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  Amber The Mermaid
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"The necklace is stunning," Melanie ran her fingers through the string of pearls on Amber's neck.
"It's sparkling," said Nadine, she pulled her tail higher onto the rock and slid closer to Amber's side.
"My Mother lent it to me, she said I can have it when I grow up," exclaimed Amber excitedly. She flipped her tail up and her silvery fins glimmered under the intense brightness of sunlight. "Hopefully I won't lose it."
As Amber took off her necklace and placed it on her palm, as she did a seabird came and snatched it in a blink of an eye!
"The bird took my necklace!" cried Amber.
She helplessly stared at the seabird that flew towards the nearby shore before it disappeared into a distance.
"It's gone, we'll never get it back,"
Melanie patted Amber on her back.
"I knew I shouldn't take it off, Mother warned me not to," said Amber. "She'll be so upset."
"You can just lie to her," replied Nadine.
"Yeah, a shark came and threatened you, you have no choice but to give it your necklace," Melanie concocted up an excuse.
"My mother entrusted it to me, I must get it back, I don't want to make her upset," asserted Amber.
"It's too dangerous, swimming to the beach will put you at risk of being caught by those predators that dwell on the land," said Nadine.
"Tell my family that I love them," said Amber before she jumped to the water with a great splash, leaving Melanie and Nadine speechless.
Amber swam with a fluid grace throughout the deep blue sea. Her tail restlessly moved back and forth.
The thought of monsters that ate mermaids and hunters that caught them flitted into her mind as she glided effortlessly in the water.
She planned to swim to the nearest shore where the seabird could have dropped the necklace.
Never in her life had she been close to the coasts as they had been told that the lands were full with monstrous creatures.
"Is this the right direction to the coast?" Amber asked a passing Orange Clownfish.
"Yes, just go straight," answered the Clownfish. "But you're a mermaid, I thought you were not allowed to go there."
"I have to, I must find my mother's necklace," asserted Amber.
"Just don't let the humans see you," the Clownfish said as he swam away.
Humans? Is that what the monsters are called, a dozen questions triggered in Amber's mind when the Clownfish warned her about the humans.
She was getting closer to the beach.
Once she was near the seashore, she swam up to the surface and popped her head up slightly to check for any non-underwater living beings.
Amber was astonished by the scenery at the shore, swaying palm trees, waves crashing against the rocks and the sounds of the seagulls.
She dove under the water and swam closer to one of the nearby rocks.
Once she reached the bottom of the rock, she carefully rose to the surface while leaning her body against the rock to avoid from being seen.
She squinted her eyes to see if her necklace was somewhere on the shore. She looked at the ground and then up to the trees, she then tilted her head back and forth, trying to spot the seabird that took the necklace.
She was disappointed that she could not do much from there. I wish I could walk on the surface, thought Amber.
"A mermaid, unbelievable!" Amber heard a male voice.
She turned her head and saw a little creature that looked slightly like her except that the creature did not have a tail.
Amber was baffled that the creature was able to walk on two legs like the seabirds but she wondered where its wings were.
"Are you a human?" asked Amber as she moved away from the rock.
"Are you a mermaid?" the creature was as curious as Amber.
"Yes, indeed I am," answered Amber.
She flipped into the water and quickly emerged at the other side of the rock, trying to show her abilities.
"I am a human, a young male human, a boy," said the human.
Amber immediately distanced herself from the boy, she thought of what her mother had told her about the monsters on the land.
"Don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you," the boy tried to comfort Amber.
"My name is Martin," the boy extended his arm with an open hand.
Amber swam closer and examined the hand with her eyes.
She was about to touch it when Martin grabbed her hand and squeezed it.
In an utter panic, Amber pulled Martin into the water together with her.
She immediately let his hand go and swam away.
As Amber swam deeper, she felt compelled to turn her head.
She saw Martin was struggling in the water, his arms and legs were thrashing wildly, his eyes bulged out and he was clearly gasping for air.
Amber realised that he could not breathe under the water as much as they, underwater creatures, could not breathe on the land.
She was torn between running away and saving the boy.
All the stories of the vicious creatures on the land that murdered and captured mermaids came across her mind, she was afraid that the boy might be tricking her.
"Ahhh...forget that," uttered Amber as she swam towards Martin. She was willing to take the risks in order to save a life.
She grabbed Martin's arm and pulled him to the shore. She laid him on the beach and helped him to breathe.
"Koff..Koff...," Martin coughed up the water he had swallowed.
"You're going to be fine," said Amber.
She immediately went back to the water as she could not be on the land longer than a minute.
She stayed under the water before she popped her head up on the surface.
Martin was standing at the rock where they first met, looking at her with a wide smile on his face, he seemed exhausted.
"Thank you for helping me," gasped Martin. "I'm sorry for scaring you away with the hand-grabbing thing, it's called a handshake, it's what people do when they meet," Martin stooped at the edge of the rock when Amber swam closer.
"I'm sorry too, I thought you wanted to capture me," said Amber.
"You could have just left but you returned and saved me, what made you change your mind?" asked Martin.
"I was always told that you are all monsters but I think it's not true, you seem like a really nice human," replied Amber.
"I'm glad that you think so, we don't even know that mermaids exist, we thought they were just myth," said Martin.
"Promise me that you'll never tell anybody about us," begged Amber.
"I promise, you can trust me, it's our secret," said Martin. "I'm glad I have met you. I have something for you," added Martin. "I guess it's my gift to you since you saved my life, I found it this afternoon."
Martin pulled a necklace from his pocket.
It was the necklace that Amber was looking for!
"I think it suits you, it sparkles just like your tail." said Martin.
Amber could not resist her joy, she grinned widely when Martin handed the necklace to her.
"Thank you Martin, I guess I have to leave now before anyone else sees me."
"Nice meeting you, goodbye," said Martin.
Amber plunged into the water and swam away from the shore into the ocean.
She rose up to the surface and waved at Martin once she was away from the shore.
Amber was happy to get the necklace back and she was certainly glad that she had finally found out that the monsters on the land were not monstrous at all.

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