Children's Christmas story Ten Little Turkeys by Dennyk

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  Ten Little Turkeys
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Rhyming story about a wild turkey family of 12 living in the forest in Maine, USA.
One day Suzie trips and falls and sprains the thumb part of her foot.
Mom gets lost for a while and then rejoins her family.
Children's Story: by
Ten young wild turkeys lived deep in the forest, with their Dad and Mom
Their Dad was big and strong and could protect them; he was called, 'Tom'
Children's Story: by
Their Mom was a wise hen and kept them from harm; she was called, 'Pavo'
When she found them a tasty spot to eat, they said; "Gobble, Gobble, Bravo"
There were 5 young male 'Jakes' and 5 young female 'Jennys' in the flock
They kept mostly to themselves, but got along with neighbours on the block
Children's Story: by
They were a nice family of twelve, nesting in a hardwood forest in Maine
One day a little Jenny, named Suzie, tripped on a branch and had a sprain
Children's Story: by
Her Dad saw her fall, knew she was hurt; he came to her rescue running
He arrived in a flash, which was quite a stunt, but he always was cunning
She climbed up on her Father's back and he carried her safely to their nest
Mom knew exactly what to do; she wrapped the thumb and said; "Now rest."
Mom went out to bring Suzie some food; she adored nuts from a beech tree
She searched around and finally found a tree full of nuts and they were free
The wind changed and she became lost and was heading away from home
Tom did not want to leave his ten little turkeys alone in the woods to roam
He roosted in the tree just above, where he could still view them in their den
He called out loudly from the tree "Putt, Putt, Putt." the alarm for his lost hen.
Children's Story: by
The 'Putt' sound was for nearby gobblers in the forest; it was a call for help
The reply sound he heard from the other turkeys perched in trees was 'Yelp'
That meant they heard his alarm and were ready to help find his missing mate
Tom sounded "Kee, Kee" down to his brood below to gather together and wait
The wind direction changed and 'Pavo' could find the way back to her base
She started running, sensing she was near the place that needed her to grace
She appeared at the nest exhausted and took some time off getting revived
She found time to carry some beech nuts for Suzie, when she finally arrived
Children's Story: by
She came into the nest of leaves and embraced each of her brood with a hug
Tom was happy for her return and brought her flowers and a bright new rug
Suzie healed, after two weeks off her feet; she loved Mom and never was sad
Her feathers grew so she could fly up the tree and roost with the next door lad
The End

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