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  A Bit Of Magic
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Children's Story: by

Looking up at the beautiful illuminating stars, a comet on the horizon meets its destiny towards the fanatical hillside.
As lights pour through the caves, a lonely dynamic girl speaks to nature.
All the things she loves become naturalistic diamonds that shimmer against the sky.
She moves forward to the white beauty of a unicorn and smiles as she smells the cool air that begins to penetrate her magic.
Slowly stroking her magnificent creature she speaks in its ear.
Whispering winds and all kinds of nature pick up her sentimental value.
She whispers like an angel, "breathe through your nose my friend; open your heart to life smells; never fear the dead, for love is where it shall end."
Her hair of Mother Nature, radiant, long, black and wavy, a perfect foil for the unicorn's beauty.
Comparison eyes as brown and as fuzzy as a warm earthed bear, her dress green and iridescent.
She silently watches the sea and then speaks.
"To the trees of all nature, hear me now my friends, I have spoken and awoken your hearts.
Never fear me; I am here always watching you. Friend or foe, I am your guardian angel. The spirits are commending down into the blue ash sea, there they meet the unicorn and watch it spread it wings through life's beauty call."
As butterflies wake they sense the rocky walls shudder and earth melts.
With each other under the arch the stars at night will for seek the beauty of the thunderstorm but now she grants.
As she moves forward, like the gracious beautiful angel she is; she spreads her wings and flies high through the sky, entwining with the darkness.
Colourful lectures of stars come spiralling in the enchanted night.
As her magic wears off through all nature, the sky takes in the sense of the beauty she is.
Life begins again as fairies come marching in, swirling through the magical arch. Within her heart, purify white dust begins to fall off her grace and opaque diamonds call on her nature, all is pure and magical.
She flies over the houses making all dreams come true to children's sweet heads.
Poignant elves come flying by with the fairies; they say goodbye over the houses that point as the church bell rings something magical begins.
She flies graciously over the hilltops and into the magical light.
There she meets all nature and her mother queen of light.
There as waterfalls fall and sparkle they sing together, holding around each other and praying for life to begin.
They dance around the moonlit sea as orange, green and blue come spiralling in with flourishing colours.
Children's Story: by
Waving arms of angels begin to bubble up a storm.
As she storms through like a goddess, in the sunlight of an orange moon that graciously turns into a stormy sunset.
Pouncing through the articulate bubbles of the diamond castle she spoons and saves nature.
Her final stop is near white fluffy clouds who speak through crystal times.
As swans come spiralling in; dancing rhythms to the harsh waves of nature.
There she meets her mother's son, her brother, and they meditate to nature. Saving the valley from being destroyed, they chase through trees and mountains letting the magic radiate off them and touching down the ground until the valley is found
Singing angels follow through as they enter a cave, a dark smelly cave of fulminating scents that call the spirits down to the unicorn.
As the corn begins to shudder against her mother's presence, I am nature and I am the woman of the kind goddess that sends down to you to hold the jewel the crown of Eden.
Through the sparkling garden they walk, shocked at what they see, they hawk at a sudden distance.
The unicorn lapses on to the boat of dreams, there to meet the angel of dreams.
She speaks, "I am nature, to the moon and you daughter of Eden."
Gardens must believe she too took the magic home to her mother and they spread the joy through each time hurdle.
She skips towards her hills, radiant magic falls there.
She lies under the tree with a boy of magic.
Reading the book they save the Valkyrie valley.
Then making her way home she finds the icy tombs and the man in the moon speaks to the exhausted mother and daughter of Eden.
As she finds her mother laying on the bed she moves towards her golden head. There they both sleep till morning and dew the diamonds to relive the valley and bring magic to all once more.
The starry walls speak and apprehend against the elves wooden chairs
The unicorn becomes the daughter and the mother becomes the queen.
Magic throughout times of shimmering dreams.

The End
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