Children's Christmas story The Day After Christmas by Dennyk

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  The Day After Christmas
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Rhyming Story about a house burglary on Christmas night and what happens the next day to the family and to the thief.

Children's Story: by
Twas the day after Christmas and the room downstairs was badly amiss
The children were asleep, all nestled in their beds with dreams so remiss
Father was the first to go downstairs, he looked around and let out a cry
"Mother come down here and see this mess," she awoke and let out sigh
The children, now Joy and Holly, now Noel and Kris, were in their beds
They awoke and knew that they were 'Up a tree' for not using their heads
They heard the voices of their parents and knew they would have to pay
They went downstairs; saw how the room was torn up on Christmas Day
The tree by the chimney was tipped with branches broken and needles fell
The beautiful coloured Christmas tree lights were askew and were not well
Children's Story: by
The 'Topper' was a white Angel that flew across the room and landed gently
She must have waved her wings, when the tree was knocked over, evidently
The ornaments were broken and pieces were on the rug and the wood floor
The tinsels and garlands were scattered in the room, not like the day before
Children's Story: by
They must have spilled their drinks and snacks happily playing their game
It was not one child, who could make such a mess, they were all to blame
They started cleaning, Joy with the vacuum cleaner and Holly with a mop
Kris was dragging out the tree and Noel was picking up the bottles of pop
When Kris went outside; he saw the home alarm wires were cut and flying
He ran back into the house and told his mother; she thought he was lying
Children's Story: by
It seems that Dan, a robber, was looking for gifts to steal and went spying
He knew that after midnight on Christmas Day was a good time for trying
He entered through an open window, stumbled and knocked over the tree
Then using a flashlight, he bagged up their gifts that for him were all free
There is a saying, 'No matter how tempting it may appear, crime doesn't pay'.
Dan slipped on the icy sidewalk, hit his head and was 'cold cocked', they say
A neighbour who was returning from a late Christmas party heard a 'Thump'
He saw the robber, called 911, and they carried Dan to jail with a big bump
The police put a note on their door, but did not wake them as it was so late
Mom read the note and gave it to Dad, then she apologized for her distrait
Now Kris and Noel, now Joy and Holly all went back to their living room
They saw the white Angel topper sitting in the window, smiling, we assume
Fortunately they kept their gifts with help of the neighbour and a policeman
Who caught the burglar before he could recover from his fall, named Dan
Mom, Dad and the children cleaned the room and when they were all done
'The day after Christmas', they sang their favourite hymns and had lots of fun.

The End

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