Children's Christmas story The Christmas That Santa Sparkled by Sheila Helliwell

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  The Christmas That Santa Sparkled
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Children's Story: by
Every year, just before Christmas, there is great excitement in fairy land.
The head fairy has to choose a 'Glitter Fairy.'
The special task of this fairy is to travel to Santa's Grotto and sprinkle all the toys, ribbons and books that require glitter.
This particular year, a fairy named Ruby was chosen.
She was so excited and flew away to change into her very best dress.
She even had her wings sprayed in fresh fairy dust.
Before she left, the head fairy gave her a long wooden box.
Inside, lying on a bed of red velvet, was the most beautiful wand Ruby had ever seen.
It was made out of gold and the handle was encrusted with tiny diamonds and emeralds.
"You have been given a very important task," the head fairy said in a serious voice.
"We trust you to make all the Christmas toys as special as previous fairies have always done."
"Oh, yes!" she agreed excitedly.
Children's Story: by
Ruby arrived at the North Pole and was greeted with laughter and warmth from all the elves.
She spent nearly a week flying from room to room dusting toys, books, ribbons and even some rolls of Christmas paper, with golden glitter.
Finally Christmas Eve arrived and there was such excitement as all the wrapped and boxed toys were loaded into Santa's sleigh.
Everyone gathered in the 'Great Hall' to wave and cheer Santa before he left on his long journey to deliver the Christmas presents.
The elves were dancing and singing as their work was finished and tonight there would be a big party to celebrate.
Ruby was caught up in the laughter and excitement and flew in and out of the elves sprinkling some of them in glitter from her beautiful golden wand.
One elf had his nose sprinkled and another, his little pointed ears.
Ruby spun around ready to catch another elf that tried to hide behind his friends but she flew straight into Santa!
Santa laughed along with the elves but what he didn't know, was that his beard was now gold instead of snowy-white.
Children's Story: by
Before anyone could tell him he put on his hat and stepped into the sleigh.
"Come my beauties," he called to the reindeer, "It's time to fly like the wind."
Santa's sleigh gathered speed and lifted into the cold night air.
Below several hundred elves laughed until their sides ached.
So children, if you ever hear a story about Santa having a golden beard instead of a snowy-white one, you are the only ones that know how it happened.
A Short Story by Sheila Helliwell

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