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  Free Fun Stories for Children
Our free stories are specialy written to help children develop, a very brief summary of our aims are:
  • By stimulating children's imagination their creative abilities develop.
  • The carefully selected use of words and language develops understanding.
  • Fun short stories fit within a childs initial attention span and stimulates the desire for more.
  • Gradualy increasing story length develops children's attention span.
  • Enjoyment of stories stimulates the desire in children to read for themselves.
We aim to provide a number of free stories each week at least some with high quality full colour illustrations.
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Privacy & Protection: We never use Cookies or allow any form of Tracking, it's part of our mission to protect your privacy and provide 'squeaky clean' content safe for all especially children of any age. Our FaceBook and Twitter buttons are simple share link buttons that do not enable any form of tracking. Any links we provide to external content are vetted to help ensure Children's Stories Net is a safe browsing experience for children.
Reading Age
We are frequently asked about children's reading age issues.
The simple fact is every child is different in many ways, there is no such thing as One Size Fits All.
Parent's Summary:
  • Children hear and understand stories long before they can read, thus Hearing Age and Reading Age are two different things.
  • Do not worry about specific reading age, just find stories children enjoy. The sooner children start to enjoy stories and start to develop reading skills the better.
  • Encouraging children early by reading stories to them should start their interest in stories and ultimately the desire to read for themselves.
For more information on reading age (and useful links)  
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The Declining Art of Reading
The declining art of reading is a major concern to Teachers, Parents, Government and society as a whole.
This is mainly because Reading Ability has a tremendous impact on child development, education, later self learning and enjoyment in life.
Reading ability brings a wide range of important skills children are not able to recognize for themselves at an early age, which is why we must all encourage and help children enjoy stories which leads to an early desire to read.
To be seen reading a book seems old, uncool and out of date to many children, especialy when TV Soaps and Screens of one kind or another seem to provide all they want.
Children can't be blamed for not knowing that reading...
  • Improves the use of language and understanding
  • Enables access to daily information (eg: notices, internet, printed news, leaflets)
  • Helps indivuduals be more self reliant (eg: self teaching from how to manuals)
  • Improves employment prospects and success it's down to the rest of us to help them. provides some help with Free Children's Stories available on just about any modern device with a screen including Smart TV sets, Children can read with a parent in the family livingroom or with a teacher in the classroom environment.
One of our future developments is TVstories™, for more information please click the following button:
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Famous Author Comments
author Philip Pullman      Best selling author Philip Pullman thinks:
"...parents should start by reading nursery rhymes to babies... is about fun."
former Children's Laureate Anne Fine      Former Children's laureate Anne Fine says:
"Children pick up on the magic of reading during these periods."

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