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Princess Poppy Wants Pretty
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.

Children's Story: by
Princess Poppy was having a party at the palace and all of her friends had been invited.
She was very excited.
"Mummy Queen, I want to wear my best blue dress, I want my hair in a pony tail, I want my sparkly shoes. I want to be, no, I will be the prettiest girl at my party."
Mummy Queen said, "My goodness, that's a lot of I wants, why don't you try one of mine first please, I want you to do something pretty for me before you get dressed for your party."
"I only want to have fun and get myself ready for my party."
Princess Poppy crossed her arms and looked a little bit sulky.
Mummy Queen smiled. "Come with me please, this task will be fun, although you might not think so yet."
Princess Poppy followed Mummy Queen in to the party room even though she wanted to run to her bedroom and put her party dress on instead.
"I think that you should help to make the party room look lovely."
Princess Poppy stared down at her feet and mumbled, "I asked for a pretty party but I thought that you could do this by yourself."
"Hmm, I know that you did but just think how wonderful you could make this room for all of your friends. You and I could be very pleased with your efforts. "
"I won't have time to get ready if I have to help you."
"Princess Poppy, trust me, there is plenty of time to do both. Let's have fun decorating the room first so that you don't get your party clothes messy."
Children's Story: by
Mummy Queen and Princess Poppy blew up some balloons, it was hard work and their faces went bright red, Princess Poppy didn't think that looked pretty but it did make her laugh.
Princess Poppy helped Mummy Queen with the multicoloured streamers and the room started to look bright and fun.
"Why don't you sprinkle some magic sparkly dust on to the tables and I'll hang up the balloons?" Mummy Queen said. "Then you can put the party bags out, one for each of your friends."
Princess Poppy danced around the room and sprinkled sparkly dust all over the tables until they looked fabulous. She put the party bags on to people's chairs and she hoped that her friends would like the presents in them as much as she did.
Children's Story: by
Princess Poppy finished, she stood in the doorway and smiled, "Mummy Queen, you were right."
"Aren't I always?" Mummy Queen smiled, "Princess Poppy, you've worked very hard and it shows, I can see love in everything that you've done."
"It is very pretty and sparkly."
"So are you, you're covered in sparkles from head to toe."
Mummy Queen scooped Princess Poppy up in to her arms.
"Do you feel sparkly happy inside? Do you think that you'll enjoy your party more because you helped me to get ready for it?"
Princess Poppy had to admit that she did.
"Yes and I'll be proud to show my friends what I've done to help you. Thank you Mummy Queen."
"What is the best thing that you'll remember about today?"
"Jelly and ice cream, and pass the parcel?"
Mummy Queen giggled.
"No, today you've learned that prettiness comes from within and from the nice things that you do so that other people can be happy too. Your blue dress and sparkly shoes can only add to the loveliness that you have in your heart, you just had to be reminded about it."
"Mummy Queen, you're brilliant!"
"And you, my dear little Princess Poppy are ready for your party."

The End
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