Children's Story: by
"Hello Santa Claus," she said sweetly, "I'm Lucy."
He was a bit startled and he let out a "Ho Ho" squeak which made her, and Santa Claus, giggle.
"Well, hello, aren't you meant to be asleep Lucy?"
"Yes, but please, pretty please, can you help me first? I promise that I'll go to sleep afterwards and I won't tell anyone that I saw you, ever."
"Never ever."
He smiled kindly, "Alright, how can I help?"
She patted her duvet and he sat down on the right side of her bed.
"Ah, lovely, your bed is comfortable. Ho, Ho, Ho."
"Santa Claus, what Christmas presents can I give that are truly special?"
He twirled his beard and rubbed his forehead as he thought.
"Truly special, you say?"
"Yes. Mummy gave me the money to buy Daddy's present and Daddy gave me the money to buy Mummy's present. They both gave me the money to buy Grandpa and Grandma's gifts so I didn't spend any of my pocket money so I haven't really bought them anything. Have I?"
She sighed. "Do you see what I mean?"
Santa Claus chuckled softly.
"Oh my, sweet little Lucy, did you choose the presents?"
She nodded enthusiastically. "Oh yes."
"Good, did you wrap them too?"
"Yes, I got sticky tape all over the house."
She giggled again. "Even in my fruity drink!"
"My goodness! Did you write on the gift tags?"
"Yes, in my best handwriting and with my special inky pen."
"Well now, that's very pleasing. No need to fret, the presents are from you, I promise."
Santa Claus played with his beard again and chuckled and chortled.
He loved children and he adored his job.
Lucy crossed her arms beneath her duvet.
"But I didn't spend MY saved up money."
"Oh Lucy, those presents are from you. Now, I am going to tell you a secret that will make you feel much happier. Come closer."
She sat up and he put his left arm around her shoulders.
"You're nice and snuggly warm." Lucy yawned.
"It's chilly out there so I wrap up well. I'm not silly!"
"No, no, you're not."
"This is the secret; you can't buy the best presents with money."
"Really, really."
"Santa, where and how can I get the best presents?"
She wriggled and squiggled as she sat up straighter and locked eyes with Santa Claus.
"Inside of you."
"Pardon? Where?"
"In your heart you have an endless supply of squishy hugs and sloppy kisses with lots and lots of smiles."
Lucy gasped.
"You can't buy love and you can't buy happiness, they have to come from inside of you and they are lovely when they're given from one person to another."
"Oh, I see," and Lucy did see. "Santa Claus, you are so clever."
"Ho Ho Ho, Lucy, this secret means that you can give better presents than me but that's our secret."
"I promise. Santa Claus, can I give you a big hug please?"
He nodded and she threw her arms around him.
His tummy was so round that she couldn't join her hands at the back but she gave him the squishiest squashiest hug, a happy kiss and a beaming smile.
"Lucy, you've made my Christmas ever so special. Thank you."
"Will you hug Mrs. Claus and the elves and the reindeers for me please?"
"Yes, it'll be my pleasure; I shall say that they're from you Lucy, with love."
"Thank you Santa Claus."
"You should go to sleep now and I should get flying."
"Santa Claus?" Lucy lay down on her right side so that she could see him clearly.
"Does Rudolph have a shiny nose or is that made up?"
Children's Story: by
"It's true, how else would I be able to see in the dark?"
He winked, waved and then vanished!
Lucy was so happy that she fell asleep quickly with a big smile on her face because she knew that her family's Christmas was going to be full of hugs, kisses and smiles.
Children's Story: by

The End
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