Children's Christmas story Santas Special Stockings by Robert James Parfett

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  Santas Special Stockings
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Children's Story: by
In Lapland everything is set for this year's Christmas flight.
Every detail has been checked for take-off late tonight.
All the presents have been labelled and correctly packed
So Santa has somewhere to sit once everything is stacked.
His polished sleigh is gleaming brightly, splendid in the snow
While all the reindeer stand there waiting, desperate to go.
Except for poor old Rudolph, who has caught a winter chill,
Though nothing ever stops him flying, even when he's ill.
Children's Story: by
Santa's helpers look on proudly at the bulging sacks
And with a smile of satisfaction pat each other's backs.
"Now we just need old St.Nick to join us for the song.
To kick-start Christmas Eve at last, but wait....something is wrong!"
From the house of Father Christmas comes a sudden scream.
"Oh, this can't be happening. Please tell me it's a dream!
I cannot find my stockings, the ones with flashing trees
Which play a song when I put them on and nestle round my knees.
My goodness me, who could it be? Who's rummaged through my drawers?
I can't just buy another pair, they're not for sale in stores.
If the stockings don't appear then what are we to do?
I will not ride my sleigh again, I tell you I am through!"
Children's Story: by
Santa's helpers are in shock, they can but stand and stare.
Then all at once a mass of squeaky voices fill the air.
"Who has taken Santa's stockings? Who could be so mean?
We saw them not that long ago, all folded up and clean.
By Santa's beard it's as we feared as Christmas Eve draws near
It seems that children round the world will have no gifts this year!
Hush and rush, search and seek, don't stop till they've been found.
They can't have travelled very far, they must still be around."
Like small, green, velvet aeroplanes they move in slick formation
Zooming back and forth to every house throughout the nation.
But as the day draws to a close and hope turns to despair
There's not the slightest sniff of Santa's stockings anywhere.
Children's Story: by
"Hold on a minute!" squeals a helper with a sudden burst,
"Have we checked in Santa's house? We should have gone there first!"
All the elves then pile inside and start to look around.
Then notice, coming from the kitchen, an unusual sound.
Father Christmas blows his nose into his handkerchief.
"Don't worry Santa, all's not lost. You mustn't lose belief.
Please don't get upset St.Nick we'll make sure that you fly.
We will do all that we can, just promise not to cry."
They set about their daunting task with such amazing speed,
"Just give us a few minutes more. That's all the time we need!"
Peering under every carpet and behind the doors,
High up on the mantelpiece and in the crowded drawers.
Nothing! Not a sock in sight. "There's nowhere left to search!
What will poor St. Nick say now? We've left him in the lurch.
Christmas Eve is nearly here, but we can't give up now.
How on earth can we save Christmas? Tell me someone, how?
Children's Story: by
Tears begin to fill their eyes and slumping to their knees
They shake their heads in disbelief when startled by a sneeze.
Peeping through a window they are greeted by a sight
Which makes all present fall about and chuckle with delight.
Rudolph stands in all his glory with his bright red nose
And Santa's special stockings snuggled warmly round his toes.
"Santa, Santa! Come here quick! There's something you should see!" Santa bolts into the barn and cries with sudden glee.
He kisses Rudolph on the nose and whips the stockings off.
"My dear old Rudolph what you need is syrup for your cough
And specially fitted thermal stockings knitted just for you.
Turning, Father Christmas swiftly disappears from view.
Moments later he returns with something in his hands.
Then attaches Rudolph's stockings with two rubber bands.
"Have a swig of my special brew. This medicine can't fail!
It's made from things you won't believe, but that's another tale.
There is no time to lose; we must get started right away."
Up, up, up into the sky the reindeer hoist the sleigh.
Santa grins as cold air whooshes past his glowing ears
"I do believe this Christmas Eve will be the best in years!"
Children's Story: by
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