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Advantages and Hazards of Mobile Phone Use by Children

The Benefit of Cell Phones include: Health and wellness Support: Plans that offer personalized texts that assist a person with diets, remembering to take prescription drugs, or reassuring them to stop smoking are gaining in popularity. For example, one company is exploring the ability to send pictures of exactly what you might be consuming via your mobile phone’s camera to help you connect with a nutrition specialist about that food.


The advantages of cell phones in emergency situations is proven. The Pew Internet & American Life Project discovered that seventy four percent of Americans say they’ve used a mobile phone in an emergency. Furthermore, some emergency organizations are encouraging mobile phone users to place ICE (in case of emergency) in front of names of individuals in your cellular phone index whom emergency personal need to call in case of an emergency. New cell phones making use of GPS technologies enable parents to locate their kids.


Nobody can dispute the convenience of being in the position to get in touch with your child right away, or a child being able to reach his parent, when it comes to an abrupt change of plans. Furthermore, the Pew Internet & American Life Project reports that roughly 41 percent of cell phone customers declare they multi-task by making telephone calls when commuting or waiting around.

The Downside of Cellular Phones consists of, Health Risks: another study looked over addicting, difficult usage of cell phones and found a connection in between low self-esteem and problem cellphone usage. A study computing the link between cell phones and mental health found that teenagers that used cellphones the most were more likely to be anxious and depressed.


Text messaging is increasing used by bullies to torment their victims. Cyberbullying, psychological harassment in text or instant messaging, is much more frequently perpetrated by girls, who start improper communications or spread damaging gossip.

Eye strain and digital thumb: Just like some other repetitive strain injuries that may result from computer use and other repetitive tasks, these types of problems can result from centering continually on a little display and typing on tiny buttons.


Due to the close proximity to the mouth where microorganisms could be passed from breathing, coughing and sneezing, most cellular phones are crawling with germs. Furthermore, lots of people use their cellphone everywhere, even in the lavatory.

Lack of sleep: One investigation discovered that several teenager mobile phone customers will tend to be woken during the night by incoming text messages or calls, and are therefore prone to be fatigued and less capable of concentration throughout the day.


 One investigation confirms that 37 percent of teenagers believed they would not be able to live without having a cell phone after they had it. This research also demonstrates the more friends a teen has, the more probable they may be to feel dependent on their telephone and permit phone calls or texts obstruct their daily routine.


The Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 39 percent of mobile phone customers ages 18-29 state they are not necessarily honest concerning where they may be when they are on the mobile phone.


Parents normally encounter sticker shock when they get the charges for their child’s cell phone. Special ring tones, text message, image and video messaging, down loadable games, overage minutes and connecting to the world wide web can all be expensive and intensely used by teens

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