Children's Christmas story Winter Birds Of Christmas by Beth Roose

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  Winter Birds Of Christmas
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Children's Story: by
Elf Sophia had been out in the pine trees, gathering nuts and berries. She was so thankful she had the help of Santa's winter birds to collect them.
Out of the corner of her eye, Elf Sophia saw something move. She looked more closely at the big pine tree. Sure enough, underneath the big pine branch, near the ground, was a small squirrel.
Stacy, one of the winter birds, flew down to greet the small squirrel. The small squirrel was pointing to a large pile of what looked like acorns. Soon Elf Sophia was kneeling in the snow beside Stacy and the small squirrel.
All three looked at the large pile of acorns. There was a beautiful red ribbon tied around each acorn! The small squirrel hopped over to the pile of acorns. Just then, the other winter birds flew down and joined the group. The small squirrel said he had worked very hard this Christmas season gathering the acorns and wrapping red ribbons around each one.
Children's Story: by
All six of Santa's winter birds watched as Elf Sophia pulled glittering Elf Dust out of her gold pouch. Then she blew on the glittering Elf Dust. It began to sparkle as it floated down and covered the acorns. The sparkle soon disappeared.
Children's Story: by
Just then, Santa appeared. Santa greeted the little squirrel with a wink and a smile.
The little squirrel had been gathering the acorns as gifts for all small creatures of the woodlands.
Even in the woodlands, Elf Sophia could see the spirit of Christmas.
Elf Sophia knew that, by adding the glittering Elf Dust, the magic of Christmas would be alive for all creatures, big or small.
Santa, Elf Sophia, and the winter birds helped deliver Christmas acorns that day.
The winter birds looked so pretty as they flew about carrying the acorns with the beautiful red ribbons tied around them.
Santa exclaimed, "Christmas is alive for all who believe, including the creatures, big and small, living in the woodlands."

The End
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