Children's Christmas story Sneakers And Sox by Randall

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  Sneakers And Sox
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Children's Story: by
Sienna put the final touches on her snowman by tying a scarlet scarf around his neck.
'He looks real,' she thought, 'button eyes, sweet potato nose, candy mouth. This is my best creation ever.'
"Sox, what are you doing?"
Her miniature white schnauzer dragged out one of his favorite toys and dropped it at the foot of the snowman.
"You want to give the snowman your tennis shoe?" asked Sienna.
"Woof!" said Sox, who then trotted off and returned with the other one.
Down on her knees, she put the first shoe on.
"Well," said Sienna, "this will be the first snowman I have ever seen who wears tennis shoes. I think we'll call him Sneakers, what do you think, Sox?"
Sox jumped up and licked her face, knocking her over.
Sienna giggled. "I'll take that as a 'yes'."
Back on her feet, Sienna noticed the second shoe was on, sort of.
That night a restless Sienna looked out her window.
A full moon lit the yard.
She rubbed her eyes, "Sneakers and Sox? Taking a walk? I must be dreaming." After staring at them for several minutes, Sienna returned to bed and fell asleep.
The next morning, she woke with Sox snoring beside her and decided to check on her snowman.
"How did these footprints get here?"
She checked the bottom of Sneaker's shoe.
Hmmm, the tread matched the tracks. "Sox, do you know anything about this?"
Sox followed the tracks around the yard like a bloodhound, sniffing each one.
In the afternoon Sienna joined her friends for a Christmas party.
They met at the bowling alley; Sienna liked the sound of balls crashing into pins.
"Boom!" Sienna rolled her only strike.
They continued their party at the park where the sun shone brightly.
Sienna and her friends built a big snowman and decorated a tree.
When they had finished they drank hot chocolate and ate chocolate chip cookies.
Before long the sun went down and the cold set in.
Clicking and clacking sounds interrupted their conversations.
The Ice Creatures crackled toward them.
"Who are you?" asked Sienna.
"I am Stickel, King of the Icicles," announced the one in the middle, "and these are my bodyguards, Cone and Tyke."
They stood over ten feet tall, but you could see right through them.
"If we see any more snowmen or Christmas trees, this is what will happen," said Stickel.
Cone and Tyke used their arms like swords.
Cone cut down the snowman.
Tyke chopped down the tree.
All the children ran off, except Sienna. Clutching her thermos bottle, Sienna approached the Ice Creatures.
"Get out of here!" she said, "or else!"
The Ice Creatures creaked toward her.
"Or else what, little girl?" said Cone.
Sienna hurled her hot chocolate at him and yelled, "Take that!"
The Ice Creatures stumbled backward.
The hot chocolate sizzled in the snow.
"You almost became a chocolate Cone," said Tyke. "Ha ha ha!"
They faded into the fog.
"We'll be back!" yelled the Icicle King.
The next morning, Sienna saw something shocking.
All the snowmen and Christmas trees had been destroyed across the street and on both sides of her house.
She knew they were saving her for last and would be here soon.
She had a plan; she placed a bucket of hot water by her bedroom window.
Around midnight, voices startled her.
Quietly she opened the window and caught the Ice Creatures in the act, cutting down her decorated tree.
Sienna dumped the hot water directly on Stickel, but the water turned to ice and made the Icicle King even taller.
"Oh no," said Sienna.
"Thanks for the shower," said Stickel.
The next day, she was sledging down the hill near her house when the Ice Creatures appeared.
"I want your snowman," said Stickel.
"You can't have him!"
"Cone, Tyke, hold her for me."
"Noooooo!" screamed Sienna.
Sox circled behind them, he darted in and out between their legs.
The Ice Creatures became confused and distracted.
Meanwhile, the Snowman stood at the top of the hill, preparing himself. Struggling with the Ice Creatures, Sienna did not notice him, until it was too late.
Splitting into three parts, Sneakers rolled down the hill.
Sienna pulled away and grabbed Sox, she could not watch.
Boom! Sneakers crashed into Stickel, Cone, and Tyke.
Numbing silence followed.
Sitting in the snow, a stunned Sienna sobbed.
Sox found the snowman's scarf and laid the red wrap on her lap.
"It's ripped," she said.
She picked up one end and Sox the other, stretching out the material.
"This is no time for games, Sox."
To her surprise, the hole formed the shape of a heart, 'did Sneakers know this would happen?' Sienna wondered.
Sox found one of Sneaker's sneakers and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper.
Sienna read out loud:
I never bowled before, but I hope I rolled a strike.
I hope I knocked them down, Stickel, Cone, and Tyke.
Don't fret for me, Sienna, or my buddy, Sox.
I'll be back again, wearing sneakers on my walks.
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