Children's Christmas story Zikis First Christmas by Ann Eneh

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  Zikis First Christmas
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Once upon a time there lived a little princess called Ziki.
She was so special because her parents, the King and Queen, were childless for 10 years before Ziki was born.
King Zazulu and Queen Zainab ruled the kingdom of Zapony in a far away land.
Their beautiful kingdom flourished under their leadership because the King and Queen showed great love for the people of Zapony.
Everyone was happy but there was one thing missing, King Zazulu and Queen Zainab had no children.
Zapony kingdom prayed day after day for a miracle, a child to inherit the throne some day.
On the night 9th year that the king and queen have been without a child, they decided to do things a little bit differently.
All families in the kingdom were asked to release a lantern at 11 pm into the moonlight sky.
It was the 30th day of September, 1999.
The people all did as the king and queen had requested and the lanterns lit up the sky in a beautiful array of colours that led Faruk Noble to stumble upon the village.
It was the 9th year that King Zazulu and Queen Zainab had been without a child.
Faruk Noble received a hero's welcome only fit for royalty.
He was so grateful for their kindness that he blessed the King and Queen and predicted that they would have a little princess by this time next year.
Faruk Noble told them about Christmas and the man behind all the presents we see at the foot of the Christmas tree each Christmas morning.
Zapony kingdom had never heard about Christmas or the fact that Santa Clause delivers presents to kids all over the world while riding on his reindeer driven sledge.
It was all too strange, but Zapony kingdom received the news about Christmas with joy and for the very first time preparations began to welcome the Christmas season.
Just as Faruk Noble predicted, Princess Ziki was born on September 30th the following year.
She was the most beautiful princess you'd ever see.
Her hair blazed like the bright morning sun and her eyes were as blue as the deep blue sea.
Everyone loved Princess Ziki and this bundle of joy made the King and Queen complete.
The king declared the coming Christmas a holiday in Zapony kingdom.
A day for love and laughter, songs and gift giving for all as they await Santa's very first visit to the kingdom.
It was also Princess Ziki's very first Christmas.
Though very little, it was as if she knew that Zapony land was about to experience the wonders only seen at Christmas time.
Now boys and girls help the kingdom of Zapony prepare for Christmas and Santa's very first visit.
How old will princess Ziki be before Santa comes down the chimney?
Advise Santa on what presents to get for princess Ziki.
Help the kingdom of Zapony decorate for Christmas.
How will you prepare for Christmas?
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