Children's Christmas story Toms Christmas Day by Tim Collings

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  Toms Christmas Day
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Tom's account of his family Christmas Day.

Christmas morning we are all up bright and early, Me, my Sister Kate, Mum and Dad, down by the Christmas tree to open our presents, all still wearing our pyjamas.
Mum is hoping for two holiday tickets to take her to the Bahamas but she is only having a laugh, all she is likely to get is something smelly for the bath.
My sister gets a computer game, Dad gets socks and shirts, Mum does get something for the bath plus a couple of skirts, well Me I won't tell you just yet, you'll have to wait and see.
Everyone is happy with what they have all got but it does seem that, we have rather a lot!
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Mum has to get ready for we have lots of guests that will descend; I expect that by tonight Mum will have gone around the bend.
Oh I forgot to mention it snowed yesterday, so my sister Kate and I built a big snowman, he now stands proud, guarding our garden gate.
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The Turkey is in the oven as Mum prepares the veg, knocking at the door is Aunty Joyce and good old Uncle Reg.
So now we have two sets of Grandparents also we have, Uncle John and Aunt Mable who have brought along for my Dad, a bottle of Jonny Walkers Black Label.
Now the family members have all arrived, the lounge is filling up nicely, so dear old Grandmother starts to sing some good old Christmas carols, they are so badly out of tune, she is accompanied by Uncle John, who has brought along his fiddle, oh dear, oh dear it's so bad but it really makes us all giggle.
Mum is in the kitchen washing up at the sink, Dad thinks she doesn't know that he's having another crafty drink.
It's a big family gathering they all know they are on to a winner, because Mum always cooks the best Christmas dinner!
Presents are exchanged and put under the Christmas tree; I do hope there is something nice for me, well for all of us for that would be nice, I hope they remembered to take off all the labels that were showing the price.
It's now time for Christmas dinner, there are candles flickering on the table in a Christmas display, so we all gather round to feed, Roast Turkey, Potatoes, Parsnips, Broccoli, Sprouts and not forgetting the Swede, it looks like Mum has done a very nice spread indeed.
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Dad leans across to start to carve the turkey; he then, quite accidentally, knocks over a full glass of wine, right across the table and into the lap of poor old Aunt Mable.
Hooray, we all cheer but Aunt Mable is not amused, scurrying away to sponge herself down, she returned to the table wearing Mum's dressing gown.
We all tucked in until we were stuffed, to see everything gone left Mum feeling quite chuffed.
So we all then retired to the sitting room, where we set up the Karaoke machine, this you had to see.
Grandma singing to Brittany Spears, she had us rolling around in tears, then Grandad got up to do his Elvis impression, the funny thing was that he kept forever hitching up his britches, you should have seen him he really had us in stitches.
Mum and Dad like to do a duet; they choose 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day,' great song but really every day, perhaps not.
They sing brilliantly, everybody claps and cheers, it's somewhat better than Grandma's Brittany Spears.
So all in all it was a fantastic day, everyone was happy but now the guests have all gone home, Mum and my Sister are dozing on the sofa, Dad has fallen asleep in his chair and as for me, well, I'm sitting quietly on my own, fiddling with my Christmas present, a brand new Galaxy mobile phone.
Children's Story: by
Merry Christmas Everyone.

The End

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