Children's Christmas story The Woodland Christmas Party by Tim Collings

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  The Woodland Christmas Party
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Bunny the rabbit is invited to a Christmas party in the woods.

Christmas night was fast approaching, poor Bunny the Rabbit knew he would be left alone in his hutch, for the children who looked after him would be too excited about Christmas they would have forgotten all about him.
Christmas night came and sure enough Bunny the Rabbit sat all alone in his hutch with only the moon and stars for company, but that night something special happened.
To his surprise several animals from the woodland arrived at his hutch.
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"Hello Bunny." they said.
"Hello to you, this is a surprise." said Bunny.
"We knew you were all alone here tonight of all nights, would you like to come to a Christmas party in the woods?"
Bunny could not believe his luck.
"Oh yes please, I would love to come to your Christmas party". replied Bunny, really excited.
The animals opened the hutch door allowing Bunny to jump out and join them.
He followed the animals deep into the wood.
It was very dark and eerie but Bunny was in good company now so he wasn't afraid.
To Bunny´s surprise they entered a clearing that had been decorated for Christmas by the mice.
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There was a large table that was full of food all kinds of nuts, fruit and vegetables laid upon it, where it had all come from was any bodies guess.
The mice had even made their very own stars out of tin foil and string which was hanging in all the trees surrounding the clearing, it was catching the moon light making it glitter and shine, there were even candles on the table.
It was a wonderful sight, just how Christmas should look.
There was a whole group of animals, squirrels, badgers, mice, birds, deer, foxes even Mr Wise Old Owl, you name it they were there.
'It was wonderful, just wonderful.' thought Bunny.
The mice had their own choir, so they sang all the Christmas carols and Christmas songs, they were very good.
It was so lovely, Bunny was so excited that he had been invited, he didn´t want the party to end.
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Later that night, after the animals had eaten their Christmas supper, one of the mice produced a squeeze box, and he played many tunes while all the animals, including Bunny, danced around the table, it was all such fun.
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But sadly the party did have to end; it was the best Christmas that Bunny had ever had.
Bunny said his farewells to all the animals and thanked them over and over for such a wonderful night, one that he surely would never forget.
The animals that had collected Bunny took him back to his hutch, they promised that every time there was a get together, they would come for him.
Bunny was so happy.
He didn´t mind being back in his hutch because he knew that the children would come to see him in the morning, he did like them to look after him and pet him, he felt very comfortable in his little home.
So that night Bunny the Rabbit was very content, he´d had such a lovely time and looked forward very much to the next Christmas party.
The End
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