Children's Christmas story The Christmas Flame by Linda Farrelly

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  The Christmas Flame
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Children's Story: by

"IT'S NOT FAIR" moaned Jack, as he slumped onto the floor.
He had heard his parents talking as he'd stood behind the door.
Jack had sent Santa his Christmas list with one very special toy,
a toy that EVERYONE was having, yes EVERY girl and boy!
His friend James was having one, and Thomas had asked too.
All the toy shops were selling out, and one shop had a queue.
Jack could not believe it when he'd heard his mother say,
"We really can't afford it; Jack must wait for his Birthday."
"BIRTHDAY" groaned Jack, that seemed months and months away.
This toy was a special toy, and would be old then anyway.
The flames flickered on the fire as Jack sat there feeling blue.
"WHAT'S WRONG" a voice called, "whatever's wrong with you?"
Jacks mouth fell open wide; his eyes stared and looked around,
"Who's there?" he asked timidly, but he didn't hear a sound.
He stared into the fire as the flames danced about,
Then he looked on in horror as the biggest flame danced out.
It danced onto the carpet, and it even seemed to grin.
He thought he saw an eye and it was staring right at him.
"Don't worry I won't hurt you" said the flame, "I don't burn,
I've been sent to help you, because you have a lot to learn.
Why are you so sad?" the flame said, blinking his red eye.
"I know that Santa's had your Christmas list." And Jack gave a sigh,
"There's one big toy I want." Jack moaned and hung his head.
"ONLY ONE!" the flame laughed as he shone the brightest red.
"Last year you had lots of toys, they covered all of your bed,
Where are they now?" the flame asked, "Oh upstairs" Jack said,
"Some are old and broken, and some I gave away,
I'm much older now" Jack said, "I need new games to play."
"This toy you want" the flame asked "did you put it on your list?"
"Of course I did!" Jack exclaimed, "but I think that's it's been missed,
Mum said that I can't have it because it cost £150."
"HOW MUCH?" shouted the flame, as he hovered off the ground.
"Santa has loads of money!" Jack said as he slumped into his chair,
"He must have loads of money, he takes presents everywhere."
The flame gave Jack a burning grin, "Oh really" the flame said,
"Years ago Children didn't have big toys, just sweets and fruit instead."
"I don't believe you" Jack laughed, "that just can't be true."
"Oh yes it is" the flame glowed, "come with me, and I'll show you."
The flame began to flicker, and reached out a spiky tine.
"Hold on to me" the flame said, "I will take you back in time."
Jack held out his hand, and the flame clasped it tight.
Jack had his eyes closed as they flew into the night.
Up into the stars they flew, Jacks heart began to pound.
"Whatever you do" the flame laughed, "try not to look down."
Children's Story: by
The Christmas lights shone down below as the snow began to fall,
Jack felt much more confident, he was feeling ten feet tall.
"I feel like a bird" Jack cried "I'm fearless, brave and bold!"
With the flame to guide him Jack didn't feel the cold.
"We're coming in to land" the flame called, "hold on tight to me,
I'm landing by that house below; there is something you must see."
"Is it Christmas there as well?" Jack asked as they came into land.
"Many years ago" the flame laughed, "you'll soon understand."
Jack crouched beside the window, and he secretly peered in.
The room was bright and cheerful, but looked quite odd to him.
"What strange decorations" Jack said, "and a funny little tree!"
"Tell me" the flame said, "What else can you see?"
Children's Story: by
"I can see sweets, and fruit" he said "and pillow cases on the floor.
The lady's counting the sweets, what are the pillow cases for?"
"They're Christmas sacks" the flame laughed, they will hold the toys.
The children that live here are very lucky girls and boys."
Jack looked on in amazement as the sacks began to fill.
There were crayons, colouring books, and plastic money in a till.
"These are ordinary toys" Jack gasped, "I get these every day!
Mum buys them when we go shopping, then they get thrown away.
Where is their special toy? The big present Santa buys."
"That's it!" the flame said, Jack gasped "I didn't realise,
No BIG presents then?" the glowing flame shook his head.
