Children's Christmas story The Christmas Gift by Manjari Shukla

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  The Christmas Gift
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Children's Story: by
Little Frenk was moving continuously over an unending sheet of snow; he had been walking for quite some time now and his feet were very tired.
He was surrounded by a white layer of snow which was gleaming and shining in the sun.
Frenk had set out on a mission in search of Snow Clad Mountain where, according to his friend Jimmy was the home of Santa Claus.
After struggling through the snow for some time, he could see the mountain he had been searching for.
He could hardly believe his eyes; but as Jimmy had told him to do, he proceeded to the far side of the mountain where he was hoping to meet Santa.
When he got there what he saw beyond was almost beyond belief.
Santa was standing next to his sledge clad in a bright red robe, his white beard flowing like snowflakes.
He was engrossed in carefully arranging his gifts in a large red bag which was in the sledge.
In between Santa was also petting his reindeer.
Frenk shouted with excitement "Santa."
Santa's was surprised by his shout.
He stopped and stared at Frenk, he was surprised to find such a young boy standing before him.
He went to Frenk and said, "Why have you taken so much trouble in coming this far? I would have visited you tonight on Christmas Eve."
"I was hoping that maybe I could get a gift of my choice, with some help from you.
I hope that is alright?" Frenk replied while examining the heap of gifts.
"As you have been such a good boy this year, I am sure you definitely deserve a gift of your liking." Santa laughed.
Santa then turned and pointed a finger towards his sledge, "You can choose what you like."
"It isn't a toy that I wish for." Frenk responded while looking at Santa's face.
"Oh! then what?" Santa glanced at him with utter surprise.
"I want this mountain of snow so that I can create as many snow men as I want." Frenk answered.
"But how will I bring it to you; it is not possible to move the mountains. I hope you know that." Santa was a little irritated now.
" don't know anything; all I want is this mountain." said Frenk, and he started stamping the ground with his feet.
Santa knew that Frenk was usually good but being selfish and throwing a temper tantrum was not what the spirit of Christmas was about so he decided to teach him a lesson.
"OK....I will ensure that tomorrow this mountain will stand against your front door"
"Oh wow....that will be fantastic." Frenk hugged Santa thinking that he gotten his own way.
"If you are a little more generous can you make it that I can reach my home without bothering my aching feet any more." Frenk urged Santa.
"Definitely I can; now close your eyes."
Frenk closed his eyes immediately and covered them with his palm; when he opened his eyes he found himself in his bedroom.
Soon he found Jimmy sitting next to him.
"So what did Santa advise young explorer? Are you getting your snow mountain?" he asked Frenk.
"Yes Santa has promised to make my wish come true."
Both of them spent the entire night discussing their plans about various sizes and features of the snowmen they were going to build.
In between the discussions, Frenk kept peeping out of window; he was impatient like never before.
Sometime around midnight, their need for sleep got the better of their plans.
Next morning, with the first ray of sun, Frenk ran to open the door and he was rendered speechless by the sight before his eyes.
He pulled Jimmy out of bed and dragged him to the door half asleep.
A huge silvery white mountain of snow was standing magnificently on the lawn.
In their excitement Jimmy and Frenk hugged each other repeatedly.
They slowly approached the white blanket of snow and touched it.
As they moved their hands over the snow they found a thin stream of water was slowly making its way down in a zig zag path from the top.
Jimmy shouted, "This Mountain is melting."
"Oh, what should we do now? I think the sunlight falling on it is turning the snow into water." Jimmy continued.
Frenk said to Jimmy, "We must call someone for help."
Jimmy rushed back into his home to fetch some help while Frenk ran upstairs to his bedroom.
He opened the window and started looking at the scene which was fast unfolding, and unexpected.
Snow was melting fast and the mountain was shrinking in size.
Water was now spreading all around, the lawn was submerged and then the water level started rising up the house.
It seeped beneath the front door, then up the stairs and entered the room where Frenk had thought he would be safe.
He jumped onto his bed, since the only way out was already blocked by water, but the water seemed to be relentlessly chasing Frenk.
His bed sheet, then quilt and finally pillow cushions all got soaked in water and started floating around the room.
Soon his school bag, his books, pencils and colouring pencils all started floating on the layer of water. Frenk was out of his wits now and he started calling out to his mother for help.
" me mom." he was shouting with all his strength.
He heard his mother saying, "What happened? Why are you thrashing your feet all over the bed? See you have kicked your pillow and quit out of bed now."
Frenk sprang to his feet with disbelief.
"You must have been dreaming" his mother said.
"Yes mom...indeed." Frenk laughed with some relief.
"Merry Christmas and what do you expect from Santa this year?" his mother asked lovingly.
Frenk laughed loudly and replied,
"No, No, I cannot even think of that. I will go according to Santa's wish from now on."
His mother smiled as Frenk ran towards Jimmy's house to share his interesting dream.
The End
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