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Dont Touch The Walls In The Library
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Today was the worst day of my life. Now I am a ghost and my life is wasted.
It all began today when I went to school...
We were having a normal literacy lesson, listening to a story on the radio when I heard the scary words of "Don't touch the walls in the library."
I shivered, but thought to myself "It's just a joke."
Suddenly I and my friend Ruby lifted our heads up at the same time after hearing "Don't touch the walls in the library". This time the voice was even louder than last time.
We nodded our heads at each other and whispered "This is just a joke, it is not real," but we were still frightened. We carried on listening to the story, then our teacher said "Shut your books, now it's time to go to the library."
When we got to the library the walls where all black!
I turned to Amy and asked, "Do you see the black walls?"
"No" whispered Amy," they are a creamy colour as always."
Amy went over to Ellie to have a chat. Suddenly, Amy got sucked into the black wall of evil!
I ran over to Ellie and said in a worry "WHERS AMY!"
She replied "First of all, stop shouting, second of all, who is Amy"
Speechless for words, I went to read the history of the school and suddenly, all the people in the world got sucked into the book!
I quickly closed the book, but before I did I read 1894, children, had, library, chopped up and walls. After a mille second, I realised what happened. The children of 1894 got chopped up and put into the walls of the library!
I thought to myself "This is just a joke" so I decided to touch the wall! After a mille second, I realised that I was in the black wall of evil.
Inside the wall was my worst nightmare!
I saw all my friends as zombies and fixing all the children from 1894. I looked down at my feet with gilt, then I realised I had no feet and I was floating.
Soon I knew what happened, I had turned into a ghost!
One hour later I found a crack in the wall that no one has seen before and I went through it.
I went to leave the school when I realised that there was no school, I went back into the library but it wasn't there. There was no library! All that was left were the two black walls.
That's the story of how I became a ghost...
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