"They were very different times, aren't you lucky?" the flame said.
"Let's move on" the flame laughed "there is more for you to see.
If you are ready" the flame glowed "hold tightly on to me."
As they soared into the night a tear welled in Jacks eye,
"I had no idea" Jack mumbled and he gave a great big sigh.
The wind became stronger and Jack was blinded by the snow.
"Will we soon be there?" Jack asked, "Do we have far to go?"
"Don't worry I'll protect you" the flame said with a smile,
"We are heading for the future; we'll be there in a short while."
'THE FUTURE,' Jack thought, and wondered what he'd see.
"We're coming in to land" the flame called, "hold on tight to me."
Jack had never seem so many lights as they came into land,
Christmas trees stood everywhere, and he could hear a band.
"WHERE ARE WE?" Jack called, "this is the most amazing place."
"Do you think so?" the flame replied with a sad look on his face,
"Crouch there by the window," the flame said, "take a look inside.
Do you think this a happy place? I'll let you decide."
Children's Story: by
Jack peered in through the biggest window he had ever seen,
Surrounded by a million garden lights, it felt like a dream.
As he peered in through the window there were parcels everywhere,
but the little boy inside looked cross, Jack couldn't help but stare.
"IT'S NOT FAIR" the boy yelled out "these toys are no use to me,
I've got two of each already" and he yelled relentlessly.
He jumped upon each parcel and tossed each gift to the ground.
"You know what I asked Santa for" he yelled, "it only cost a £1000!"
Jacks mouth fell opened wide; he could not believe the boy.
"How ungrateful" Jack gasped, "he's rejected every toy,
how can one boy have so much?" the flame gave Jack a grin.
"Don't look at me like that" Jack frowned, "I don't behave like him!"
"Time to go" the flame glowed "it's time you were in bed.
Our journey's over, are things clearer?" the flame said.
As they flew across the night sky Jack had an idea.
He didn't need lots of toys for Christmas, he only wanted one this year.
He would re-write his Christmas list, and let everybody know,
he just wanted one toy and sweets like the children long ago.
He opened up his tired eyes just in time to see,
the flame dance back in to the fire, just as it used to be.
"BED TIME" Jacks mum called out. "I'll come up and tuck you in."
As Jack's mother pulled his bed clothes up she gave Jack a grin,
"Your Dad's had an idea" she beamed, "we've talked a lot tonight.
But you'd only get one big toy this year, would that be alright?
We've spoken to your Grandma, and Aunty Jane, who both agree,
that if we join together you'll have one toy instead of three.
That way you'll have just what you want, but you have to realise,
there won't be so much at Christmas." A tear filled Jacks eye.
"That's perfect" Jack grinned, "the flame was right, he made me see."
"THE FLAME!" said mum "Sometimes you're a mystery to me."
It was soon Christmas morning, and Jack rushed down stairs to see,
one very special present that was sitting by the tree.
He quickly tore the paper off and gave the biggest grin,
as his robotic chimpanzee was staring back at him.
"This is brilliant" Jack smiled "I'll take him to my room."
"Don't be too long" Mum said, "Grandma will be here soon."
"I have a little job for you when you're dressed" Dad said.
Jack didn't hear, he dashed upstairs and put his new toy on his bed.
"I CUT SOME WOOD LAST NIGHT" Dad called, "It's very cold today."
"Get dressed and help me bring it in." Jack called "What did you say,
Are we going to have a fire?" a grin appeared upon Jacks face.
Dad smiled "Of course we are, it's Christmas, hurry up, make haste."
Jack quickly got dressed and was soon outside,
He helped his dad collect the wood and put it by the fireside.
Dad smiled "I'll make the fire before lunch." "Can I help?" Jack said.
Mum laughed "You're keen to make a fire!" Jack felt his face go red,
Jack blushed, "I like to watch the flames, they make me warm inside."
"When it's glowing Jack; don't get too near, it's dangerous." Mum replied.
Christmas day was nearly over when Jack stared into the flame.
He hoped to see his friend and wondered if he'd come again.
Jacks eyes were growing sleepy, he became too tired to see.
"I think I'm going mad" Mum laughed, "That flame just winked at me!"
Children's Story: by

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